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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

XX-Saber Hyunlei

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner "X-Saber" monsters. When this card is Synchro Summoned, you can select and destroy up to 3 Spell or Trap Cards on the field.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.00
Advanced: 3.20 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.05.10

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Dark Paladin


XX-Saber Hyunlei opens the week, a Level 6 Synchro Monster, who is Synchro Summoned by one Tuner and one or more non-Tuner X-Saber monsters. We have an Earth attributed Synchro, with 2300 attack and 1300 defense.

Our effect here isn't the most game-breaking, but it could certainly make for a quick and exciting finish. When Synchro Summoned, you can select and destroy three Magic or Trap cards on the Field. In a word, that is excellent.

2300 attack is respectable enough for Level 6, the X-Saber Deck is fairly reliable piece of equipment, and this adds some welcome destruction backed by a decent power to a farily solid Deck. Go ahead and play it if you play the Deck.


Traditional: 2.25/5
Advanced: 3.25/5
Art: 5/5

General Zorpa

XX-Saber Hyunlei

This is one of the very cool Synchro monsters to make their presence felt from Absolute Powerforce. We start off with a 2300 ATK and 1300 DEF on a level 6 EARTH Warrior that needs an X-Saber non-Tuner. The stats are actually average for a level 6 Synchro, colliding with Brionac and running over Armed Wing.

The effect is actually useful in many situations. When it is Synchro Summoned, you destroy up to 3 Spell or Trap Cards on the field. This is especially useful against a deck like Gravekeepers where they have an exposed Field Spell and several defensive cards. The last card that we saw that did something like this was Mobius the Frost Monarch, a card that many people say is now unplayable due to Starlight Road.

Sicne Starlight road is a very popular side deck choice as well as usually a maindecked copy, Hyunlei becomes slightly less useful, as you lose your Synchro and the Materials for it and they get a Stardust Dragon. In this way, Hyunlei becomes pretty much a less useful version of Brionac. It requires a specific non-Tuner from a card set that doesn't have the best non-Tuners, so it is not going to be a mainstream card like Armor Master is.

In an X-Saber deck of coruse it is going to be good, as comboed with things that can get free Tuners to the field like Rescue Cat and Fullhelmknight, nets you a +2 in card advantage even if Hyunlei is destroyed. Of course you have to be afraid fo Starlight Road, but that card is actually not going to come up that often. This makes Hyunlei a VERY good pick for an X-Saber deck and that's about it.



XX-Saber Hyunlei ...
I;m not going to waste a long review on this lady ... She's ok, but not really ...
She's a 6 Star Synchro monster. She can destroy up to 3 spell or traps on the field when summoned. Nice, but not worth the investment of putting a 2300 ATK monster on the field. Most things u will attempt to destroy will either be chainable and/or destroy her anyway ... And that's IF your opponent has 3 spells or traps just sitting there anyway (which would be getting the maximum usage out of Hyunlei's effect), and if your opponent DOES have that much laying in wait, then chances are, they are just baiting u.

Perhaps a cold wave before bringing her to field would help, or just bring her and her 6 stars to clear the way of 1 or 2 traps, then tune/synch again for Gottoms or something more worthwhile to press forward your attack. Either way, there are better options for the card investment involved. Unless u are dead set on making use of the XX-sabers. Incidentally ... what ever happened to Mobius? ...
... yeah ...

Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 3/5



XX-Saber Hyunlei:

More support for X-Sabers, sweet I guess, although they still seem to be passed over for more conventional decks. Hyunlei is a decent card I suppose, allowing you to clear the opponent's back row when summoned. My biggest beef with this card is that 9 times out of 10, the main s/t that people are going to want to get rid of in this format is Royal Oppression. With almost every competitive deck out there finding away to work two Oppressions in, special summoning cards before you clear the back row can be iffy. Not to mention alongside two Oppressions, are almost always the requisite two Bottomless Trap Holes, which also stops this card dead in its tracks. So yeah, the effect is cool, and Hyunlei is pretty easy to get out for X-sabers (Emmersblade + Airbellum or Fulhelmknight), but most of the time you are going to get caught by Oppression or Bottomless when trying to use the effect so its really kind of moot. Not to mention this card continues the X-Saber Synchro Monster trend of being a bit low in Atk points for the level, which also hurts this card's rating. It isn't a flop by any means, but there are better level 6 Synchros out there to chose from, namely Goyo or Brionic. Of course both of those cards are restricted to one, so if you are running X-Sabers and need another level 6 for the extra deck, I guess this dude wouldn't be a bad choice... But neither would Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth, and it doesn't even have an effect, just 2600 worth of Stardust beating ATK...

Traditional: 2.0
Advanced: 2.5


Today's card is really interesting, XX-Saber Hyunlei. She's an extremely easy to make, assuming she's being played in her own deck. To prevent abuse, the non-Tuner has to be the X-Saber, so no Fulhelmnight or Airbellum shenanigans. (Reader: Awww!) When summoned, she has the devastating ability to wipe the opponent's S/T area clean! That means you can wipe out all of their defenses just for Synchro Summoning her!

This ability can really make a difference in every match, even if the opponent does happen to flip Bottomless Trap Hole. If luck's not on your side, the opponent may even flip Starlight Road, robbing you of your effect, your monster and your advantage. You need to take extreme caution when summoning her because of this, so make sure you only summon Hyunlei if you'll be able to defeat that Stardust Dragon. Just keep in mind that Saber Hole isn't going to help you, here.

Art: Isn't she afraid she'll cut her finger or something? Seriously, that isn't very smart.
Fun Fact: No, nobody knows why XX-Sabers exist when they're the same thing as normal X-Sabers. Maybe they wanted to sound special.
Tomorrow: Definitely looks like something Power Tool Dragon would be wearing.


So we start off the week with our new XX-Saber synchro monster, Hyunlei. Its a synchro monster that requires a tuner and a non-tuner X-Saber monster or monsters. When its synchro summoned, you can destroy up to 3 spell or traps on the field. Hyunlei has similar stats to that of Brionac and most people go after their opponents back row anyways. Making Hyunlei rather useful for any XXX-Saber deck. Its also a level 6 earth monster, meaning you can easily summon Airbellum later on and synchro summon into XX-Saber Gottoms. Hyunlei is a must for any X-Saber player.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3.5/5


We start the week with another Synchro Monster, and in that crowded six star slot.  As such it is probably good that this is a deck specific card: XX-Saber Hyunlei requires a Tuner and one or more non-Tuner X-Saber monsters.  Pity you can’t then use a non-X-Saber alongside an X-Saber Tuner.


Your reward for including this into an X-Saber deck is low but passable ATK score (for a Level 6 Synchro) and the ability to destroy up to three Spell or Trap cards in play.  Good effect, but not great.  You generally want to get rid of S/Ts, especially Set ones, before you Summon any monsters that turn.  Cards like Bottomless Trap Hole will activate and hit potential Synchro materials or if you used smaller monsters, Hyunlei itself.  It also seems doubtful that, with the relatively conservative play-style that dominates Yu-Gi-Oh, an opponent would have three S/Ts in play unless one protects the others or they can be of use before destruction can hit them.


Mattering rarely but still worth mentioning, the effect only triggers off an actual Synchro Summon.  No getting some nice destruction via Call of the Haunted, for example.


If you’re running X-Saber monsters, then by all means include a copy in your Extra Deck: there are still nasty things like Mirror Force that need destroyed before your monsters can attack.  It is a good, solid card designed to support its theme in a straightforward manner.




Traditional: 1/5


Advanced: 3/5

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