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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Alexandrite Dragon


Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.33
Advanced: 3.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - Oct. 17, 2011

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Welcome to Photon Shockwave Week!  Yes, this will be an excellent week, and we open with a Normal Monster, in Alexandrite Dragon.  This card might have the single coolest picture in the game of Yugioh...while Normal Monsters are usually unspectacular in their own right, this one particularly has use with at least one new card specifically, something we'll look at later in the week.  As stated, Alexandrite Dragon is a Level 4, Normal Monster, and a Dragon, and Light attributed, with 2000 attack and 100 defense (matching Gene Warped Warwolf if my memory serves.)  This Monster obviously has a place in Dragon Decks, Beatdowns, and a few combo and Monster specific Decks.


Traditional:  2/5...(higher in the above mentioned Decks, and it is Light)
Advanced:  3/5
Art:  5/5

John Rocha

We have about three weeks left before the sneak peek for Photon Shockwave, so it’s about that time to start wetting some appetites. Our card of the day, Alexandrite Dragon, is not very imposing on its own. Sure, 2000 attack is pretty tasty, especially for a sneak peek, but in a format dominated by effect monsters, a vanilla monster no matter what its attack is just not going to make the grade. So why are we reviewing this card today?
By itself, Alexandrite Dragon is just a level 4 beat stick, albeit a pretty strong beat stick. It will dominate many Meta cards in play today. Thunder King and Doomcaliber will crumble beneath Alexandrite’s might. But the real power from this card comes from how well it combo’s with other cards coming out in this new set. The most highly anticipated card to come out since Tour Guide, Rescue Rabbit, is going to be a game changer. One of the targets that Rescue Rabbit can get is the card we are reviewing today.
When you summon and banish Rescue Rabbit, you can special summon two normal monsters from your deck with the same name. Once you bring out your two Alexandrite Dragons, you can then Xyz for one of the many powerful Xyz monsters depending on your situation. Being a Dragon, you could banish one of them for Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and load the field with powerful monsters to push for a victory.  The tricks that you can do with this card in 3’s and Rescue Rabbit do not stop there.
Another neat trick for Alexandrite Dragon is to special summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon which requires two 2000+ monsters for tribute to special summon.  We will be reviewing Galaxy-Eyes later this week, so I am not going to spoil the surprise, but let’s just say that it is pretty powerful in a Xyz crazy format. If you do not have a Galaxy-Eyes in hand, no problem. Just use Dragonic Tactics to summon it from the deck.
Alexandrite Dragon will work well in a Dragon deck, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon deck, Rescue Rabbit build deck, and a Vanilla/Gemini deck. It may also work well in a Chaos deck along side Cyber Dragon as it is a Light attribute. A resourceful deck builder will make good use of this monster and the other new cards from Photon Shockwave to make some really powerful decks that may be top tier.
Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3/5


It's a fresh new week here on pojo's COTD and we are looking ahead into the future that is Photon Shockwave. What better card to review one day one than the sneak preview card, Alexandrite Dragon. Dragons hold a place in my heart as they are my favorite type and it's how I started playing this game. Alexandrite Dragon is a Normal, Light/Dragon type, LVL 4, 2,000 ATK and 100 DEF. It's ATK is great and it's DEF, well...an overpowered Scapegoat can get over that. But what this card lacks in DEF and an effect, it's true purpose is to help along combos that involve Rescue Rabbit and Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon. It can also aork with other Light monsters such as Blue Eyes White Dragon and Resonance Device to get out Thunder End Dragon. Two Alexandrites from one Rescue Rabbit equals Photon Dragon or a Rank 4 Xyz. Want your two dragons back from the grave? Dark Factory of Mass Production. Alexandrite also serves well in other decks, such as Dragons, Light variants and even in a Normal monster deck. But this card will most likely been seen in decks built around Photon Dragon and Rescue Rabbit. 
Traditional: 2.5 
Advanced: 4.5 
Art: 4Tomorrow: Someone broke my green vase of wanting more!


A new day, a new review! Today is the sneak peak participation card for Photon Shockwave, Alexandrite Dragon!
Alexandrite Dragon (who I shall henceforth refer to as 'Alex') is a Level 4 LIGHT Dragon-Type Normal Monster with 2000 ATK and 100 DEF. 
For a Level 4 monster, this card is tied with Gene-Warped Warwolf for the title of strongest Level 4 monster without a drawback and both have certain advantages when it comes to supporting them, but Alex has arguably better support and uses. Being of the LIGHT Attribute means it has access to Honest, Beckoning Light etc, and being a Dragon makes it a prime candidate for abuse with Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.
Normal Monsters have always had extremely powerful support to make up for their lack of effects, so this card also has access to those cards too! Rescue Rabbit, Symbols of Duty, Common Charity etc are all great cards that can make good use of this card.
To synopsize, Alexandrite Dragon is a decent card. Not useful in most decks however. If you can't make use of its Typing, Attribute or Normal Monster status in your Deck, don't bother using him, there are more worthwhile cards you could be using.
Traditional: 2/5 - LIGHT Attribute is good for Chaos food, but not much else.
Advanced: 3/5 - A welcome addition to Dragon and Rescue Rabbit decks. 
Still, there are more 'high-utility' cards that could be used instead.
Art: 3/5 - Nice to see a dragon that has a connection to gems and crystals like the ones you see from myth.


Oct. 17th, 2011

Glistening in a yellow light, a majestic dragon has descended upon us! Alexandrite Dragon!

With Photon Shockwave coming a few weeks, we’ll be talking about that set this week. This is the first normal monster to grace our presence in a while. Alexandrite Dragon (or if you prefer, Luster Dragon #3) is a normal monster with 2000 attack and 100 defense. It ties for the highest attack out of all normal monsters with Gene-Warped Warwolf. The first thing that would come to anyone’s mind that has looked at this set is that Rescue Rabbit will work with this card. You don’t even need to Xyz if you use Rescue Rabbit. You can clear out the field first and attack with both Alexandrite Dragons before they kick the bucket. It also beats out Luster Dragon in terms of attack.

They main reason that this card was made though is so that the summoning of Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon becomes even easier. Using Draconic Tactics and tributing your dragons will work. I can think of a lot more ways that Photon can come out with, but I’ll save those for later. I’ve always loved a good non-effect monster support. And Alexandrite falls nicely into that category.

You might be seeing this in competitive and fun dragon decks, so stock up on them Dragon Capture Jars now (just kidding, though it might be a good side this coming set).

Traditional: 2.5/5 (Light and beatsticking are pluses)
Advanced: 3/5 (balanced and strong right now)
Art: who cares about the art? Flavor text is all I want 5/5


Hello My Fellow Yugi-Nerds today we are reviewing Alexandrite Dragon, not only is it the Promo Card for the Photon Shockwave Sneak Peek, he is a Vanilla 2000 attack Beatstick that is light and dragon.

Immediately I think "awesome!" Normal decks just got another Beater but in a sense he is just another gene-warped warwolf.
2000 attack is epic and strong and most cards in this format dont have 2000 attack but each turn something new comes along :/

I could see Disaster dragons and Dragon Draw Exodia running him, but I don't see him getting much Meta Play unless honest comes back to 1 or 2

2000 beater
Dragon type
Light type

100 defense
Vanilla monster

traditional: 3

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