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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Power Pickaxe

Once per turn, you can select and remove from play 1 monster in your opponent's Graveyard whose Level is less than or equal to the equipped monster's, and have the equipped monster gain 500 ATK until the End Phase.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.25
Advanced: 1.85 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.06.10

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Dark Paladin


Power Pickaxe is one of the more interesting Equip Magic Cards you are going to run across in the game. Once a turn, you can remove from play one monster in your opponent's Graveyard whose Level is less than or equal to the equipped monster.

Furthermore, the monster equipped gains 500 attack until the End Phase.
The fact that you don't get a permanent attack increase of sorts isn't very redeeming, but the ability to remove monsters from your opponent's Graveyard is interesting, if nothing else. It's not even that horrible a card, but I doubt you will see it in anyone's Deck...


Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 2.5/5
Art: 2/5

General Zorpa

Power Pickaxe

This is one of the filler rares from ABPF. An equip Spell that gives the equipped monster 500 ATK until the end of the turn for removing a monster in your opponent's graveyard from play. This is an almost nonsense card, as we have far better removing cards in SOul Release, D.D. Crow and Gladiator Beast Retiari.

The measly 500 ATK until the end phase is even worse, as you don't get very much benefit at all. if it was 1000 and you could remove more than one card per turn, you would see OTK Mill decks packing this card in extreme ways. As it is it is just a filler rare and nothing more.



Power Pickaxe ...

A relativley simple spell card ... in that u know what it does and basicall how to make use of it. The question is only then - "should u?" and if so, then - "when?" The answer is - u probably shouldn't use it. Removing cards from your opponent's graveyard is always nice. Especially as they are gearing up for a big move. But this card falls in the category of situational. Your opponent doesn't always HAVE monsters in their graveyard. And there may be plenty of times that they don't HAVE monsters of less than equal to the level of the monster equipped. At which point - THEN what is Power Pickaxe doing for u? Not a whole lot. If u DID use it, it would be best to place it on a strong monster of high level. Chances are - it'll be able to stay on the field for a while, and since it will be stronger than most of the monsters played, it'll have the highest chance for multiple usage of Pickaxe's effect ...

Still - chances are - this will just wind up a dead draw. U don't want to waste your time with this. U wanna wipe things from your opponent's graveyard - try the seldom seen (but one of my favorites - Card Ejector. That little lady does what she loves, and loves what she does!

Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 1.5/5


N o V a

Power Pickaxe, one of the few good equip spell cards in the game. Once a turn it allows you to remove a monster in the opponents graveyard from play that has a level equal to or less than the equipped monster, and the equipped monster gets 500 attack until the end of the turn. This is somewhat decent, for the fact that its an equip spell card you can search it with Hidden Armory, and its a once a turn thing, so long as it stays on the field. However there are other various cards that do the same, even better. Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer is a solid 1800 attack monster that prevents your opponent from removing cards in the graveyard from play, while at the same time allows you to remove up to 2 monsters from the opponents graveyard from play everytime it inflicts battle damage. This is good for removing pesky Vayu's, Mezuki and Plaguespreader, as well as any dark monsters for that matter, to prevent Dark Armed Dragon from making an appearance, but also stopping Judgment Dragon as well when it comes to Lightsworns. Power Pickaxe would be decent in a Armed Samurai Ben Kei deck, but outside of that, I dont see this card being played much when there is Kycoo and D.D. Crow.

Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 1/5


Power Pickaxe:

I don't get it. Why do we keep getting cards that are crappier versions of cards that are already do similar things... True this one is an equip card so it CAN be searched by Hidden Armory, but if you are running a deck that needs to use that combo, you've already lost anyway. I would rather run Soul Release than this card, or D.D. crow for that matter. OR Kycoo... as I said earlier, there are already cards that do something the same thing, just way better. Not to mention the artwork makes it look like a gas powered tooth-pick. OHHH scary! This is crap, use something better.

Traditional: 1.0
Advanced: 1.0


Today we review Power Pickaxe, a not so amazing equip spell. To get use out of this card, you'll need to equip it to a high-level monster, usually something like Power Tool Dragon. It has the great anti-meta ability to remove one monster a turn from the opponent's graveyard and give a lackluster 500 ATK boost during the turn as well. The Graveyard isn't as important this format as it was in past formats, and this card's deck doesn't quite need it. Power Tool Dragon can already stack his equip spells and become nigh-invincible, and there isn't much Power Pickaxe can do to help.

This is something most PTD users would want to put in the side deck in case they face Zombies or Blackwings, but often times the effect can be too slow to gain a notable advantage over other equip spells.

Art: Twice as lame as its effect. Probably a mechanical carrot, I don't know.
Fun Fact: Blockman is made out of Legos.
Tomorrow: Dr. Squiggles conducts his very evil experiments.


Power Pickaxe suffers from that which vexes all Equip Spells – an over abundance of low cost generic removal.  That alone is why most even the most potent (still legal) Equip Spells just aren’t worth running in the average deck.  Power Pickaxe certainly isn’t the most potent, but it is fairly handy.  It is a card that, if Konami ever balances removal in the manner I believe is necessary, will be rather handy.  This card has a multipart effect: after being equipped it will allow you to select and remove from play 1 monster in your opponent’s Graveyard whose Level is less than or equal to the equipped monster’s, and get an extra 500 ATK until the End Phase to boot.


This card could have easily been broken.  Removing monsters from the Graveyard is a handy effect, after all.  Yes, there are other options to do it, but this has the potential to be reusable.  That allows it to pressure the opponent, forcing the opponent to deal with it when perhaps they’d rather focus on something else.  I still think they overcompensated, at least slightly.  I can understand, though, why they didn’t allow you to just remove as many monsters as you wanted for an ATK bonus of X00 times the number of monsters removed, for example.


The level restriction is not crippling, but will matter frequently.  Against most decks, Power Pickaxe should find something it can nail in the Graveyard as long as it is on at least a Level 4 monster.  If your opponent responds with most S/T removal options… not a problem, you just broke even.  Its only if they kill the monster itself before you can activate the effect that and that wasn’t what you wanted that it’s a total waste.  After all, it is handy to force an opponent to use Mirror Force against a single monster, even if it’s got an Equip Spell attached, than to lose two or three monsters instead.




Traditional: 1.5/5


Advanced: 2/5

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