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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Scrap Twin Dragon

1 "Scrap" Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters Once per turn, you can select 1 card you control and 2 cards your opponent controls. Destroy the one you control and return the two your opponent controls to the hand. When this card is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle or by card effect) and sent to the Graveyard, select 1 non-Synchro "Scrap" monster in your Graveyard, and Special Summon it.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.75
Advanced: 4.20 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - Nov. 11, 2010

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Dark Paladin
Scrap Twin Dragon, a Level 9, Earth attributed, Dragon type Synchro Monster, with 3000 attack and 2200 defense. I think the attack and defense should both be a little higher since they threw the extra star on their, but STD is Synchro Summoned with a Scrap Tuner and one or more non-Tuner monsters.
Let's discuss Level 9 Synchro monster...obvious the Tuner is very important...Level 4 would still leave at least a Level 5 monster you need to Synchro, so you're probably looking at a 3 monster Synchro mosnter here.
So does Scrap Twin Dragon pay off for your (very likely) 3 card investment? Well, by destroying one card of yours, you can return two cards on your opponent's Field to their Hand. Obviously if you choose a Synchro Monster(s) it (they) return to the Extra Deck.
Even though the cards aren't destroyed, you can essentially treat this as a 2-for-1, or even more, potentially. Since you are destroying one card you control, you can make that a Scrap monster, as when Scrap Twin Dragon is destroyed, you can Special Summon a non-Synchro Scrap mosnter from your Graveyard.
Traditional: 3/5  
Advanced: 4/5  
Art: 5/5  


Scrap Twin Dragon …
It’s initials say STD … But this card may be a LITTLE bit more fun than all that. It does what ALL the Scrap monsters do. Destroy and destroy or destroy and bounce. It’s hella strong, which is nice, and it will most likely clear the field of most any opposition, be it spell, trap, or monster, provided u have a good target to also destroy of yours … ideally another Scrap monster that will yield u a benefit once u do. So once it comes out your opponent better brace themselves because u should be on the verge of winning.
It’s 2nd effect is the lesser of the 2, but still ok. If u CAN’T manage to win with him, and ur opponent finds a way to kill it, u can resurrect any other Scrap monster, provided its not a Synchro. That’s pretty decent depending on what u’ve got laying in the graveyard, even though most of best Scraps are Synchros anyway … Nevertheless, once ur STD comes into play, it will probably never even come to that.
Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4/5

Today's card is Scrap Twin Dragon, referred to in this review as STD. Okay, maybe I won't use its abbreviation.

Scrap Twin Dragon is more powerful than the normal Scrap Dragon. Oh... crap. Blow up one of your Scraps and you can spin two of the opponent's cards - no Stardusts, Starlights or Body Shields to worry about, here. As if that wasn't good enough, taking down Scrap Twin Dragon only means you have to face down a new Scrap monster in its place. That's just awful because, one way or another, you're about to get blasted by a new Scrap Dragon.

Scraps are good, now. And if you haven't figured it out, yet, use Scrap Mind Reader to blow up a Scrap and summon this. The old Scrap retrieves your Chimera, which you summon, bring out a level 4, tune for Scrap Dragon, blow stuff up, then tune with Mind Reader to make Scrap Twin Dragon and blow even more stuff up. There you go. Knowledge is power.

Art: Double shoop da whoop.
Fun Fact: Golden Sun is like Final Fantasy if Final Fantasy was the best RPG ever made.
Tomorrow: Meaningless sub-archetypes.


Hey Pojo, Pheano here with another Card Of The Day For you.
Today we will be taking a look at one of the new cards from Starstrike Blast, Scrap Twin Dragon. Scrap Twin Dragon is a Level nine Earth Dragon Synchro Monster with three thousand Attack and twenty-two hundred Defense that requires one Scrap Tuner and one or more non Tuner Monsters to Synchro Summon. Once per turn you can destroy one of your own cards to return two of your opponents cards to their hand. Also when this is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard you can Special Summon one non-Synchro Scrap Monster from your Graveyard.
Scrap Twin Dragon is a pretty good card but unfortunately it can only be used in a Scrap deck. The main way you will see people Synchro Summon this will be by playing Scrap Golem and then using his effect to Special Summon Scrap Beast from the Graveyard and then Synchro Summoning Scrap Twin Dragon with them (5+4=9). And then when he is destroyed you can get back the Scrap Golem so you can play Scrap Twin Dragon or Scrap Dragon again. The one thing that makes this a 3/5 over a 4/5 in my mind is that it requires a Scrap Tuner, if it was any Tuner making this card splash-able like Scrap Dragon then I would have made this a 4/5.
In the Traditional Format this card won’t see much play. Scraps are far to slow in that format to be a relevant deck so being able to Synchro Summon this will be impossibly hard. If you do play against a deck that lets you reach a late game so you can Synchro Summon this, your opponent will have a very easy time stopping this with a card like Black Luster Soldier – Envoy Of The Beginning.
Bottom line:
Great support for the Scrap arch-type.

Advanced: 3/5
Traditional: 1/5
Hit me up on Pojo or Youtube (pheanoblack) if you have any comments or questions, I’m always open to constructive criticism.

Dark Lord
The Legion

Finally, a level nine scrap synchro. This opens up mounds of possibilities for scrap decks.  Well, Scrap twin is a 3000/2200 which is very powerful for how usable this card is. It is also a earth and a dragon.

With a level nine scrap synchro you can do all sorts of things. Such as, cyber dragon an be run in the deck without fear of chimera tech, because they aren’t all machines, and with cyber dragon, your scrap goblins and scrap beast become more versatile of what they can go into, instead of beast always going into dragon and goblin going into archfiend, except in the case of goblin and golem.  So this card is easily able to be brought out with cyber dragon and beast, or beast and golem.

Now, on with it’s effect. This effect is quite powerful, being able to clear two of your opponent’s cards at the cost of destroying one of your own, which will probably be a scrap tuner or a dark coffin.  The effect may not destroy your opponent’s cards but it gets them out of your hair so you can swing in with this very powerful card.  Also, in the event that your opponent destroys this card one way or another, you can revive one of your non-synchro scraps from the grave. Possibly being a goblin or a golem, thus giving you the chance to bring out another one of the scrap synchroes.

So, this single card gives scraps a new set of combos to spit out at you.  Over all, I would say that scrap twin dragon is pretty amazing.

Fun facts: This card has been reviewed before, it was on September 22. And happy Veteran’s Day

Traditional: 3/5

Advanced: 5/5

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