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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Top 10 New YuGiOh Cards of 2011 - #4

Rescue Rabbit

This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Deck. You can banish this face-up card you control; Special Summon 2 Level 4 or lower Normal Monsters with the same name from your Deck. Destroy them during the End Phase. The effect of "Rescue Rabbit" can only be activated once per turn.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.33
Advanced: 4.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - Dec. xx, 2011

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Didn't we JUST look at Rescue Rabbit?  Well it's #4, and still cute =)   Rescue Rabbit still has a LOT going for it, by itself, and in combo with other Rescue (and other) cards. Rescue Rabbit is a Level 4, Earth attribute, Beast type Monster, with 300 attack and 100 defense, all of which is mostly irrelevant. This has some swarm capability, has some OTK/FTK possibilities, (albeit more in a Traditional Format, but hindered a bit by not being able to be Special Summoned from the Deck.) can assist in XYZ and Synchro Summoning (and yes I'm aware this only pulls two Normal Monsters), but we have many a possibility here. You need a Deck constructed for Rescue Rabbit, to fully utilize this, yet ironically not necessarily around said Rabbit. I like it, and it's cute.
Traditional:  3.5/5
Advanced:   4.5/5 
Art:  5/5

John Rocha

We just reviewed Rescue Rabbit  a few weeks ago, so if you want some more detail on this card just look it up on card reviews. Rescue Rabbit is an extremely powerful card in the right deck. Dino Decks can make the most use out of Rabbit as they can main deck 6 normal monsters with 3 Kabazauls and 3 Sabersaurus, to bring out two very powerful Xyz monsters: Laggia and Dolkka.
The Uses for Rescue Rabbit do not stop there and only get better as more cards and sets get released. Any time you can take a single monster from your hand and turn it into a big powerful monster that is a good thing. There are plenty of answers to Rescue Rabbit, so it is not entirely broken. Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Warning, and Solemn Judgment are just a few options you have to counter the furry verment. Bad draws can also hinder its explosive ability as Vanilla monsters have a hard time lasting on a field dominated by effect monsters.
2012 could be a very good year for Rescue Rabbit. It could even be good enough to unseat Chaos and Plants as the dominant deck type.
Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 5/5


Coming in at #4 is everyone's favorite walkie-talkie using bunny, Rescue Rabbit. A level 4 Earth/Beast type, with 300 ATK and 100 DEF. Rabbit's effect lets you banish it while you control it, to get 2 level 4 or lower normal monsters with the same name from your deck. They are destroyed during the end phase, and you can only use this effect once per turn, and Rabbit cannot be special summoned from the deck. This card was made to pump out Xyz monsters. Normal decks benefit greatly from rabbit. Dinosaurs work well along with Dragons using Alexandrite and Luster Dragons can get you pretty much the Xyz of your choice, or Photon Dragon. Used with even more perfect timing, you can synchro as well. The only downside is it cannot be special summoned from the deck, sorry Giant Rat. Rescue Rabbit hops its way to the well deserved #4 spot.
Traditional: 3
Advanced: 5

Angelic Nightmare

Welcome to number 4 in the Top 10 cards for 2011. This helmet wearing critter has made quite an appearance at recent YCS events. Standing as a top contender in the current format we have Rescue Rabbit.

Rescue Rabbit

Beast/ Earth/ Lv 4/ 300 ATK/ 100 DEF

This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Deck. You can banish this face-up card you control; Special Summon 2 Level 4 or lower Normal Monsters with the same name from your Deck. Destroy them during the End Phase. The effect of "Rescue Rabbit" can only be activated once per turn.

Sure, it’s attack and defense are rather negligible, but its effect is where it goes big.

This card has seen A LOT of play in YCS events in the form of Dino Rabbit. Just as a rehash from my previous review state is the best thing about this card is that it is very versatile in the respect of the XYZ selection. Dolkka/Laggia if you’re running dinosaurs, Utopia, Steelswarm Roach, or Wind-Up Zenmaister. This card alone gives Vanilla decks (non-effect monsters) a fighting chance. This card has decks built left and right abusing its ability to form an easy rank 3 or 4 xyz monster.

This card is only effective in multiples, but with that comes easy counters to cards of this caliber. If you are playing Dino Rabbit (or any deck that summons 1500+ ATK monsters) and are fetching Kabazaul or Sabersaurus with Rabbit beware Bottomless Trap Hole as it hits all monsters that are special summoned at the same time.

Pros: Once card XYZ, Vanilla Support, searchable via Sangan and Gold Sarc.

Cons: Bottomless Trap Hole can be a BIG problem and works best in dedicated decks.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced (in decks revolving around this card): 4/5

Jeff Lang
Rescue Rabbit
                People feel this card is perfectly balanced, I feel the exact opposite about it. Sure you are forced to use normal monsters to even use this card, but tournament showings tell you that it isn’t a huge deal. The Dinosaur Exceeds are the main reason why this card is so busted, and of course Tour Guide since you can fetch Rabbit via Leviar. If we only had Roach/Utopia to Exceed with via Rank 4, I’d feel like it is personally balanced but Rabbit+ backrows is going to cause a problem more than likely, and them getting a TGU makes things even worse.
Advanced: 4.5/5
Trad: 3/5


Glad to be back on the review team. I had to take a break for a while but I’ll be here from here on out. Today’s card is Rescue Rabbit. Not much to say about this card that hasn’t already been said so I will go into why  it’s number 4 on the list. Rescue rabbit provides what its banned friend Rescue Cat provided, an inherent +1 that would lead to more advantage. Rabbit is the back bone of one of the fiercest meta decks to play against and combos very well with Tour Guide. It’s no secret that one of the strongest opening plays in tournaments is Gold Sarc into Rabbit followed by a Tour Guide play into Leviair and creating a board with two Xyz and spells and traps to protect you.

Traditional: 3
Advanced: 4

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