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Fabled Raven

Once per turn, you can discard any number of cards from your hand and increase the Level of this card by the number of discarded cards, until the End Phase. This card also gains ATK equal to the number of discarded cards x 400, until the End Phase.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.50
Advanced: 4.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - August 17, 2010

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Dark Paladin

Fabled Raven, a monster adding to the ever small army of Light attributed, Fiend-type monsters.  We have a Level 2 Tuner with 1300 attack and 1000 defense, but rather good for a Level 2 monster.
Now, this Tuner is incredibly versatile, as if he isn't the Level of Tuner you need (at 2) you can discard any number of cards from your Hand to increase the Level of this card by one Level per card discarded until the End of the turn.
As if that weren't enough to make you want to play this guy, he also gains 400 attack per card discarded x400 until the End Phase.  So even just one card gives him a respectable 1700 attack and two cards is 2100 and so on...I like him, a lot.
Traditional:  3.5/5 
Advanced:   4.5/5 
Art:  5/5


Fabled Raven:

     Just like many of the Fabled cards, it's not about what this card can do on it's own, but what it can do when combined with a handful of Darkworld monsters or it's Fabled brethren.  Obviously he makes Synchro summoning easy if you have Silva or Goldd (was there a trademark or something on "Silver" and "Gold"?  Their names have always pissed me off...) in hand as you can dump them with his effect, thus activating their effects and special summoning them to the field as well.  This also makes for some impressive swarms, as a field full of Darkworld and Synchro monsters can easily and quickly accumulate.  We don't have access to all the Fabled monsters just yet, so Darkworld and Infernity combination decks are likely what we will see with Raven until we get the rest of the Fables support.  After that, its going to get nuts...  Also I want to make a quick note about my review of a certain X-Saber last week:  I apologise about my last statement on it's interaction with Oppression... as it obviously is not shut down by it.  It was early and I was dumb from lack of sleep. 

Traditional:  2.5
Advanced:  3.5

Fabled Raven ...
So glad they released this card when they did.
It's Fiend. It's Light. blah. blah. blah. Both awesome. He's fuel for Necrofear if ur still using that. And he's also backed up by Honest, which everyone loves. He's a lynchpin of the new Fabled Deck type and even moreso with the Dark World blend. 1300 ATK with 2 stars is actually pretty ok. But then he discards any amount of cards from your hand, once per turn, and that's where the goodness starts. 
Not only Fabled and Dark World, but Infernities love this move as well, as they thrive when having no hand. Dropping Dark World monsters will trigger most of their effects, allowing u to rush summon those Goldds and Sillvas in your hand, or draw more cards in u were holding Broww. For Fabled, it will special summon Lupie and help set up a host of other Fabled plays for u.
But wait! There's more! For every card discarded, Raven's level also increases by 1. Meaning if u drop 1 Dark World Goldd or Sillva - Raven becomes level 3, and because its is also a tuner, can then tune with your special summoned DW monster to make a level 8 Synchro. Just like that. Don't feel like Synchro summoning? - Fine. Raven has 1 MORE trick up its sleeve. It also gets a +400 ATK boost for each card discarded as well. Drop even a COUPLE cards and u'll find yourself rather attacking with Raven 1st and then Synchro summoning later.
Raven is a terrific card with so many plays built into it. He immediately joins the upper echelon of top tier tuners.
Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5

Fabled Raven

Raven is a LIGHT Fiend Tuner, with 1300 ATK and 1000 DEF. The stats are pretty good for a 2-star Tuner. Once per turn, you can discard any number of cards and increase Raven's level by the same number, and his ATK by the number discard x400, until the End Phase. That's sort of decent on its own, but it really shines in Fabled and Dark World themed decks.

Because Raven's discarding is considered a part of the effect, and not the cost, you'll be able to trigger all of your Dark World and Fabled effects while simultaneously fixing Raven's level to what you like and boosting him. Raven is a really powerful part of the Fabled strategy, and it's easy to see why. Even if Raven gets removed from the field before he resolves (like Compulsory Evacuation Device), you still can discard cards if you want.

There's not much to say about Raven really, as it's rather straightforward. If you're planning on using Fableds, I recommend giving Raven a try.

Traditional: 3/5 I bet Fabled Chaos would be awesome here.
Advanced: 3/5 Raven's biggest problem is that the other Fabled support is not out yet, so he gets a lower score for now.
Art: 5/5 I'm getting chills just thinking about it!

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