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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Top 10 Cards of 2009
#5 - Blackwing Armor Master

This card cannot be destroyed by battle, and you take no Battle Damage from battles involving this card. If this card attacks a monster, you can place 1 Wedge Counter on that monster at the end of the Damage Step (max. 1). You can remove all Wedge Counters from your opponent's monsters to reduce the ATK and DEF of each monster that had a Wedge Counter to 0, until the End Phase.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.75
Advanced: 4.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.11.10

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Jeff Lang

#5 - Blackwing Armor Master

Blackwing Armor Master was a pretty big force in 2009. Just being able to chill on the field is sweet, but he was really only amazing in the Blackwing deck, You could have one in any extra deck since most people splashed a Gale, but making Armor was Blackwings main play if they couldn’t otk. Destruction gets him though, as well as cards that bounce things, so he isn’t that amazing anymore, but is still solid

Trad: 3/5
Adv: 3.5/5


# 5 - Blackwing Armor Master ...

This guy is special for 2 reasons ... #1 - how much he synergizes with the deck he is supposed to be built for (the Blackwings), and #2 - just for what he does.

For the Blackwings - He's a level 7 Synchro, so he is bake-oven easy to make with Gale and half the monsters in your deck. And Gale being the level 3 special summon if u have a Blackwing already on the field, that means Armor Master can come out in the very 1st turn if u so choose. With the right stuff in your graveyard, he's quickly gettable by Vayu as well, making him built perfectly for a Blackwing Deck.

And as a stand-alone Synchro, his 2500 ATK is fair enough. It can out-muscle most monsters ... and anything that it can't? well, that's when its effect becomes extra awesome. He can't be destroyed in battle, so that makes him a wall superior to Spirit Reaper in almost every aspect. Targeting him won't kill him. You can actually dish out a hell of a lot of damage when u swing with him, and you can leave him in attack mode as u can't suffer any battle damage when he's hit. Lovely. He'll kamikaze 2500's like Stardust, but he'll win that fight in the end, since he can't be destroyed in battle. Anything bigger than that? well, his NEXT effect kicks in. He'll give that monster a wedge counter and u can remove it next turn to make that monster's ATK & DEF - 0. Meaning he'll be able to run over that monster NEXT turn.

Armor Master is pretty sick, and with all the ways to quickly get him to the field, he's the exclamation point in the Blackwings swarming ability that ends games fast.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5



Blackwing Armor Master:

Armor Master is a great card, but not one that I like very much. I'm sure there are ways to abuse his effect that I'm just not aware of, but to me, he seems to be good more-so because he's the level 7 Blackwing Synchro. When you want to tune Gale with a level 4, he is going to be your choice other than Blackrose, but more importantly he is essentially the upgrade for Armed Wings in the graveyard when using Vayu. Thus helping the deck to recycle when using Burial from a Different Dimension. I don't know if I agree with it being number 5 in the top ten of the year, but I forgot to turn in my list... so... no more complaining from me!

Traditional: 2.5
Advanced: 3.0

N o V a

Hey guys its been a while and a hellish time these past couple of weeks. Computer died, went to the hospital yet again and so on. But im back now that I've missed half of the top 10 list. My return starts today and I'll probably have Bill or whoever send me the following weeks COTD so I can get them done before the weekend so I dont miss them too. Anyways... on with todays card of the day; Blackwing Armor Master. When Crimson Crisis was first released, Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind was at 3, making Blackwing Armor Master and Dark Strike Fighter not only expensive cards but really really good cards. With Blackwing Armor Master you take no battle damage in a battle involving this card and it cannot be destroyed in battle, no one I've seen so far has really worried with the Wedge counter thing though, but it is a part of the effect. But the no damage and indestructible effect is what people like about it. Now that Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind is at 1, pulling out Armor Master is a little more difficult, sure you have Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor, but you need to have a level 6 Blackwing monster in your graveyard, aside from Blackwing Armed Wing, the only other level 6 Blackwing monster I know of is Elphin the Raven, who sadly doesn't see any play in the top 16 decks you see at jumps and so on, even though I think teching one in the deck would be a smart move. Armor Master is a solid level 7 synchro monster with one heck of a good effect, its just more difficult to bring out with Gale at 1. Armor Master fits into any extra deck that goes to a deck that uses Gale, and Gale is that somewhat splashable tech card with how good its effect is.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4.5/5


Blackwing Armor Master

I knew when this guy came out he would be the main card out of CRMS. Did that stop me from selling them at high prices when I stopped playing Blackwings? No. Anyways, we have a level 7 DARK Winged Beast Synchro with 2500 ATK and 1500 DEF. It also has to have a Blackwing Tuner in order to be Synchro Summoned. All in all not too shabby. With Gale at 1 it is a bit harder to Summon and it's stats are actually kinda weak for a level 7, but as always, the effect makes up for it.

The effect is that it cannot be destroyed in battle, which is always nice, though a nicely played Smashing Ground can always end that right there. When it battles you can also place a "Wedge Counter" on the monster it battled with and then remove it during your main phase to have that monster lose all it's ATK and DEF. The effects are good and make it hard to kill as about 70% of the way that monsters die is through battle, but the other 30% will get this guy every time and is actually one of the most pressing reasons why Blackwing decks play Book of Moon.

All in all it is the best level 7 Synchro that we have that does not blow itself up when it is summoned. With the banning of Dark Strike Fighter, this guy pretty much is the only powerhouse left at level 7 since Arcanite's support dies with Synchro Cat. The fact that Blackwings can bring him out fairly easily and generally for very little cost is what makes him even remotely worth playing. He does dominate the field when he comes out, which is always good, but not generally the best choice all the time.


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