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Ritual Cage

You take no Battle Damage from battles involving a face-up Ritual Monster you control. Also, face-up Ritual Monsters you control cannot be targeted or destroyed by the effects of Effect Monsters.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.20
Advanced: 2.20 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.20.10

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Ritual Cage ...
Another piece of ritual support. Better than yesterdays ... that's for sure. And it a pretty excellent effect. Bringing out ritual monsters is just a bunch of hard work, so it sucks to have all that hard work blow up in your face by 1 stupid move your opponent has handy. The ritual cage affords your hard earned beast a good measure of protection. Immunity to monster effects. Not all of them, just anything that targets your monster (Brionic, etc.) or destroys (Black Rose, etc.) One of the ritual fiends that u can use will protect your ritual monster from traps as well, so if u can get both things going, u are gonna have a tough nut to crack on your side of the field. 
However - as discussed yesterday - the major flaw with the Ritual design is simply the amount of resources required to get the deck functional. The Cage is great if and when u already have a ritual monster on the field. But there are so many other things u need room in your deck for, that u will be hating Ritual Cage 8 out of 10 times that u draw it.
The deck is slow enough already ... and this doesn't help speed it up any.
Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2.5/5


Ritual Cage:

Oh jeez... rituals DO NOT need continuous spell cards with mediocre effects, when will the card designers realize this? This card would almost be worth it if it offered protection from being targeted by spells as well. Then you could combine this with Djinn Disserere of Rituals to create an almost unstoppable Ritual Monster. But no. Ritual Summoning already takes at least 2 cards from your hand (on a perfect day with your graveyard loaded with Djinn monsters) so their support cards need to have some awesome effects to make them worth running. Ritual support cards need to get rid of your opponent's cards on the field, or do something to offset the heavy cost of the ritual summon (no, yesterdays card doesn't count, as you can only use it on ONE monster, ONCE per turn, which makes it at best, an even trade for playing the spell in the first place. So you essentially recoup nothing.) Relinquished is the only Ritual Monster I would really want to use with this card, and even still I couldn't find space in the deck for this junk. I'd rather fill that slot with Solemn Judgment or the like.

Traditional: 1.0 (I would love to encounter a ritual deck in this format. hope it's an ftk...)
Advanced: 1.5


Okay, since I didn’t say it yesterday, I’ll say it today: the obvious solution to making Ritual Monsters better?


Let them be in the Extra Deck, where they belong.  Just like Fusions and Synchro Monsters, the cards of a Ritual Monsters seemed to come from no where in the source material, and they’d be a lot more effective this way but still be fairly balanced: two cards for one, and one has to be specific, after all.


Sadly, the fact that I have space to touch upon this tells you Ritual Cage isn’t going to need it.  A Continuous Spell, you take no Battle Damage from battles involving Ritual Monsters.  You, not the Monsters: they’ll still be destroyed.  It will protect Ritual Monsters from being targeted or destroyed by the effects of Effect Monsters.  That is actually a great effect.


Too bad this is a Continuous Spell and last I checked, S/T removal is as obscenely overpowered and under priced as ever.  The Djinn cards work so well because the effects are placed on the Ritual Monster… so you just have to protect it, instead of something else just as vulnerable.  Still it might be worth running if you really want to use, say, Dark Master – Zorc: it will block his own effect from blowing up your monsters.  Unfortunately, you can’t combine it with Demise – King of Armageddon since he’d just blow it up.


Still, this is a lot closer to useful than yesterday.  If we get a Ritual to protect Continuous Spells…




Traditional: 1/5


Advanced: 2/5


Ritual Cage
Today's card has a misleading name. You'd think "Ritual Cage" would involve cutting off a Ritual from the rest of the field, but it actually makes it invincible and still able to attack. Yeah. Anyway, Ritual Cage is one of the best cards you can put into a Ritual deck. The first effect, preventing battle damage, really won't do anything, because even if your big Ritual gets killed in battle, you won't be taking much damage.

However, the amazing part of the effect is that no effect monsters can target or destroy your Ritual monsters. That means Gale can't slice them and something like Black Rose Dragon can't blow them up. Combine this with a card that will protect them from spells and traps (I think it exists, I just don't remember the name) and you have an invincible Ritual monster-- that means you pretty much win.

Art: Lame
Fun Fact: The DS prints money!
Tomorrow: More like a ritual for another theme.

Jae Kim

Tuesday- Ritual Cage
This is a very bad card. There are only a small subset of Ritual Monsters that are playable. Most of them rarely take battle damage or have a special effect (such as Relinquished). A monster like Relinquished, if taking battle damage, will probably generate card advantage by equipping the monster regardless.
The way the current metagame is structured, your ritual monsters have far more to fear from targetted spells and trap cards than effect monsters. This creates a situational continuous spell card that really does nothing for your ritual strategy. Pick a better alternative, in my opinion.
T- 1/5
A- 1/5

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