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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Friller Rabca

When a face-up Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-Type monster you control is targeted for an attack: You can banish this card from your Graveyard to target the attacking monster; negate the attack, and that target loses 500 ATK until your next End Phase. The effect of "Friller Rabca" can only be activated once per turn.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.71
Advanced: 2.30 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - Nov. 14, 2011

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Continuing to look at Photon Shockwave cards, we open the week with Friller Rabca.  This is a Level 3, Water type Monster, who is a Fish, with 700 attack and 1500 defense.  So, when a face-up Fish, Aqua, or Sea Serpent Monster is targeted for an attack, you can remove this card from your Graveyard.  The attack is negated and the selected Monster than loses 500 attack points until your next End Phase.  Attack negation is a good thing, I think the 500 attack drop is negligible at best, unless it was enough of a difference that your Monster becomes strong enough to defeat the attacking Monster.  This still is a reasonably solid card for your Water players though.


Traditional:  1.75/5
Advanced:  2.75/5
Art:  3/5

John Rocha

The first card from Photon shockwave that we will be reviewing this week is Friller Rabca. This card has a Necro Gardna effect that negates one of your opponent’s attacks against your Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-type monster. It also has the nice extra benefit of decreasing the attacking monster attack by 500. Filler’s stats are terrible, but its effect is good. Unfortunately you can only use this effect once per turn no matter how many Friller Rabca’s you have in your deck. For these reasons, I only see one Frilla being played in a water deck.
I can see this card being teched into any type of water deck. It banishes itself from play so it works well with the new banished fish theme. It also goes great with Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth. If Friller is in your hand, it works great as a discard for Superancient. If it is in your deck, summon it and a tuner with Superancient and you get a synchro or two and protection from an attack. With Shooting Quasar Dragon becoming legal on December 6th, Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth type decks are one of only a few deck types that can summon Quasar Dragon routinely.
Some other cards that go well with Friller Rabca are Abyss Soldier and Brionic, because they like to discard and Friller likes being in the graveyard. Just summon Abyss Soldier, discard Friller to bounce one of your opponent’s cards, and then protect Abyss Soldier from an attack next turn so you can use Abyss Soldier’s effect again and then maybe synchro with the monster you summon that turn.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5
Fish Deck: 4/5


A new week brings us to a look at more Photon Shockwave cards. The all powerful Pojo has pointed his mighty finger at our first card to review, Friller Rabca. Friller is a level 3, Water/Fish monster. That's good considering all the new support that type has gotten lately, due to the Shark character from Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal. With 700 ATK and 1500 DEF, he's not winning too many fights. But Friller's effect lies while in the graveyard. When a face up Fish, Sea-Serpent or Aqua type monster you control is attacked, you can banish Friller from your grave, negate the attack and that attacking monster loses 500 ATK until your next end phase, and Friler's effect can only be used once per turn. While having an opponent's monster lose 500 ATK may not seem like a big deal, 500 ATK can sometimes be the difference between whos monster goes to the graveyard first. Negating an attack is good, but negating all attacks could have been better. Catching your opponent off-guard is a good thing in this game, but I like to think is card could have been a little better than a watered-down version of Honest *I made a funny there*. You Water deck users out there, try a copy, if it helps, good, if not then take it out. I believe that it's worth testing it out at the least.
Traditional: 1
Advanced: 2 Even in a fish deck
Tomorrow: Marauding Captain's new BFF.

Angelic Nightmare

Friller Rabca
Fish/Water/Lv 3/700 ATK/ 1500 Def

Welcome to another week! Today we have a Necro Gardna for Fish/SeaSerpent/Aqua monsters. 

There are a few things that I like about this card that Necro Gardna can’t do. When your opponent tries to run over your Fish/SeaSerpent/Aqua type monster you simply remove this guy from the graveyard to negate and decrease its attack. You can dump this from your hand via “Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier” (although it’s a sea serpent :S) and let Rabca save it from getting ran over next turn. It’s searchable by recruiters like “Sangan” and “Mother Grizzly” as well as can be dumped by other discard outlets, obviously.
Now onto the part that hurts the card. First, just like Pot of Duality, you can activate the effect once per turn.  It’s requirement to activate the effect is that your opponent must attack the appropriate monster type in order to activate this card’s effect.

Pros: Negates an attack, short term attack decrease, decent defense stats, and searchable.
Cons: Requirement specific and can only activate the effect of “Friller Rabca” once per turn.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3/5 for the water decks only.

That Guy

Feriocious Fish Fry for Flailing......Fishsticks Frenzy!

Another great week for this reviewer, I'm feeling better than a cow at a salad bar buffee! Reviewing more cards from Photon Shockwave this week we decided on starting this week off with a guy fresh from the skillet...it's Friller Rabca!

Being the first fish I have layed eyes on it Photon Shockwave I hope this guy can bring some new pizazz (that's how I'm spelling it...live with it) to the fish archetype but more importantly some new moves to water decks. That being said, Friller isn't fitting the billl, not that he is useless...and trust me far from it, but could he have at least been a synchro I might have been a tad bit happier. Enough about what he doesn't have...let's see what he's partyrocking: water, level 3, fish, and a necro gardna like effect for Fish, Sea-Serpent, and Aqua types with an additional reduction of 500 atk points on the creature whom attacked. Friller is decent, with XYZ and chaos dominating the format he might help water decks have a little more functionality with their graveyards, but there are better alternatives when it comes to negating attacks. The real utility of this fish is that he is really good chum to use when it comes to "discard a card" effects; allowing your effect tosses for cards as retro as Aqua Soldier to turn their -1 card advantage into a positive. Do I see Friller hitting the top tourny level decks...probably not...but their is potential in this catch of the day!

Traditional: 3.5/5 (More reckless card advantage effects he would be a better graveyard bait choice)
Advanced: 2/5 (Utility complications and not the best topdeck)



Friller Rabca
Lv 3/Water/Fish/700A/1500D
"When a face-up Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-Type monster you control is targeted for an attack: You can banish this card from your Graveyard to target the attacking monster; negate the attack, and that target loses 500 ATK until your next End Phase. The effect of "Friller Rabca" can only be activated once per turn."

Basically a one-shot defense for water decks. Frankly, I don't know of anyone who still runs a water-based deck these days (although I did run a Legendary Ocean deck for awhile and while it did okay, it was never all that amazing), and even so, this guy does nothing new or special. In fact he does it worse than other cards with this ability.

Traditional: 1
Advanced: 1.5


Hello. This is Blackmarketyugioh doing my first CotD for Pojo. I have been playing for many years, and have decided to share my input and opinions with the vast YuGiOh! community. Please feel free to contact me on my YouTube channel @ Blackmarketyugioh.
Now, let's get to it, the Card of the Day.
Continuing with Photon Shockwave, we start te week with Friller Rabca.
    Rabca is a level 3 water attributed, fish type monster sporting a meager 700 atk and another mediocre 1500 def. While his defense is decent for a level 3, we don't plan on keeping him on the field long enough to worry about either stat. Rabca's effect is that when a fish, sea serpent, or aqua type monster is targeted for a attack, you can banish the Friller to negate the attack, and cause the atacking monster to lose 500 atk until the end phase. How ever lack luster this may seem, water type decks have gotten a lot of support in GenForce, and is continuing into Photon Shockwave. Just using this card and another guy out of PS, Shark Stickers, it is very feasible to have a Leviair on the field that needs protecting. A Rabca and two Stickers leave a field of Rabca and Leviar, with Rabca as a defense for Leviar. Once He is banished by his effect, Leviar can bring him back to the field for another round.
    Yes, I will say that Water type decks, are not very prevelant, but the amount of support that this attribute alone has made me take a second look.
    Friller Rabca is not a great card by any means, since he not very splashable into many decks. But as for what he is meant for, I think wuth the correct combos, he can be a welcome addition to Water decks from here on out.
Traditional: 1/5 who plays Water in this format?
Advanced: 2/5 good for Water decks, but not for much else.
Art: 3/5 make me think about getting in the water.......
Fun fact: Friller sharks are a real type of shark that this card actually resembles....lol

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