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Blade Knight

While you have 1 or fewer cards in your hand, this card gains 400 ATK. If this is the only monster you control, negate the effects of Flip Effect Monsters it destroys by battle.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.13
Advanced: 1.67 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - July 22, 2011

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Blade Knight is another card that hasn't been reviewed in a LONG time. Every so often, a card comes along that is actually better in Traditional format than Advanced. In my opinion, Blade Knight is one of those cards. We have a Light attributed Warrior monster, both of which BLS and CED make sweet love to, and are fairly hard to find together. 1600 attack is meh on Level 4 (not good, not bad, just meh) and 1000 defense is equally meh. Now, when you have one card or less in your Hand, Blade Knight's attack becomes 2000 (or increases by 400 for the unintelligent.) This is very anti-Traditional with things like Yata looming around, I think Hands are important. Secondly, if this is the only Monster on your Field, negate the effect(s) of Flip effect Monsters this card destroys in Battle. This secondary effect is actually quite beneficial, it's always fun to destroy something and negate an ability(ies). However, Blade Knight has to be the only Monster on your Field for this to work. Blade Knight strikes me as very average, I don't see him as that splashable a card, but if you're playing Chaos, I'd use him. He just doesn't seem to fit very well in much else. Toolbox some I suppose, but he's still not staple material, even there.


Traditional: 4/5 Great for Chaos, Light, Warrior, and a decent enough top Deck if you survived CED nuking the world.

Advanced: 2/5 For about the opposite, and the rest of what was said. Not useless, just not that useful, either.

3/5 average, for being average...ish?

Art: 5/5 Neat picture

Blade Knight

Good old Blade Knight. I always wanted one for my Warrior deck. Never got one. Unfortunately for him, times have changed, and if you have 1 or less cards in your hand and/or Blade Knight is your only monster, you're in trouble, and if he has anything he can destroy, your opponent is doing something wrong. That's all there is to Blade Knight these days.

Art: Also looks terrible as a common.
Fun Fact: Stupid common reprints.
Tomorrow: Saturday, or Thursday? Depends on which way you're looking.


Blade Knight finishes this week. It gets a 400 attack boost when you 1 or less cards in your hand. Also, should Blade Knight be the only monster you control, it will negate flip effects of monsters it destroys by battle. This great for those first turn set Rykos but its attack boost will not get it over a Spy even without Necrovalley on the field. It is a light warrior so there is a lot of support for both of those stats.
Traditional: 1.5
Advanced: 2


Blade Knight

A reprint in the new starter deck, Blade Knight is a Warrior-type who gets slightly better when you have less cards to work with (and even then he's not that good). The 400 attack boost is decent, but there are so many cards now that either run over it or just get rid of it with an effect. Speaking of which, his Flip-Effect negating effect doesn't really matter much anymore. The only Flip Effect monsters people commonly use nowadays are Ryko and Gravekeeper's Spy, and Blade Knight will only be able to get over one of those. Being the only monster you control isn't smart just to get an effect that won't be useful, as well as having 1 or less cards in hand for a 2000 attacker. I don't know why this card was being advertised along with the Xyz monsters for the deck since it wasn't seeing play; it's just not that good. I recently used it in a starter deck duel and was still unsatisfied with it. Honestly, I was happier about the Gene-Warped Warwolf reprint.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5

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