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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Reptilianne Naga

This card cannot be destroyed by battle. The ATK of any monster that battles this card becomes 0 at the end of that Battle Phase. During your End Phase, change this face-up Defense Position card on the field to face-up Attack Position.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.60
Advanced: 1.75 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.08.10

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General Zorpa

Reptilianne Naga

Welcome to a new week of reviewing cards! Today's card is Reptilianne Naga, A level 1 DARK Reptile with 0 ATK and 0 DEF. These stats are not as bad as you would think, as both CCV (Traditional) and Offering to the Snake Deity can use it for tributes.

The effect is that it cannot be destroyed in battle and any monster that it battles with has it's ATK and DEF become 0. Then, if it is in face-up defense position at the end of your turn, it switches to ATK position.

The effects are actually pretty good. Naga is really the easiest way to get 0 ATK monsters to your opponent's side of hte field for the rest of the Reptilianne monsters effects to work. SHe can also stall pretty well, but Blackwings and Gladiators with have a field day with her.

As it is Reptilianne decks are just not there yet. There are plenty of other monsters that actually work better than Naga, even for stalling and they do not really see play.



Reptilianne Naga …

I like this little card. Of course – I’m a bit biased, since I’ve been having a lot of fun with my Reptilianne deck lately, and she’s a nice part of it. Forget her stats. She is what she is. Reptilianne monsters use and abuse the zeros, so for her at level 1, she’s what u would expect her ATK and DEF to be. Monsters that cannot be destroyed by battle, are usually pretty good, but her added effect of reducing any monster that tries to touch her to a 0 ATK as well gives her an extra boost. He downside is that she can’t remain hidden in DEF mode. At the end of your turn, she swings into attack mode. But then again – its probably for the better. A monster that cannot be destroyed is useless to attack while it is in defense mode. However, if she is ATTACK mode, then your opponent has a choice to make. She becomes a tempting target. They can at least dish out damage even if their monster loses all their strength afterwards. But watch out for the “anti-swarm”. If your opponent has a bunch of monsters on the field, NOT being able to destroy NAGA could work in their favor. Opponent monsters can all brutalize HER since she’ll stay on the field and take it, instead of being destroyed and your opponent the having to attack a STRONGER monster,

All in all, I think she is a pretty good help and addition to Reptilianne Deck. Let her be useful as a temporary wall, but don’t leave her on the field for too long. U’ll regret it.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3/5


N o V a

Reptilianne Naga, interesting looking card... cool but interesting. Anyways, Naga is a level one dark monster, no attack and defense points that switches herself to attack position during your end phase if she is in face up defense position, she cannot be destroyed in battle and any monster that battles her has its attack become 0 at the end of that battle phase. Its an alright effect and shes really easy to summon out. Damage = Reptile is a nifty little continuous trap that lets you special summon a Reptile-Type monster from the deck that has an attack equal to or is lower than damage you take in a battle involving a Reptile-Type monster, this mean's you can summon a second Naga off of Damage = Reptile's effect, since it has 0 attack points. Originally this was to bring Vennominion from the deck to the field to easily summon Vennominaga. But as you can see Reptilianne Naga can also be easily summoned off of Damage = Reptile. The funny thing is, Reptilianne Naga combo'd with Damage = Reptile works another way. Since Naga basically has to remain in attack position, with no attack points you're bound to take heavy damage. This allows easy access to multiple Reptile-Type monsters in your deck. Which would be pretty cool. Another, bigger combo would be something along the lines of Battle Mania, Waboku and Naga. Battle Mania forces all their monsters to attack Naga, and with Waboku you take no damage. This makes their monsters have 0 attack points. Another interesting thing is that Naga is unaffected by Venom Swamp. Its original stats are 0/0, therefore no attack points can be taken off and without being able to go down to 0 attack points by Venom Swamps effect, it cannot be destroyed by Venom Swamp. There are many interesting ways to use this card. Maybe something worth playing around with, but at the moment I don't exactly see Reptiliannes doing much of anything. It was pretty much the same with the Venom decks that people tried to make work at the first jump they were legal at. But who knows, maybe things will turn out differently this time.

Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 1/5


Name: Reptilianne Naga

Level: One

Attribute: Dark

Type: Reptile/Effect

ATK: 0

DEF: 0

Text: This card cannot be destroyed by battle.  The ATK of any monster that battles this card becomes 0 at the end of that Battle Phase.  During your End Phase, change this face-up Defense Position card on the field to face-up Attack Position.


Reptilianne Naga is another female (I think) monster that has suitably disturbing artwork.  I mean, cover up the cutesy girl face, and you have a fairly respectable snake monster.  Cover up the snake head and you have a creepy/cute (more the former than the latter) snake girl to make cat girl fans look less weird.  Together you have a fearsome looking monster with two heads in the disturbing “one growing out of the other” manner.


As for the actual merits of the card, it is part of the Reptilianne family, gaining access to their (still shallow) support pool.  It is Level 0ne, and there is a tiny amount of support just for that Level, plus the usual low level support.  This can also be handy if you just need to level off a Synchro Monster, though a pain if all you have is this and a Tuner.  Being a Dark monster is great, and you should be looking at the Reptile support to flesh out the Reptilianne support.  The ATK and DEF are 0.  While easy to search, it tells us this card is to be played for its effects alone.


The card has three effects.  The first and best is that it cannot be destroyed by battle.  You cannot hide behind it without help due to another of its effects: if it is in face-up Defense Position during your End Phase, it will kick itself into Attack Position.  The effect that shows it is clearly a Reptilianne monster is that it zeroes out the ATK of any monster it battles.  Unfortunately that doesn’t happen until the end of the Battle Phase.  That’s disappointing: obviously if it was during the Damage Step, you could suicide anything with it.  If it was after the Damage Step, at least something else could follow up and smash the zeroed out monster.


I can’t say I expect to see much of this card unless Reptilianne gets more support.  What they have, even when combined with Reptile support, suffers from not doing enough.  If you’re going to the trouble of zeroing out a Monsters attack… why not run a card that can kill it for less?  There are a lot of potential combos available for this card, like using Spirit Barrier so you take no damage from battle, or Battle Mania so that ever face-up Monster your opponent controls has to slam into it.  In the end it seems like a lot of effort for little gain.


I’ll be happy if I am wrong, and this card breaks open the Reptilianne decks.  I just don’t see it, though.  Tomorrow’s CotD might help…




Traditional: 1/5 – Not even a bonus for being Dark.


Advanced: 2/5 – This is a score for use in Reptilianne decks: even there I think there are better options.

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