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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.00
Advanced: 4.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.15.10

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Dark Paladin

Sorry I've been gone, I missed the last few reviews, as I took a vacation, which was much needed.  Anyway, Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon opens our week.  We have a Level 10 Dragon, with 2800 attack and 2400 defense points.  Good attack, decent defense, Level 10 sucks, but actually doesn't matter much here.
You can Special Summon Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon by removing one face-up Dragon monster you control from play.  Also, once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can Special Summon a Dragon-type monster from your Hand or Graveyard, except this card.
Easy enough to Special Summon, and he helps swarm, but that isn't enough, in my opinion.  He should have a protection or burn ability, a destruction ability, something, or even a higher attack.  It's a fun card for Dragons, but nothing you need to be using.
Traditional:  1.5/5 
Advanced:   2.5/5 
Art:  4.5/5

General Zorpa

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
This is the one card that makes Dragon decks even considered for competetive play. He boasts an impressive 2800 ATK and 2400 DEF on a level 10 DARK Dragon. DARK is always good and Dragon is what makes the card playable, although it would work for pretty much any other type as well.
The effects are that you can Special Summon it by removing a Dragon monster on the field from play. Then, once per turn you can Special Summon a Dragon type monster from your hand or graveyard.
The fact that it can be Special ummoned is what makes this card VERY good. You can use things like Totem Dragon to remove it, or even just tribute summon it. The ideal way to get this guy to the field is with Future Fusion. You use FF to send 2 REDMD, 2 Red Eyes Wyvern and a Totem Dragon targeting Fve Headed Dragon. At the end phase, you get two REDMD cards to the field.
Using Foolish Burial you can even get some of the bigger Dragons like Tyrant Dragon and White Night Dragon to the field for pretty much nothing. It gets a little cheap even when you have cards like Burial and Dragon's Mirror to bring enormous Dragons to the field. Basically, this card is crazy good for swarming with big guys, and using cards like Cards of Consonnance, you can get comboes going with White Stone of Legend.
Basically, I am VERY glad this is going to be in the new Special Edition as it will make them easier to get for kids who want to beat face with Blue Eyes White Dragon and big Dragons in general. This may be one of the decsk to beat in the new format since Lightsworn got hosed, but it is definitely really fun to play regardless.


Red Eyes Darkness Dragon …
I actually don’t remember if we’ve reviewed this card already … it feels like we have, but either way – Dr. RED … or Red MD … is awesome. He’s Dark. He’s a Dragon. Both excellently supported things to be in this game. He’s 2800 ATK, which can power over most things in life. He can be special summoned super easily on 1 turn if u wish, and has no further restrictions (for the most part) on his summoning … meaning he can be normal summoned if u so choose, and can be special summoned by other means (if u’ve got ‘em), except for special summoning another Dr. RED with his own effect … yep – his 2nd effect. To special summon any other dragon type monster, without restriction, once per turn, from the hand OR graveyard.  If u don’t get how quickly and easily this thing can swarm all over u and destroy u in 1 turn … then u’ve been sleeping in class again, my friend … er … scratch that. My ACQUAINTANCE.
Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5


Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon:
     This card should really shine in the new format.  With everything slowed down somewhat, and Cards of Consonance available to us now, it's time for dragons to make some waves and R-EDMD fits into just about any dragon build.  Hopeless dragon decks are pretty much centered around this card and the Dark Creator, while Deep-Draw / Disaster Dragon decks (or whatever you want to call the new speedy dragon deck that uses the White Stone of Legend, Blue Eyes, and Cards of Consonance) can easily fit one or two of R-EDMD in.  While it would really help if he had been level 8 (trade-in), I believe that would make him just a bit too broken in the current dragon builds.  There are just so many combos you can pull off with this guy... Totem Dragon, Future Fusion, and Five Headed Dragon are his best friends, and when coupled with Red-Eyes Wyvern, it's easy to pull off massive swarms.  Backbone of Dragon OTKs, and he's only going to get better as more dragon support is released, 'nough said.
Traditional:  4.5  (painful choice, graceful charity, etc... not solely dependant on future fusion to "go off" in this format)
Advanced:   4.0


Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, the Red-Eyes that made good.  From what I’ve seen it is pretty much a must for Dragon decks, and functions as yet another Boss monster.  Dragons have several large behemoths that can function as the focal point of a deck, did they need another?


Apparently, they did indeed.


Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is a Level 10 Monster, and that may be its greatest weakness: if it was just two levels smaller, you could use Trade-In with it.  This is a minor complaint, and tells you how good this card can be when used properly.  It is a Dark Monster, and thus gets all the appropriate Dark love, though many cards would be counter-productive in a Dragon deck.  Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon has a good 2800 ATK, so only the largest (or boosted) monsters will be able to take it down in battle.  The 2400 DEF, while not critical, is welcome: there are plenty of cards that can shift a Monster into Defense position.


Then we come to the effect.  Most Red-Eyes monsters fall apart here, but not this one.  Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon has an effect to allow it to be Special Summoned, but doesn’t require that effect be used.  We all know how much of a pain “nomi” monsters can be, so it is a happy thing this isn’t one.  Instead you have the option of removing a Dragon monster you control from play to Special Summon this card.  In case you need to Normal Summon it, you can.  The second effect is equally great for Dragon decks: it allows you to Special Summon one Dragon monster from your hand or Graveyard once per turn, except Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.  Let’s face it: we’d all have been running Dragon OTK decks if it could Special Summon itself.


So we have a large Dragon with two great effects, and to make it even sweeter, combos.  Red-Eyes Wyvern is a Red-Eyes themed beatstick.  Its nifty trick is that if you didn’t Normal Summon or Set anything during your turn, you can remove it from your Graveyard during your End Phase in order to Special Summon a Red-Eyes monster other than Red-Eyes B. Chick from your Graveyard.  Five Headed Dragon is a gargantuan Fusion Monster made from any five Dragons.  Use Future Fusion to dump several desirable Dragons into your Graveyard, including Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Red-Eyes Wyvern.  Remove said Wyvern to Special Summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon during your End Phase.


Not enough?  Well, it probably helps to remember that you can do all the standard “big Dragon combos” on top of that, and that Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon just reinforces them.  Future Fusion may be one per deck, but there are plenty of cards to reward you for discarding Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, even if it’s just something like Card Destruction or Hand Destruction.  Dump, draw, and then revive large, useful Dragons like Prime Material Dragon for protection.


The deck has taken a hit with the loss of Card of Safe Return, but between everything else that is missing it (or took a hit somewhere else) it still is strong.  Dragon decks seem designed to run contradictory to common sense: run lots of large monsters and combo-centric Spells.


Scores are deck specific: you can’t toss this into just any deck and expect results.




Traditional: 2/5


Advanced: 4/5

N o V a

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, the key card for Hopeless Dragon decks. Its a level 10, DARK attributed monster with 2800 attack, 2400 defense. Once a turn you can special summon a Dragon-Type monster from your hand or graveyard. And if Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is in your hand you can easily Special Summon it by removing one Dragon-Type monster on your field from play. So its fairly easy to summon to the field, and if you happen to use Future Fusion, you can send Red-Eyes Wyverns and Darkness Metal Dragons to the graveyard, and during the end phase if you haven't normal summoned you can remove Wyvern from play to bring back 1 "Red-Eyes" monster other than Chick back from the graveyard to the field. Now on top of it being easy to summoned Darkness Metal, there are a ton of amazing Dragon-Type monsters you can use with Darkness Metal Dragon. Dark Horus, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, of course Red-Eyes B. Dragon and various others. In any dragon based deck, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is a must.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5

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