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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Summoning Curse

When a monster is Special Summoned, the controller of that monster chooses 1 card in their hand and removes it from play. During each of your End Phases, pay 500 Life Points or destroy this card.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.50
Advanced: 2.75 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - September 9, 2010

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Dark Paladin


This is a card with some potential that could head some very unconventional Decks I think. In short, you pay 500 Lifepoints during your End Phase, or you destroy this card. When a Monster is Special Summoned, its controller must remove from play one card from their Hand.

I sit here and type thinking there must be something, a Deck, strategy, and combo or some such that can be pulled off with this, but it doesn't quite come together for me. I'm wagering this card will see little to no play, but I think it could be a real asset to some removal, dimension, etc type Decks.


Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 2.75/5
Art: 3/5

General Zorpa Summoning Curse
This is one fo the more interesting cards from DREV, as it punishes people for Special Summoning without the total dominance of Royal Oppression. The card is a Continuous Spell, one of the better spell types again. The effects are that if a player Special Summons a monster, they remove from play one card  from their hand. You also have to pay 500 lifepoints or it is destroyed in your Standby Phase.
Overall, I think that Thunderking Rai-Oh and Black Horn of Heaven do a better job, as they are one-sided and better card types, monster and Counter Trap respectively. The cool thing about this card is that you can make a deck around a strategy that reduces your opponent's hand with Drastic Drop Off, Drop Off and Lightforce Sword. But then that completely limits you as far as your deck, as you pretty much can't Special Summon. You can try to get around it by using D.D. Scout Plane as the cost, that way you can not really lose any card advantage, but that seems way too situational and underpowered.
As it is, this card might see some cool play, but for the most part it is a junk common. Eventually someone wll do some good things with this card, but I think it needs a partner in crime to really get going.

Summoning Curse is the newest "We want the game to be fun but we still want to make it stop being fun" card. For the low dee low dee low dee lowwww price of 500 points per end phase, Special Summoning becomes the new Smiley McGee and nobody wants to go near it. However, any deck that can make good use out of this card is probably already bad, because a deck that doesn't special summon isn't very good.

Additionally, continuous cards are even worse than ever, now, without Heavy Storm, because without Heavy Storm, people are forced to run many cards to compensate for it, meaning they're much more likely to draw a card to pick off your Summon Troll and I'll be stuck in run-on sentences.

On the bright side, you can actually hold this card out for as long as you want, and then destroy it when you don't want it any more. When the hell will Konami learn that that is not a good thing to put on such an anti-meta card...?

Art: It's not very exciting.
Fun Fact: There's a certain reason why I can never, ever eat Fig Newtons ever again.
Tomorrow: The CotD plays Robot Unicorn Attack.


Today’s card is Summoning Curse.  This is a Continuous Spell card that punishes Special Summons fiercely: when a player summons a monster (or monsters in the case of summoning more than one at a time), your opponent removes from play 1 card from their hand.  There is an upkeep cost: 500 LP per turn.  That’s not cheap but it isn’t crippling and it is worded so you can choose not to pay and let the card self-destruct.  Awesome: even if the card isn’t good, being forced to keep it in play or being forced to pay can cripple this kind of card. 

Let’s get some rulings out of the way.  The 500 Life Points paid for the card are a cost.  The effect starts a chain when the monster(s) is (are) Special Summoned.  This is a mandatory effect and it even occurs if a monster is Special Summoned during the damage step!  If you manage to Special Summon a monster at the exact same time as your opponent (as with Shallow Grave) then Summoning Curse only triggers once but both players still must remove one card from their hand, with the turn player removing his/her card from play first.  Whoever controls the Special Summoned monster when the effect resolves is the one to remove a card from their hand… ooh, I see where that is going.  Note that apparently Tokens should work since the monster can come from anywhere and they aren’t specifically excluded, and that the card stacks: multiple copies means multiple cards removed. 

Besides the combo I just alluded to but want to save for late, the obvious use for this card is your Side Deck.  When you encounter a Blackwing, Gladiator Beast, Plant, or Zombie deck, this will at least curb, if not cripple their ability to swarm, since even the most efficient ones will need their hand for their best combos.  Good news for Infernity players is that the removal is of course an effect and not a cost, so with their hand already empty, they don’t care.  Cards like Necroface and D.D. Scout Plane are great targets for your own hand.  Remember to opt out of paying the upkeep cost if you don’t want D.D. Scout Plane to force another discard when it resolves. 

Now the best use… I already mentioned: Side Deck!  That is where most players will want to consider it, if not run it.  For those like me who love those kinda crazy decks, Black Garden will let your ever Normal Summon ditch one card per Summoning Curse.  You can also abuse classics like Lava Golem; since it is Special Summoned to the opponent’s side of the field, they have to pay for it!  Even one of my favorites, Ojama Trio gets to party with this card (though all three tokens only equal one card removed). 

Yes indeed, I really like this card.  You can’t just run it with no forethought, but with some proper planning you can easily keep it in your Side Deck to aggravate many commonly run decks, and quite frankly some near universal deck strategies: how many decks don’t run at least a couple of Special Summons?  If you are daring, you can unleash a whole world of hurt centered on this card.  Once your opponent’s hand is gone, they’ll have to top deck into an answer for the situation. 


Traditional: 2/5 – I think there is something one could do with this card here… but you won’t often get the chance. 

Advanced: 4/5 – Not quite a must for your Side Deck, but I think it is a great pick.  Plus it can augment or even be the foundation of some nice rogue decks.  Perhaps I am being a bit generous because I love shaking things up. 

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