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Reptilianne Poison

Activate only if you control a face-up "Reptilianne" monster. Change 1 Defense Position monster your opponent controls to face-up Attack Position and reduce its ATK to 0.

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Advanced: xx 

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3 is average.
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Date Reviewed - 01.xx.10

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General Zorpa

Reptilianne Poison

This is one of those cards that I absolutely hate. I have pulled at least 10 of these cards from Stardust Overdrive packs, only opening about 20. Anyways, it is not such a bad card. If you control a Reptilianne monster you can change an opponent's monster to ATK position and reduce it's ATK to 0. oh and it is a Normal Spell, which is good and bad.

Since the Reptilianne deck goes off when their dudes have 0 ATK, the card would seem quite good in that deck. However, the cards are mediocre at best and this is only slightly better than Book of Moon or Enemy Controller ANYWAY so I would just use those two instead unless you are of course running a Reptilianne deck. Even then, the non-Quickplay nature of this card makes it even that much worse.



Reptilianne Poison …

Huh … hmmm … Ok. A normal spell that changes a defense position monster of your opponent into face-up attack and drops its attack to 0. This is … “fitting” … considering the theme and abilities of Reptillianne monsters … But normally u want to just destroy said monster or get some sort of immediate reduction (in one way or another) of your opponent’s resources. That’s what a good spell will do for u. As it is, this Poison doesn’t do that. Sure its puts their monster in a more vulnerable state, but u still have to then try and attack through it, meaning u can still run headfirst into a Mirror Force or Honest or something. If u are up against Blackwings, u still haven’t drawn out or made useless their Icarus Attack, so that is still lurking. If u are playing against Lightsworn, u just flipped up that face-down defense position Ryko, so he’ll still get his effect. And so forth. Thus, there is a word for cards like this … “situational”.

Sure – aren’t ALL cards, if u really think about it?

Yes, but only a REALLY situational card is CALLED “situational”, and Reptilianne Poison IS situational. Hell – what will u do if your opponent doesn’t even HAVE a DEF position monster? … If all their stuff is in ATK mode? … Or u don’t have a Reptillianne monster on the field … wouldn’t u then prefer ANY other card in hand aside from this one?

Exactly. It’s a situational card for a deck type that’s not that good anyway.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1.5/5


Reptilianne Poison:

This card could have been better. It could have at least negated flip effects of the face-down monsters is manages to flip face up. Who cares if Ryko's atk goes to zero if it kills your Reptilianne monster anyway (you have to have one face up on the field to use Poison). Sure it can help set up a play with their synchro Reptilianne Hydra, but that's allot of work for a card that only has 2100 atk. In reality you will never get more than 2 cards off of the effect of Hydra, and you will spend easily that many to set it up. This deck needs a bit more support before Reptilianne cards will be worth it.

Traditional: 1.0
Advanced: 1.5

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