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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Top 10 Cards of 2009 -
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters You can discard any number of cards to the Graveyard to return the same number of cards from the field to the hand.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.00
Advanced: 4.40 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.13.10

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General Zorpa

Brionac-Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Personally I think this guy ranks above Gale, but nobody else felt the same way :( Anyways, we have a level 6 WATER Sea Serpent with 2300 ATK and 1400 DEF. These stats make Brionac below average. Even Gaia Knight and Iron Chain Dragon can school him in battle and the attribute and type do not help very much at all.

The effect is what is so astounding. You can send cards from your hand to the graveyard in order to put cards on the field back to the owner's hand. This is primarily used in zombie decks in order to clear the way with massive Mezuki, Burial and Plague plays for the one turn kill, but it also ends up working for almost every deck as it is a generic Synchro. Most decks can easily make a level 6 Synchro, so it is basically an answer to cards that would otherwise cause you trouble, like Stardust, Colossal and Armor Master and in tough spots, Dark Armed Dragon.

You can also use his ability to put himself back to the extra deck, which is why I still play Mind Control and Brain Control. His effect is rather costly, so unless you REALLY need to get a card off the field or you are going for game, Goyo Guardian is a better choice or even Gaia Knight. Regardless, he is an amazing card and even more amazing is that he is not limited here yet, so I'm riding the 3 Brionac train fopr as long as I can.


Jeff Lang

3 - Brionac

Brionac recently got released in November, and he has been a force ever since. He is one of the mia nreasons why the format is so dumb right now. The Zombie deck can abuse it the best, being able to Synchro like crazy with Goblin Zombie, Mezuki, Plague, and Burial. Outside of Zombies though, every deck should be using it. Every deck right now has stuff they can pitch from their hand that they want in their grave, so it’s delicious. He also lets a certain deck win without letting your opponent draw their hand. It is no good for the game, the second best Synchro ever made(behind Dark Strike to me), and needs to be banned. It is way too powerful, and too easily summon able

Trad: 3/5
Adv: 5/5


# 3 -Brionac …

Eh … I’m gonna say something people aren’t gonna like … again … :) but I really don’t see the big deal with this card, to be honest. I’ve gone up against him, and he’s not BAD … Ok. He’s got the semi-bounce effect, which is always troublesome to opponents, but its not the FULL bounce effect that sends cards back to the top of the deck. If it did – THEN I’d see the hub-bub ... how do u spell that? … It would probably be banned by now.
Anyway – He can clear the field, although u have to discard cards from your hand to make it work, so depending on the time u get him out, what u are holding, and what your opponent has showing when it happens – that’s what determines how big the impact is gonna be. U can return your own stuff back to your hand for some versatility and creative plays, and of course – the Blackwings love to drop the Vayus etc. into the grave for their synchro swarming, the Lightsworns to quicken JD, the Zombies and god knows what else for whatever the hell else THEY do … so … yeah … Brionac’s good …

Since he’s a Synchro, he doesn’t take away anything from any deck that runs him. Quite the opposite, really. He makes great decks even better. Yeah, I got that, but people were WAY too much on his “insert body part here” before he came out … and still are now, like he’s a game changer …
He is not.
But still a good card.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4/5


N o V a

Brionac. Ok so this cards somewhat overrated. Its basically the same thing as Snipe Hunter but doesn't destroy the card(s) you target. There are a few significant differences.

- Brionac can discard multiple cards off 1 activation, Snipe Hunter cannot.
- Brionac returns cards to the hand, Snipe Hunter destroys.
- Brionac requires 2 cards to summon it (Tuner + non-tuner), Snipe Hunter does not.
- Snipe Hunter is easily searchable via Mystic Tomato and Sangan, Brionac is not.

Now, I understand that Brionac has more attack points and synchro summoning isn't really all that hard. But I also like to take in the advantage I have over the opponent. In the end I'd like to control more cards. Brionac costs you a card(s) from your hand to simply return a card on the field to their owners hand. While its good for bouncing your opponents backrow and synchro monsters, returning spells/traps and monsters that are not fusion or synchro monsters, doesn't really take away advantage but gives. The opponent didnt really lose anything. The only reason I would probably use Brionac early or mid-game is because they might have something I cannot get over or something I need to get over to win. Brionac I personally think is best saved for late game and only if you know you can win because of it. I simply say this because if you toss your hand early on just to do some damage, in the end it can cost you. Now I do understand that Brionac is actually godly in Zombies. Filling the graveyard with Mezukis, Plaguespreaders and Necro Gardnas if the deck your facing runs them. Brionac is a must in extra decks, this is true. But playing it too soon or at the wrong time can result in a huge set back.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3.5/5


Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrior:

Zombie players (that's me) everywhere rejoice! For we have the card that helps make our decks (and most other decks) awesomer! Yes I know that isn't a real word. Seriously though, this card is amazing and broken. Level 6 synchros are incredibly easy to get out, and the dragon doesn't require any specific tuner (but Plaguespreader is going to be the most common way). Once he hits the field, you have priority to dump the cards you don't need in your hand for an express route to your opponent's lifepoints. This is why Zombies love him. You get to send your Mezukis and Goblin Zombies to the grave to set up the kill. We all need to enjoy (or hate upon) this card while we can...

Traditional: 4.0
Advanced: 5.0 (I think that's my first 5...)

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