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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Core Blast

You can only activate this card's effect while you control a face-up "Koa'ki Meiru" monster. Once per turn, during your Standby Phase, if your opponent controls more monsters than you do, you can destroy a number of cards your opponent controls so that your opponent will control the same number of cards as you control monsters.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.00
Advanced: 3.40 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.22.10

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General Zorpa

Core Blast

This is another support card for an undersupported archetype. Core Blast is a Continuous Trap, swhich is just about as bad as it can be, as it has to be face-up on the field to activate it's effect, so a card like Dust Tornado or Mystical Space Typhoon can really ruin your day.

The effect can only be activated while you control an Iron Core monster. During your standby phase if you control less monster sthan your opponent, you destroy a number of cards on your opponent's side fo the field so that they control the same amount of cards as you do monsters.

Now this is what a support card should look like. It rewards you for playing the archetype (Koa'KI Meiru) without being ridiculous in it's drawbacks or timing. It would be ideal if it was able to be played anytime, but during the Standby Phase is not so bad. Also the Koa'Ki Meiru deck is very much into the whole lone wolf concept, where one monster beats face for a whilk supported by effects and abilities.

The fact that you can do this multiple times is the real icing on the cake. It will be especially helpful against Gladiator decks as they are immune to your Koa'Ki Meiru effects and will often have 2 monsters on the field as well as a bunch of set cards. That way you can get maximum destruction for your buck.

All in all the card is a bit situational, but can real work to your advantage if you let it.



Core Blast:

More junk for an archetype nobody plays or cares about, awesome. This card is just stupidly complicated for an effect that pretty much sucks. If your Koa'ki Meiru (I really hate typing that name) monster manages not to commit suicide during your end phase, AND lasts through your opponent's turn, and your opponent doesn't get rid of your backrow, then you can use the effect of this card to destroy 1 card (or 2 if your extremely lucky). Stupid. This archetype is dead, stop making cards for it...

Traditional: 1.0
Advanced: 1.0


Core Blast is another piece of Koa’ki Meiru support.  Mixed blessing that it is a Continuous Trap: makes the effect re-useable but vulnerable to removal (and fizzling).  You have to have at least one face up Koa’ki Meiru to be allowed to activate the card’s effect.  It’s a once-per-turn effect that has to during your Standby Phase.  Again, a mixed blessing: you might be able to take advantage of the end result of the effect, but only if you either kept a Koa’ki Meiru monster alive through your opponent’s turn or can manage to summon one before your Standby Phase ends.


After all the hassle, it is a pretty nifty effect: as long as your opponent controls more Monsters than you, you can destroy a number of cards your opponent controls until that number is equal to how many monsters you control.  If they give Koa’ki Meiru some support that forces your opponent to generate useless Monster Tokens, this would be great.  I don’t like the idea of having to cram that into a Koa’ki Meiru deck.  This cards best use is probably to bait the opponent into killing it, instead of something more useful.  It is great you pick what it kills but it will be very hard to get the effect off: keep it alive and your monster alive while your opponent has more field presence.


Ratings (Koa’ki Meiru decks)


Traditional: 1/5 

Advanced: 2/5


Core Blast

Core Blast is our nine thousandth Kooky Moo support card (easier to type, and easier on the eyes, and admit it, you think that's a much more entertaining name). If you have one of the Kooky-Moo monsters out during your Standby Phase, you can destroy the opponent's cards until they only have as many cards as you do monsters. This doesn't just mean destroying their monsters-- this means you can destroy their spells and traps as well!

With this card, you can make it so that there's a good chance the opponent will never be able to have more than one card on their field! You need to watch out for Starlight Road, but the theme can deal with that easily (albeit using lots of resources), and it's well worth the risk.

However, you need to keep in mind that you will likely only get this effect off once because the opponent has to have more monsters than you in order to let you blow up their field. When you do get it, though, it's going to make a huge difference in the duel, and this is one of the cards that gives a huge boost to Kooky Moo decks (but I don't really know how they work, nyeh).

Art: Is the core an evil spider monster thing?
Fun Fact: Kooky Moo is the best YuGiOh theme nickname ever.
Tomorrow: Another continuous card.

Jae Kim
Thursday- Core Blast
This is a very interesting card. It requires a certain type of field that is hard to manage against top tier tournament players (they have two monsters and you have zero). Even worse, you need to have had the monster on the field during the standby phase, or used some method of recursion such as Call of the Haunted to put your Koa'ki Meiru monster on the field.
So your opponent needs two monsters and you need one, probably, that survived the last turn. This scenario seems rather far-fetched and unlikely. Your reward for achieving this, however, is a +2 or +3 or even greater (depending on your opponent's backfield). And the effect is continuous, meaning it will linger.
I think it's safe to say this card is worth basing a deck around. Assuming you put a big Koa'ki Meiru monster on the field that slows the game state (such as Dragos), your opponent may have to set a few monsters to counter this. You can also manipulate your opponent's monster count through Ojama Trio and other types of monsters. In these closed games, Core Blast could potentially remove 4-5 cards from your opponent's field if it resolves.
Feel free to use my Contact form at www.go-ygo.com if you know of some cards that KM can use to achieve this. I don't use KM myself so I am not familiar with their special summoning capabilities.
T- 3.5/5
A- 3.5/5

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