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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Activate only if you have no cards in your hand. Select 1 "Infernity" monster in your Graveyard. Special Summon it, and destroy all face-up monsters on the field with ATK lower than the Special Summoned Monster┤s ATK. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the same turn you activate this card.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.50
Advanced: 2.20 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - July 22, 2010

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Dark Paladin
ZERO-MAX...why does this card have its name in ALL CAPS???  I'm just curious.  Anyway, if you have no cards in your Hand (could this be a card for Infernity players) you can Special Summon an "Infernity"
monster from your Graveyard.
Destroy all face-up monsters on the Field with an attack lower than the attack of the monster you Special Summoned.  So you obviously want to go big, or go home when playing this card.  Yet, you can't conduct your Battle Phase, and that's what kills this card in my eyes.  Infernity players have better options than this.
Traditional:  1.5/5 
Advanced:   2.5/5 
Art:  4/5


Zero-Max ...
The Infernity Deck is already jam packed with so many 'must play' cards, that there is pretty much no room for this. It can clear a bunch of monsters, depending on what u grab (ideally, u'll grab maybe the Infernity Death Dragon, which will pop just about ANYTHING) ... but the problems there lay in 1) the mass destruction - Anything Stardust Dragon related (the Dragon itself or Starlight Road), will shut your mouth and steal your girlfriend. 2) the fact that Zero-Max will pop your OWN monsters as well. and 3) the fact that u can't conduct your battle phase that turn. Infernity Decks clear the field and obliterate in 1 turn. If u can't even begin to get at ur opponent's life points, then everything else u do this turn is all for nothing. You get the free special summon out of it, but really - what's the point? You've got several better options for that.
The list of better top decks for Infernity decks is too long to go into ... Just know that as far as Infernities go - Zero-Max dances at the bottom of the list.
Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 2/5


     The last line of this card's text kills it for Infernity decks.  Not being able to attack the turn you pull off one of their combos makes it almost pointless unless you can get to at least 2 barriers before the  turn is up.  I've been experimenting/play testing with Infernities lately (mainly because they are insanely fun to play against yourself, trying to make the best combo of monsters you can takes quite a bit of thought and planning) and have come to realize that the current builds are for the most part, one trick ponies, if you don't do something with your giant field of monsters and can't protect them next turn, you've lost.  MAX would allow them access to one more revival trick, but they have better answers.  I've been using Monster Reincarnation in my build recently along with an extra Mirage, and I've got to say I'd rather run those 2 than Zero-Max.  I think if Infernities are forced to evolve by the Ban-List, then perhaps people will look into MAX, as the scramble to figure out what direction the deck can go in next.

Traditional:  2.0
Advanced:  2.5 

ZERO - MAX is sort of an oxymoronic name, and so is its effect. It's a Dark Hole AND a Monster Reborn IN THE SAME CARD. You probably started building a bomb shelter until you read the last line of text. Skip your Battle Phase. Remember that this is an Infernity card, and Infernities live on the Battlefield... Or Phase. You wouldn't run a card like this in an FTK deck. Infernities can control, yes, but they can also FTK, and because they run out of steam quickly, that's probably what you should be doing.

Art: I can't say "At least that's decent" twice in one week, so, uh....
Fun Fact: Voldemort sucks at Smash Bros.
Tomorrow: Don't listen to this card. It's not very powerful.

Normal Spell Card

"Activate only if you have no cards in your hand. Select 1 'Infernity' monster in your Graveyard. Special Summon it, and destroy all face-up  monsters on the field  with ATK lower than the Special Summoned Monster┤s ATK. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the same turn you activate this card."

This is a very interesting spell card for infernity duelists.  When I was on the Deck Check team in YCS Chicago, I saw Erin Diaz maining a copy or two of this card, and I can understand where he's coming from.  Special summon an infernity, and Raigeki anything that has lower attack?  Very nice, near broken effect, as you can get any infernity monster.  Top 3 picks are Archfiend, Necromancer, and Doom Dragon, just because Doom Dragon is a near 100% field nuke.  Oh, but the catch is that you can't attack.  It can save you if you survive a swarm, but Infernity players tend to want to attack the turn they go handless.  Good card, and the "no attack" effect makes it more balanced.

Advanced: 3/5 (Infernity)
Traditional: 1/5 (Infernity)


ZERO-MAX features the clash of Zero versus High Max as told in Mega Man X6.


Wait, no it doesn’t.  It is more Infernity support.  It is a Normal Spell that requires you have an empty hand to play it.  That means setting it first to truly empty your hand out.  Why does this matter?  Even though you can activate it right after setting it (as I said, it is a Normal Spell, so that’s perfectly legal) I think your opponent gets priority after you set it.  So… they can pop off something like Mystical Space Typhoon or Dust Tornado to pop it.


The effect is pretty snazzy, except for the catch involved.  The effect lets you select an Infernity monster from your Graveyard, Special Summon it to the field, then you must nuke all monsters with a lower ATK than the Special Summoned monster.  You do look at the current attack: if something in play is raising or lowering the ATK of the monster you picked, you use that modified score.


That catch I mentioned?  No Battle Phase for you the turn you use it.  Unlike yesterday’s card, this shouldn’t be too restrictive.  Yes you won’t get to attack after potentially clearing several monsters off the field.  Infernity monsters often work best from the Graveyard, so nuking your own isn’t so minor a draw back I didn’t even consider it a “catch”.  There are enough decent choices that even though you lose the chance to immediately capitalize on the potentially empty field.  If you’re staring down something huge with 3000+ ATK, you can hopefully revive Infernity Doom Dragon, wipe out any tiny monsters clogging the field, then pop that fatty for at least 1500 points of damage.  After all, you already lost your Battle Phase, so there’s no draw back.  Another saving grace is that the combination of effects neuters to normal counters to this type of thing.  There is no guaranteed destruction when you activate ZERO-MAX, so Stardust Dragon can’t block it.  The destruction effect has to resolve immediately after the Special Summon so Bottomless Trap Hole misses its timing.


Looking at it, I’d say this is a solid card to run in an Infernity deck.  It’s mostly for when you’re not controlling the game and you have to eliminate some problem monster(s) from the field.  The downside is it might sabotage reliability: yes you’ll almost always have an Infernity monster in your Graveyard to revive.  Sometimes you will have something in play you don’t want to kill or something you can’t kill that belongs to the opponent… a much rarer occurrence with simpler removal like Lightning Vortex, Raigeki Break, and Smashing Ground.  Ultimately I believe the massive “swing” potential should get it at least into Side Decks and probably a copy or two into Main Decks.


Ratings (for Infernity decks)


Traditional: 2/5


Advanced: 3.25/5


I’d also like to add I’ll be selling quite a bit of my soon-to-be-former possessions on eBay.  You can take a look here at my second auction if you’re interested in a Nintendo GameCube with some accessories and 17 games!  Just a reminder, Pojo is in no way responsible for this and was merely kind enough to let me mention the auction here. ;)

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