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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Offering to the Immortals

Activate only when your opponent's monster declares a direct attack while you have 3000 or less Life Points. Negate the attack, and Special Summon 2 "Ceremonial Tokens" (Rock-Type/EARTH/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0), and add 1 "Earthbound Immortal" card, "Earthbound Revival", or "Roar of the Earthbound" from your Deck to your hand. "Ceremonial Tokens" cannot be Tributed, except for a Tribute Summon of an "Earthbound Immortal" monster, and cannot be used as Synchro Material monsters.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.00
Advanced: 2.40 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.21.10

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General Zorpa

Offering to the Immortals

This is one of the support cards for the Earthbound Immortal series of cards. Most of them are not really playable, so I would expect most of the support to fall in the same category. It is a Normal Trap, which is pretty good as it is the most flexible Trap type.

The effect is that when you are attacked directly and have less than 3000 lp, you negate the attack and Special Summon 2 Ceremonial Tokens. Th etokens cannot be trobuted except for an Earthbound Immortal monster. You can also add an Earthbound Immortal, Earthbound Revival or Roar of the Earthbound from your deck to your hand.

First off, the activation requirement is almost silly. If you are in that dire straights with life then you want Mirror Force, Threatening Roar, Waboku or at least Magic Cylinder. Negating the attack is good, and summoning the tokens is good, but you really cannot do anything for them. At best they are blockers. The search is a good part of the card, but I feel that it would have been a better choice to put it on a wholly different card.

Earthbound decks need to speed to an Immortal (Assla Piscu, The Fish, or Wiraqocha Rasca) and get it to the field as quickly as possible. It doesn't help the cause that their main search card is a situational trap that is better played when you are losing. Te card itself is not bad, but neither is it good.



Offering to the Immortals:

I don't have a lot of experience with Earthbound Immortals, so this review will be short... At first the lifepoint requirement for this card seems a bit ridiculous, but when you think about the fact that Earthbound Immortals thrive off of Mausoleum of the Emperor, getting down to 3000 or less lifepoints probably isn't that hard for an Immortal player. The search effect is cool, as being able to search for multiple card types (monsters, spells, and traps) is rare. All in all, this card seems a bit situational, if you are below 3000 LPs and this is your only lifeline, I'd be a bit worried. One MST and you lose. Earthbound Immortals just require too much effort for what they do right now.

Traditional: 1.0 (Nobody uses toons and they've been out forever... I don't see Immortals fairing any better)
Advanced: 2.0 (I think I'm just tired of giving out 1.5s)


Offering to the Immortals is an interesting normal Trap.  The downside is that it can only be activated when your opponent’s monster declares a direct attack and you have 3000 or less LP.  You then get two Ceremonial Tokens: they are Level 1 Earth/Rock monsters with 0 ATK/DEF.  The tokens cannot be used as Tribute unless it’s for an Earthbound Immortal and cannot be used for a Synchro Summon.  At the same time you summon those tokens, you must search your deck for a copy of an Earthbound Immortal, Earthbound Revival, or Roar of the Earthbound.  You have to be able to do both follow up effects in order to be allowed to activate the card.


I know why they put a lot of conditions on the card… if this could be activated early game the Earthbound Immortal cards might live up to their fictional portrayals… at least in terms of winning games.  As is, you run the risk that when you can activate this card, your deck will be out of targets and you’ll be out of luck.  Plus, if it gets negated… you probably lost or will on their follow up attack.  Finally, if it all goes as planned, you have to time it so that they can’t attack and take out a token prematurely.


I am fine with the restrictions to block compatibility with other Summons, as if the card had been good it might have annoyingly been for the wrong reasons.  As a whole, though, it’s just too much work to get this functional and to dangerous if it should fail.  You might include one copy in an Earthbound Immortal deck “just in case”, but that’s it.


Ratings (Earthbound Immortal deck)


Traditional: 1/5 

Advanced: 1.5/5


Offering to the Immortals

Today, we're reviewing another Earthbound Immortal support card. Yeah, they're still making those. This one can only be activated when you're about to die, and you're being attacked directly- and you'd better hope that's their only monster. However, if you get this effect off, you're given any Earthbound Immortal, or any of their support cards, and two monsters to summon it with. This is an amazing effect that will likely win the game for you (if you have a field spell, anyway), but is very difficult to activate and the tokens are easily killed off.

3/5, it's a very risky card.
Art: What the hell does that background have to do with Earthbound Immortals?
Fun Fact: Kabutops has to hit level 72 before it learns Night Slash...
Tomorrow: They're still making Koa'ki Meiru support, too.

Jae Kim
Wednesday- Offering to the Immortals
I will be quite honest. When Pojo-sama sent us the COTD for the week, I was expecting another row of 1/5's. But Offering to the Immortals is an amazing card and features amazing design as well.
One of the drawbacks to playing a very win-condition heavy deck (such as Final Countdown) is actually drawing the win condition! Offering to the Immortals helps fix this mess by providing three separate results in one card. It negates the attack (Negate Attack), creates two tokens (Dandylion), and lets you search for an Earthbound Immortal to put into play!
The drawbacks are extremely well balanced. First the tokens are theme-stamped, meaning you cannot just tribute them for other monsters. And second, you have to be in a rather desperate game state (below 3000 lp) to use the card.
Amazing design. I would suggest running a few copies in your Earthbound deck. It can definitely turn the game around.
T- 4/5
A- 4/5

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