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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Life Stream Dragon

1 Tuner + "Power Tool Dragon" When this card is Synchro Summoned, you can have any player's Life Points that are under 2000 become 2000. You take no effect damage. Once per turn, you can declare a Level between 1 and 12 to have the Levels of all other face-up Synchro Monsters you control become the declared Level.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.75
Advanced: 1.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - May 4, 2011

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Today's card is the result of a bunch of YuGiOh 5D's writers realizing "Oh, crap! We forgot about the fifth Signer dragon!"

And thus, this new double Synchro was created. I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do with a level 8 Tuner, first of all. So let's forget about that. Negating effect damage is more of a clutch out against Burn, so I guess that counts. And changing your Life Points to 4000, if it ever helps you, will help you a lot, but probably not enough, because Life Points don't really matter any more, and most game-pushing swarms pack more than 4000 ATK points.

Having to jump from Power Tool Dragon to this guy kills a lot of his viability. How often will you have PTD and a level 1 Tuner out? You'll also lose the Dragon's Equips when you Tune him. But then you can use each of this equips to keep him on the field, which is a great protection effect for his deck.

... But that doesn't save him from Caius, Dimensional Prison, Brionac and Trishula, along with cards like Karakuri Ninja Sazank and Penguin Soldier. For a card that takes so much effort to get out, while losing Power Tool Dragon's Equip search effect, Life Stream Dragon doesn't pack enough of a punch, and can't deal out a storm of destruction to any degree. Even under stress, most good decks will be able to summon an out quickly enough that you'll regret summoning your Dragon.

Art: I guess it's enough like the real fifth dragon...
Fun Fact: Ever notice how Luna and Akiza never do anything?
Tomorrow: I thought they were done in STOR.


So today we have a rather interesting card, but does interesting translate into good?  Not in this case.  Let's examine...
Life Stream Dragon
Level 8 2900/2400
1 Tuner + "Power Tool Dragon"
When this card is Synchro Summoned, you can make your Life Points become 4000. Any effect damage you take becomes 0. If this face-up card would be destroyed, you can remove from play 1 Equip Spell Card from your Graveyard instead.
So I guess making Synchro monsters into bigger Synchro monsters is the new thing in Konami-land.  You can use Formula Synchron and go into anything, you can use it and Stardust Dragon to go into Shooting Star Dragon, and now you can use Power Tool Dragon and a LV1 tuner to go into this.  Well, you can use a tuner of a higher level, but I'll touch on that later.  Let's go back to my debut CotD review, which may or may not have been posted.  So let's refresh my standards on Synchro monsters:
When I see a Synchro monster, there are 3 things I focus on:
1.  Stats for the effort to bring it out.
2.  Effect for the effort to bring it out.
3.  Comparison to other similar Synchro monsters.
And for Life Steam Dragon?
1.  2900/2400 is about right for a LV8.  You'd think you might get rewarded for using Power Tool Dragon in the process, but alas...
2.  Having the ability to soft-reset to 4000 is nice, you put yourself back at Solemn Warning range, and it's not mandatory so if you are higher than 4k, you can stay there.  Protection from any type of destruction is nice, but for LV8, you could have gone into Stardust and gained protection for all of your cards, not just yourself.
3.  There isn't really anything to compare it to, because you are dealing with a Synchro monster that requires Power Tool Dragon.  The protection from effect damage is nice, but Black-Winged Dragon does that too, and is a lot easier to bring out. 
So what decks can use this card?  Remember what I said about how you didn't nessessarily need a LV1 tuner?  In Fish OTK, you theroetically could use Level Eater to drop Power Tool Dragon to LV6, make a Formula Synchron, then make Life Stream Dragon.  So you have a deck that can use Power Tool Dragon, can bring this guy out with relative ease, And you will even have the equip cards to give protection!  So it's good right?  Unfortunately, no.  If you are bringing out your Power Tool Dragons in Fish, you have started your loop and then you won't need Life Stream Dragon.
Advanced:  1.5 / 5 -  Decent effect, not worth the effort.
Traditional:  1/5 - It has burn protection, so it can potentially hinder FTKs, but it doesn't help your own.

Twisted Keyblade

Now the only problem with this card is it's summoning conditions, would have been nicer if he was generic like the rest of his pals. In decks that abuse Power-Tool Dragon (like Gigavise), he is fairly easy to bring out. Specially after you used Solemn Warning and then Solemn Judgment, MAKE your life points 4000. You don't GAIN then, you MAKE it 4000. Dodges Botomless Trap Hole,Mirror Force,Dark Armed Dragon, & anything else that destroys. With Power-tool Dragon, you'll be sure to run many Equip Cards that are easy fodder for Life Stream. Glow-Up bulb,D.D. Sprite,Spore, & Effect Veiler are possible tuners that are very common in today's meta.

Artwork could have been better, IMO. Doesn't look very "alive" to me, for a "Life Steam" dragon.
Card - 5/5 ;; Very, very good card, but like i said, the only thing with it are it's summoning conditions are arn't easily meet.
Art - 2/5 ;; Ewwww x 1000


Life Stream Dragon is a level 8 Earth attribute synchro.This guy packs some powerful effects and isn't too hard to get out in the right deck. Obviously this won't see play in pretty much any extra deck besides Morphtronics. It gives Morphtronics another synchro option which could prove useful to the deck. First off, he's got 2900 attack, letting him stand up to most other synchros minus a couple 8 stars like Red Dragon Archfiend and Infernity Doom Dragon. 2400 defense is actually pretty solid as well considering most synchros don't have high defense to go along with high attack. The card's effect are amazing too. When you summon him, you can make your life points 4000, so if you were dwindling around 1000 life points after some Solemn Judgment or Warning usage, this can help you in a pinch. He also reduces all effect damage you take to zero, which is fairly useful at times. His last effect lets you remove an equip spell from your graveyard to save him if he would be destroyed in battle. Of course this won't work against things like Dark End Dragon, but for the most part it saves Life Stream Dragon from nearly all removal considering it has large attack to begin with. Morphtronic users should definitely give this card a try, but if you don't use Morphtronics he won't prove of much, if any use to you.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 1/5, 4/5 in Morphtronics
Artwork: 3/5, he coulda looked cooler in my opinion.


Life Stream Dragon
One of the latest Dragons to hit the TCG from the anime, Life Stream Dragon offers many intriguing possibilities, yet never quite fulfilling any of them (at least, for now). It has an extremely specific summoning requirement (1 one-star Tuner monster + Power Tool Dragon), that is even further hindered by the fact that Power Tool Dragon is only useful in decks running many Equip spells. Off the top, we can see there are not many decks it is helping right now.
Equip spells are barely ran in any Advanced format decks; I see very, very little potential for use in the Traditional format.
In the few decks that can make use of Equip spells, Life Stream Dragon has a chance to be a solid pick. For example, Gigavise decks can make the card very easily, sometimes by using just 1 card (Swing of Memories -> Gigaplant -> Normal Summon -> revive Glow Up Bulb -> synch into Power Tool -> use Glow Up Bulb’s effect -> instant Life Stream Dragon, with Graveyard setup). Being able to increase life points to a very respectable 4000 can also be helpful mid- to late-game when they might be needed most (barring OTK decks, of course). Having a self-protection effect is nice, but needing to have Equip spells in the grave can be problematic. It has a very niche use, but even in that niche, the difficulty in making it plus keeping it on the field may be easier said than done.
Ratings –
Art: 1.5/5
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2.5/5


Todays card of the day is Life Stream Dragon, a 8 Star Synchro Monster that requires Power Tool Dragon + a tuner monster. Its first effect is kind of nice against a random burn deck you might face at a sanctioned event. Its second effect can be chained to it being destroyed so if your opponent uses Dark Hole, Bottomless Trap Hole, or Mirror Force you can remove a equip spell to save it. The problem with this card is none of the top tier decks run equip spell cards or Power Tool Dragon so this card will be non existent in the meta. However it would be nice in a fun Watt deck.
Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5



Traditional: 2/5
Advance: 3.5/5
Art: Another dragon..bug. Looks basic honestly. Give it a proton cannon or something.

So yea life stream dragon. Pretty cool card. Not really.
Its nice that you get your LPs back to 4000 if you're down but that
entire situation seems random. No effect damage is pretty sweet though.
I bet if you gear a deck towards powertool and equipcards...like morpnhtronics or
some fish otk variant...then it could be useful. Removing an
equip card to prevent destruction is nice,
but when the hell am I using an equip card XD. P.
Overall its not that great, but its not trashington.

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