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Playful Possum

During your Main Phase, if your opponent controls a face-up monster with a higher ATK than the ATK of this card, you can destroy this card on the field. During your Standby Phase, if this card is destroyed by this effect, you can Special Summon this card from the Graveyard.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.00
Advanced: 3.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - August 30, 2010

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Dark Paladin

Playful Possum is a Level 2, Beast type monster, of the Earth attribute, with 800 attack and 600 defense.  Almost cute, and nowhere near as ravenous as most possums you are likely to encounter.
Anyway, you likely won't use Playful Possum to attack or defense, probably about ever...but you can Summon the card and then destroy it, if your opponent controls a face up monster with an attack higher than this cards...800?  Shouldn't be too difficult.
I'm guessing this is really a combo card for Beast players, although not a very good one.  I guess you could help pull a Synchro off or something with this but aren't Beasts supposed to be quick?  This seems a bit counter-productive to me.  OH, and we have cards that do these things better, like Treeborn Frog.
Traditional:  1/5 
Advanced:   2/5 
Art:  3.5/5


Playful Possum …
I kinda love it. A Beast. 2 stars. 800 ATK. It can definitely fit into a lot of decks, and dish out a little bit of bite if it is forced to attack directly. But its effect is what makes it a charm. If u have it face-up and ur opponent’s monster is stronger, u can destroy the possum. Why is this good? – Well, for 1 thing, PP aint gonna win a whole lotta fights head-to-head, so he’s better off in the graveyard anyway … especially since, because of his effect, u can then special summon him later, during a more optimal time of your choosing. Think Treeborn Frog, with 700 more ATK points, a Beast, and isn’t restricted to your standby phase or whether or not you have spells and traps on the field.
Basically it’s an insurance card. U need 2 extra stars for a Synchro summon? – PP is laying in wait. U need to tribute something? – same deal. He woulda been THAT much nicer had he been level 1, but I foresee good things for this rodent … Possums are rodents, right?
Traditional: 3.5/5
Advanced: 4/5



Possums are best known for playing dead to deter certain predators (namely the kind that won’t risk eating something they didn’t kill themselves).  This is known as “playing possum”.  Playful Possum is a Level 2 Earth/Beast.  Level 2 will allow you to bring out a Synchro monster with all but the smallest Tuners.  While Earth isn’t the best supporter Attribute, at least it matches several prominent Beast cards so there is some synergy.  The 800 ATK and 600 DEF are paltry, but at least aren’t any worse.  Plus, all the above make the card easy to fetch from the deck: you can search and add it to your hand with Sangan or search and summon with Giant Rat or Super Nimble Mega Hamster.


This card’s effect allows you, during your opponent’s Main Phase, to destroy itself if your opponent controls a monster with a greater ATK score.  No, wait… it is during your Main Phase.  Shame on me for not catching that right away… I’ll explain why that matters as soon as I finish the effect.  If your opponent has nothing face-up with a higher ATK, the effect does nothing.  If something flips Possum face down, the effect fizzles.  During your Stand By Phase (any after using the effect, not just the next), if Possum was destroyed by its own effect before heading to the Graveyard you can Special Summon it back to your side of the field.  This provides a Beast floater for Tribute and Synchro fodder, but can’t function as a chump blocker.


If it functioned the way I misread it, this would have been alright.  Why?  Because you could drop it (or leave it in play after a Special Summon etc.) and only blow it up if you had to.  To work on the opponent’s turn would allow you to save it for just as their Main Phase ends… if they had a monster that could kill it in battle, pop it and get it back on your turn.  If they didn’t, leave it alive to avoid something taking it out (Torrential Tribute, negation, D.D. Crow).


That isn’t how it works, though.  You either burn a drop or have to get it into play off a searcher.  Then you have to blow it up on your turn, given your opponent time to plan a counter.  On the bright side, destroying itself allows you to trigger Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest, making it a must for those decks.  Given how many other floaters there are, I don’t know how useful Playful Possum would be for a Tribute or Synchro heavy deck: they have so many other options now, and it’s a hair less useful than I first thought.


As for the craftsmanship of the card, the name is clever enough, the art is functional, and the effect seems adequately worded.  Might as well give credit where credit is due.




Traditional: 1/5


Advanced: 2.75/5


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