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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Evolzar Solda

2 Level 6 Dinosaur-Type monsters This card cannot be destroyed by card effects while it has Xyz Material. When your opponent Special Summons a monster(s): You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; destroy that monster(s).

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.25
Advanced: 3.40 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - April 10, 2012

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Evolzar Solda, quite the powerful XYZ Monster, no?  This is a Rank 6 XYZ Monster, of the Fire attribute, who is also a Dragon, with 2600 attack (excellent) and 1000 defense (not so excellent) and XYZ Summoned with two Level 6 Dinosaur type Monsters.  Right off the bat you should know you're ONLY playing this is an Evol or Dino build, as you're not likely to ever have two Level 6 Dinosaur Monsters, ever.  Now, this Solda cannot be destroyed by card effects while it has Xyz Material, which is beyond excellent.  If that weren't enough, when your opponent Special Summons a Monster(s) you can discard an Xyz Material to destroy said Monster(s).  Be careful with things that have priority (like BLS) but that's an excellent effect as well.  The downside here being your opponent may Specail Summon something powerful (or even not) on purpose to force you to discard Xyz Material to summon what it wants and not worry about that effect.  The BIG downside here is the two Level 6 Dinosaurs for the Summon, but in the Deck, it's a force.


4/5 in its Deck 
Art:  5/5
(Additional:  Dinosaur + Dinosaur = Dragon?) 

John Rocha

Dinosaurs continue to get more Xyz support with today’s card. Evolzar Solda has the amazing effect of not being able to be destroyed by card effects while being able to destroy monsters that are special summoned. The fist effect is continuous while the second effect is an optional trigger effect. While the second effect does not negate the summon of a monster, it can prevent your opponent from activating an ignition effect because Solda has a spell speed two effect that activates as soon as the monster is special summoned. It also can destroy every monster that is summoned simultaneously like with return from a Different Dimension.
There are only a few decks that have the ability to special summon Evolzar Solda consistently. One of them is an Evol Deck with Evolsaur Elias. Set Evoltile Westlo while you have a level 6 dinosaur in hand or get one with Fossil Dig. When Westlo is flipped, it will summon Elias and then Elias will summon the one from your hand. The other deck is a Jurrac Deck with Jurrac Herra.
You will probably not find this monster being used in any of the top decks out these days, but if you are thinking of building a Jurrac or Evol Deck, this monster should definitely be in it.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5



Evolzar Solda
Rk 6/FIRE/Dinosaur-XYZ/2600A/1000D
"2 Level 6 Dinosaur-Type monsters
This card cannot be destroyed by card effects while it has Xyz Material. When your opponent Special Summons a monster(s): You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; destroy that monster(s)."

Well, as a Rank 6, this guy will be rather hard to get out, especially since he needs 2 Level 6 Dinosaurs to get out, which is difficult enough. For that much effort, a monster like this needs some good stats and effects. ES has good ATK power, and his effects do indeed warrant such effort. Naturally, he works best in an Evo deck and has extreme difficulty fitting into any other deck out there, which hurts his overall usability.

Traditional: 2.75
Advanced: 3.25


Evolution Kaiser Sordes!

If you're familiar with the metagame, then surely you must know the potency of the Evolzar brothers, Laggia and Dolkka. The DinoRabbit deck works off using Rescue Rabbit to bring out a pair of Sabersauruses (which is why we reviewed this Normal Monster not too far back) and Kabuzauls for backup, all in order to Xyz Summon the otherwise unsplashable Laggia and Dolkka for their fantastic negation effects.

So why isn't Soldier as popular as these other two brothers-in-arms? Smolderz here is largely immune to effect destruction, which is not bad when hauling around a hefty ATK score that can trump those of Stardust Dragon, Leviathan Dragon, and Utopia (and while we're at it, E-HERO Neos and Dark Magician). If anything larger does come around, Sodor can easily give up one of its Materials to take it out right away (granted, Special Summons only, but really, how often is it you Normal Summon such a hi-power monster?).
These effects are all fine and dandy...equaling Laggia's and Dolkka's in usefulness. Negating the summon would be much cooler, but that's more of Laggia's job. The big thing, however, is that Solda is Rank 6, meaning Rescue Rabbit's not gonna do much to help play it. With that in mind, you have to actually run Solda in the Deck it was meant for, meaning most likely Evolsaur Elias (or possibly Jurracs, as they have Jurrac Herra)

Not a lot of Evol Decks (for the very few of them out there) run Elias. Elias is interesting as it's an Evolsaur that will allow you to summon other Level 6 Dinosaurs. The only other Level 6 Evolsaur is Terias, which is pretty much only a beatstick. Evolsaur Darwinos, however, can increase a monster's Level; as you can see, Solda isn't that bad, and if you have the potential to have Level 6 Dinosaurs consistently (and Evolsaurs can), you should definitely have Solda in your Extra Deck. It's just that it's a little awkward.
For the Rank 6 spot, competition-wise, Solda has the lowest ATK, not counting Inzektor Exa-Beetle (which is also the only other Rank 6 monster out in English). Otherwise, the Stellar archetype has a 2700 attacker that can bounce any monster on the field or in the Grave, Number 25 which is a 2800 attacker that can negate any Level 5 or higher monster, a 2700 ATK Photon that can negate any monster's effect and do an additional 1000 damage, and Number 6 which can equip other Numbers onto itself and can use its Xyz Materials to cut the opponent's LP in half.

Niche Decks: Evols, Jurracs, DNA Surgery?
Traditional: 3/5 (it's not the card, but the environment: the environment makes it much harder to assemble the Xyz materials, but Solda has a much greater potential for abuse and destruction, being immune to things like Ring of Destruction and Chaos Emperor Dragon)

Advanced: 3.75/5

Aesthetics: 5/5 I think the Evol archetype is very beautifully crafted, with many genetic-related easter eggs littered around their card art (such as the double helix in their tails). I also think, personally, that Solda is the most elegant-looking card of the entire archetype, even for a pterosaur.
Philosophy Corner: So if to be "artificial" means to be made by humans, and humans are natural beings, wouldn't that mean that artificial is just a subset of natural? Or if you argue that something that is artificial is something that is not found in nature, are you assuming humans are not natural beings?


Tuesday on pojo has us looking at the Evol archtype again, this time.....Evolzar Solda. A Rank 6 Dragon Xyz monster that needs two level 6 Dinosaur types. Jurrac Herra is a good way to get 2 level 6 Dinos out on the field. What makes Solda worth playing are its two effects, first, while this card has Xyz materials on it, Solda cannot be destroyed by card effects, so feel free to use that Dark Hole or Torrential Tribute, Solda's not going anywhere. Also, if your opponent tries to special summon a monster, detach one Xyz material from Solda to destroy that monster. Very handy indeed. Solda has a lot going for it and is worth a spot in the extra deck.

Traditional: 3
Advanced: 4
Tomorrow: A sword of this Kaliber maybe worth playing.

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