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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


 Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by Tributing 2 monsters with 2000 or more ATK. During either player's Battle Step, when this card battles an opponent's monster: You can banish that monster and this card. Return the banished monsters to the field at the end of the Battle Phase. If the monster banished by this effect was an Xyz Monster: This card gains 500 ATK for each Xyz Material that monster had attached to it when it was banished.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.00
Advanced: 3.86 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - Oct. 22, 2011

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Does it not seem appropriate that Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon closes out Photon Shockwave week?  We have a Level 8, Light attributed, Dragon type Monster, with 3000 attack and 2500 defense, both are quite good for a Level 8 Monster.  Now, to state the obvious, Level 8 requires two tributes, which immediately turns most people off of a Level 8 Monster, especially with Synchros and XYZ Monsters running rampant.  For a plus, you can Special Summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon from your Hand by tributing two Monsters with 2000 or more attack.  The tribute aspect doesn't go away, but the Special Summon is nice, and this combos at least potentially with Monday's card, as I previously alluded to.  Now, during either player's Battle Step, you can remove this card and the attacking or attacked Monster from play until the end of the Battle Phase.  This Monster gains 500 attack for each XYZ Material card equipped to an XYZ Monster, if that was the type of Monster removed.  The removal aspect is nice, even with 3000 attack, to protect itself.  It won't do anything against Black Luster Soldier, or anything that removes, or obviously doesn't Battle--but I still like it, a lot.


Traditional:  3/5 
Advanced:  4/5
Art:  5/5

John Rocha

The final card from Photon Shockwave that we are going to review this week is Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. This is one of the marquee cards from the set and one of several Photon cards from where we get the sets name. Go figure! Summoning this effect monster is not as difficult as one would think, and it has a great effect that works well in today’s Meta. We talked about how Rescue Rabbit with Alexandrite Dragon can help us summon Galaxy-Eyes. There are tons of decks that can utilize this card.

First, you can get this card in your graveyard with cards like Foolish Burial, Dark World Dealings, Brionic, Trade-In (it’s a level 8) and Ryko. Then you can special summon it with Call of the Haunted (2 per deck now) or Monster Reborn. Second, you can special summon Galaxy-Eyes from you hand or graveyard with Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, or from your deck with Dragonic Tactics.

There are all kinds of decks this monster will work in. Obviously Dragon decks are the main choice with cards like Kaiser Sea Horse, Totem Dragon, and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, but let’s look at some popular decks that are top tier or will be. Gravekeeper’s have Necrovalley to boost their monsters to 2000+. Fairies have Gachi Gachi Gantetsu to boost their monsters, and they can get Master Hyperion, Archlord Kristya, and a 2000 attack monster with Tour Guide fairly easily. Koa’ki Meiru’s have Koa’ki Meiru Urnight that can summon another 2000 attack monster. Spellcasters have Cybernetic Magician that can turn a token or another monster into a 2000 attack monster. Decks that do a lot of synchro summons like Plant/Tengu can use Battle Waltz from Duelist Pack 10 to make another 2000+ attacker. Then there is the revival of Dark World that can summon 2000+ fiends at a fast pace. Zombies are good at summoning big monsters easily. And the list goes on.

As you can see, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is quite splashable, but is it good enough to make a splash (pun intended). Its first effect is a Quick Effect that targets the monster it battles. If you opponent responds with cards like Mirror Force, Dimensional Prism, or Magic Cylinder, you can activate Galaxy’s quick effect to remove both monsters and dodge your opponent’s traps. If your opponent attacks with a bigger monster or a monster that will destroy it or bounce it with an effect, simply activate its effect to save your monster. A 3000 attack monster that can save itself from attacks and trap cards is pretty darn good. Now, add in the fact that this card gains 500 attack for each material attacked to an XYZ monster and it takes all of their material from them when this effect is used, and you have a great card for the current Meta. Another nifty fact is that the monsters are returned to the field not special summoned so Bottomless and Torrential are non factors.

Traditional: 3/5 (very playable but removal trumps this card)
Advanced: 4/5 (Same as above but more useful)


The last day of the week brings us to Photon Shockwave's cover card, and quite possibly one of the best cards in the set, Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon. Photon Dragon is a LVL 8 Light/Dragon type and weighs in with 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF. First off, where have I seen those stats before? Anyways, Photon Dragon's effect allows you to special summon it by tributing two monsters with 2000 ATK. That's optional, and there are other ways to summon it. Red Eyes Metal, Monster Reborn, Photons and their support, use Rescue Rabbit's effect and get two normal monsters with 2000 ATK are just a few. Photon Dragon's next effect says whenever this card battles, you can banish this and the card it was battling until the end of the battle phase, this handy little trick gets around Dimensional Prison, Mirror Force and the type. If that other banished monster was an Xyz monster, when they return, Photon Dragon gains 500 ATK for each Xyz material, nice. This card can get around a lot of problems, and allow you to attack your opponent without too much trouble. This card can be put in a lot of decks, including Dragons, Normal, Photons, Rescue Rabbit, and dare I say......Batteryman. This card will be seeing a lot of play, so get used to seeing this guy.

Traditional: 2 Good, but too slow here
Advanced: 5
Art: 5
Fun Fact: The dot above the "i" is called a tittle


Last card this week is the cover card of Photon Shockwave! Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!

A Level 8 LIGHT Dragon-Type Effect Monster that can be Special Summoned from your hand by Tributing two monsters you control with at least 2000 ATK, and with 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF, he's relatively big.

At the start of a Battle Step when he battles, he can banish himself and the monster he's battling. Let me repeat, at the START of the Battle Step. This is what make Galaxy-Eyes interesting. If you attack with Galaxy, you retain priority to activate effects as the turn player, so if you opponent wants to Mirror Force, Dimensional Prison, or anything else in response to his attack, you can use his effect to dodge those effects and survive. Being able to ruin Xyz Monsters is a bonus, potentially boosting him to 4000+ for his next battle.

Being a Dragon, he has a lot of support that can make his summon easy and costless, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon being the most prominent and popular one, so he may see play as tech in Disaster/Hopeless Dragon decks.

Traditional: 3/5 - LIGHT is gooood. Whether it is worth using is debatable.
Advanced: 3/5 - In a Photon or Dragon deck only. Useful effect if you can summon him without losing too much advantage. Plus isn't a nomi monster.
Art: 4/5 - O_O


He’s the cover card of Photon Shockwave! He’s crashing into the game state! Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!

Today we have another card with the same stats as the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but this one’s effect is far stronger than yesterday’s. Photon Dragon can banish itself and the monster it was supposed to be battling against during the battle step. At any point in the battle step I might add. This quick effect makes it able to dodge Mirror Force, Dimensional Prison, and anything else that activates in response to an attack. It even gets a power boost for each of the Xyz material on a Xyz monster banished with this effect. This card doesn’t even have a summoning restriction on it. By releasing two monsters with 2000 attack or more, you can special summon it from the hand. All of this makes Photon Dragon especially powerful.

So who should run this card? Many kinds of decks should run this card. Genex have access to Genex Ally Triforce (who can pull this out of the graveyard easily). Chaos decks will love another powerful Light monster. REDMD can also take advantage of its dragon-type. This will be a card to watch out for in the future. It’s powerful, easy to summon, and extremely hard to destroy by battle.

Traditional: 4/5 (vulnerable to removal, but still very strong)
Advanced: 5/5 (expect to see some waves made)
Art: 4/5 (I prefer yesterday’s more, but anyway)

Angelic Nightmare

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
Dragon/Lv 8/ Light/ 3000 atk/ 2500 def
The first few things that scream out at me are as follows:

1.) Honest-able
2.) Trade-in bait
3.) Can give Disaster/Hopeless Dragon a boost

Okay, now that I got those out of the way, here is what I really think. In order to special summon this thing from your hand you need to tribute 2 2000+ atk monsters. With the release of the Dark World structure deck it shouldn’t be that hard. Plant Synchro can easily bust this out within the first few turns because of tengu + bulb shenanigans or wait bring out Alexandandrite Dragon or Gene Warped Warwolf with Rescue Rabbit. With agents running around so much and xyz being heavily integrated into the meta, this can be a good tech card of choice for a few. Also, this car CAN be normal summoned and special summoned from the grave.

Traditional 2/5
Advanced: 3/5



He is a lvl 8 Light DRAGON!!!!!!!!

3000 attack 2500 defense... me thinks he is the Blue-eyes of Zexal.

He is a unique one for sure, you can Special summon him by tributing 2 monsters with 2000 or more attack, and when he battles you can banish the monster attacking him and himself, then Return them at the end of the phase and if it was an Exceed monster he gets 500 attack for each XYZ material monster on that monster that was banished.

Kind of a fun Effect especially against XYZs but i haven't seen them impact the meta to much (except for the annoying gachi gachi frog play) so i do not suspect to see him in the meta for a while.

Special summon
3000 beater
works with trade in

can be a dead draw

Advanced: 3

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