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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


When this card is Special Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 "Daybreaker" from your hand.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.00
Advanced: 2.90 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - Nov. 15, 2011

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Daybreaker, a Level 4, Light attributed, Warrior Monster, who has 1700 attack and 0 defense.  What does Daybreaker do...not a whole lot unfortunately.  IF you Special Summon him, he Special Summon another from your Hand.  There's not a whole lot to say here, it could make Synchro Summoning easier, but Daybreaker isn't a Tuner.  It makes Summoning a Rank 4 XYZ easier though.  Even in Warriors, there's not a huge reason to use him, and don't let the Light attribute be that reason. 


Traditional:  1.5/5
Advanced:  2.5/5
Art:  4/5

John Rocha

Today we are going to take a look at another card that supports the Xyz theme whose era we now reside in. Daybreaker has the ability to swarm the field with all 3 copies of itself. Two things have to happen for this to occur. First, you will need to have all three copies of this card in your hand. The best way that you can accomplish this feat is a card called Photon Veil. Photon Veil is a spell card that allows you to shuffle 3 light monsters from your hand back into your deck to search for up to 3 Light monsters of the same name level 4 or lower from your deck to your hand. Of course that means that you are playing a deck with a lot of light monsters. You could use Daybreaker in a Lightsworn or Fairy Deck for starters. You could try something original and play Thunder Kings, Effect Veilers, Elemental Hero Alias, and Gemini Spark with Miracle Fusion and maybe even Super Polymerization.
The second requirement you have in order to summon all of your Daybreakers is for the first one to be special summoned. We have another nifty card from Photon Shockwave called Photon Lead. This card allows us to special summon a level 4 or lower light monster from your hand. We have some monsters that can start our special summoning as well. Goblindbergh, Marauding Captain, and Summoner Monk can do it even though they are not light monsters.
The one question that remains is why spend all of our resources to summon 3 Daybreakers? Lets start by throwing in another nifty card called Photon Booster. This card boosts all of our light monsters to 2000 attack, so at worst; we are attacking with 6000 attack points. If we have Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon in hand, we are summoning a powerful monster. Speaking of powerful monsters, Xyz monsters with 3 level 4 monsters to summon them can have some great effects. Right now we have Number 10: Illumiknight. There is another powerful Xyz monster called Vylon Disigma that can steal your opponent’s monster and has a Castor effect.
There are plenty of powerful monsters that require 3 tributes, like the God cards, Wicked God cards, and Beast King Barbaros to name a few. I am just not fond of cards that need combos to make them work. In a light deck like Lightsworn and Fairies, this is not so much of a big deal as you can use combo cards for other reasons and you are not dependant on Daybreaker.
Traditional: 2/5 (only because it is a light warrior)
Advanced: 3/5


Our second day here on pojo, *AKA: Tuesday* and we're looking at a very interesting and a possible sleeper card from Photon Shockwave, Daybreaker. Daybreaker is a level 4, Light/Warrior....that alone can cause problems. 1700 ATK and 0 DEF are not the best stats. Daybreaker's effect is if it special summoned in anyway, you can special summon another Daybreaker from your hand. Reinforcements of the Army and/or Photon Veil are a few ways to get one or more copies to your hand. If you get an opening hand of 2 or all three, you can start out strong. Marauding Captain, Photon Lead, GoblinDeburgh and X-Saber Wayne are all great ways to get out Daybreaker(s). This card has a lot of uses, other than just swarming the field and using The A. Forces to boost all three Daybreakers. Synchros, Xyz, even using Photon Booster for Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon. This card is is useful in almost any deck, ranging from pure Warrior decks, Light variants, Synchro/Xyz and even Chaos. This card is a real swiss army knife as it has so many uses, I look forward to getting my playset sometime soon. If you have any plans of using Daybreaker, you must you 3 copies, no questions asked.
Traditional: 3
Advanced: 4.5
Tomorrow: Snakes.....Why did it have to be snakes?

Angelic Nightmare
Day Breaker
Warrior/Light/Lv 4/ 1700 ATK/ 0 Def
When this card is special summoned, special summon another copy from your hand.
Basically if you play this, you have multiple Utopia or Roach ready at your disposal.
This card has HIGH swarm potential that can easily lead into a XYZ spam or a near OTK. Using cards such as Photon Veil, Reinforcement of the Army, Field Commander Rahz , etc can get you all the pieces to your hand for one BIG swarm with Marauding Captain, Summoner Monk, etc.
Pros: A lot of support for Light and Warrior, effect works when special summoned from anywhere, swarm potential.
Cons: Horrid defense, can be dead in hand, semi-decent attack stats.
Traditional: 3/5 Chaos food and swarm
Advanced: 4/5 if you can get the pieces going.



Lv 4/LIGHT/Warrior/1700A/0D
"When this card is Special Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 "Daybreaker" from your hand."

This card could potentially swarm the field, but that relies on you having two or three if him in your hand at the same time. The Warrior Returning Alive can help with this, and Reinforcement of the Army can help you get another copy in hand, but that's not the best use of such cards. There's other, better swarming effects and this guy wouldn't make the must-have set of cards for a warrior toolbox.

Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 2


Hello everyone. I apologize for my misread of the CotD for yesterday.
    Anyways, our next card from Photon Shockwave is Daybreaker. This is a 4 star, Light attributed warrior, with 1700 atk and 0 def. His effect says that when this card is special summoned, you can special summon a Daybreaker from your hand.
    I actually see this card being a great addition to warrior decks, being that it has the T.G. Warwolf type effect. If you have multiple copies of this card in your hand, and Reborn one from the graveyard, you can actually pulls both from your hand in succession. This makes for som great Xyz fodder, with there being a plethore of cards that can special summon this guy. Goblindbergh, from GenForce can easily put Illumiknight on the field, and the lesser Rank 4 Xyz monsters of Roach and Utopia.(and those guys are better too)
    Being of the Light attribute makes it able to be used for some chaos fodder, including the new version of Utopia that comes out in Order Of Chaos.
    At 1700 atk, thats about mediocre for 4 star monsters, and you wouldnt expect to have him stay on the field for long anyway, being as you would want his effect for Xyz materials. I do not believe that Daybreaker will see any real play otherthan in caual play, but I may be wrong, Ther are many cards that combo well with this card, but I am not sure if it would be worth it in the current format that we have.
    Overall, Daybreaker looks like a fun card, and I'm wondering if it cold be used in conjunction with the trap card Copy Knight.
I don't see this card making any impact at all right now. But time will tell.
Until next time, this is Blackmarketyugioh saying " play hard or go home"
Traditional: 1/5- don't see this making any positive plays in this format.
Advanced: 1/5- has potential, but not enough to go on.
Artwork: 2/5- what  is that sword caled??? I want one! 

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