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Top 10 Cards of 2009 - #2:
Blackwing-Gale the Whirlwind

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.00
Advanced: 4.80 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.14.10

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General Zorpa

Blackwing-Gale the Whirlwind

This is the best Tuner in the game. 1300 ATK and 400 ATK on a level 3 DARK Winged-Beast is not generally a deal breaker, but it is a Tuner. This allows it to be pretty much the swiss army knife of the Blackwing deck, able to bring out easy level 6 and 7 monsters because of it's ability.

It's effects are that it can be Special Summoned if you control a Blackwing that does not have the same name. That is easy in Blackwings with Sirocco, Shura and Bora being the heavy hitters of the deck. The second effect allows you to halve the ATK of an opponent's monster until it leave the field.

The second effect allows it to take down pretty much any monster in the game with 2600 ATK or less. It can even shrink down powerhouses like DAD and JD to make them far more manageable in battle. You combine that with a Tuner that Special Summons itself and you have a seriously deadly card. On top of that, it is a Blackwing, searchable by Shura and Whirlwind and can be reused with Blizzard. That is what make sthis the best Tuner in the game, with Plaguespreader and Blizzard (the next 2) not even really in the same league.

Blackwings are already powerful enough with Vayu and all of it's tricks that Gale at one is suiting the deck just fine. But if it ever should be at more than one... Well, let's just say that won't happen. I try to fit it in every deck I make, and when I can't I make it fit.


Jeff Lang

2 - Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind

Gale was the best Synchro of 2009, simply because it was abusable for a longer period of time than Plague. Gale is a silly card, and is very broken. Being able to cut something in half permanently is nuts, and it is one the Blackwing deck’s favorite cards. You can search it off of Tomato, drop/search it for free in Blackwings, and can be splashed in general because of it’s Shrink effect, and giving you access to your Extra Deck.

Trad: 3/5
Adv: 4.5/5


# 2

Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind …

This one is a simple one. It’s a Blackwing. That right there starts it off on a good note. Dark. Tuner. Level 3. It totally ROCKS with a Blackwing deck, as it can be special summoned if u have another Blackwing monster on the field, allowing Synchro summoning of big dogs in 1 turn. This card is so awesome that it’s one of the top Tuner choices OUTSIDE of a Blackwing deck as well. It’s 1300 ATK is nothing sneeze at, as it slips right passed Bottomless, but still carries a permanent effect of being able to cut any monster’s attack in half once per turn. Which means 1 on 1 – Gale can kill anything Stardust attack strength or below in battle. And whatever Gale CAN’T kill, it can bring back down to earth in chopping distance for any of your other slightly stronger monsters to deal with.

Gale is just awesome. Sucked that they dropped it down to 1, but completely understandable.
Best Tuner in the game. Period.

Traditional: 4.5/5
Advanced: 5/5


N o V a

Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind to the rescue! But serious this guy is probably the single best Blackwing monster in the game. Sure, Vayu is good but its not splashable. Gale cuts an opponents monsters attack and defense in half and its a permanent change, and if Gale is out on your next turn you can half the monster again making it weaker. Gale is also good in decks for bringing out your random Blackwing Armor Master(s) since you can tune Gale into any level 4 monsters that people use. My personal favorite level 4 to tune with is Gravekeeper's Spy because Spy gives out a free monster and if you use Gale to tune with you, you have 3 amazing synchro monsters to choose from; Blackwing Armor Master, Arcanite Magician and Black Rose Dragon. Dark Strike Fighter would be on the list if it wasn't banned. Gale is an all purpose monster that can be used for getting over high attack monsters and synchro summoning for various things.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5


Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind

When this card was at 3, blackwings were ridiculous. Her atk halving effect alone is brutal, and offers a way around almost every played monster right now. Throw in the tuner part and the special summon ability and that's what makes her restrictable. With DSF gone to the banned list, Gale lost a bit of her thunder, but she is still a nasty card on her own and that's what puts her at number 2.

Traditional: 4.0
Advanced: 4.5

Had this ranked #3

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