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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

 Skull Conductor

If this card is face-up on the field at the end of the Battle Phase, destroy it. You can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon up to 2 Zombie-Type monsters from your hand whose combined ATK is exactly 2000.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.75
Advanced: 2.20 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.14.10

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Dark Paladin
You know, as a general rule of thumb, I try to like cards that have cool pictures, as Skull Conductor does.  But he's making it pretty damn difficult.  Anyway, we have a Level 4 Zombie monster who is Dark with 2000 attack and a big fat defense of 0...
2000 attack on Level 4 is good, but more than 1900 is usually attached with a horrid effect, as is the case here.  If this card is face-up at the end of the Battle Phase, destroy it, so your opponent doesn't even have to attack it. 
Yet, you can discard this car from your Hand to the Graveayrd to Special Summon up to two Zombie-type monsters from your Hand whose combined attack is exactly 2000.  Obviously, you would be going for something in a Vampire Lord type manner, but this monster(s) can only come from your Hand.  Try Book of Life instead...
Traditional:  1.75/5 
Advanced:   2.75/5 
Art:  4/5

N o V a

Skull Conductor, this cards pretty interesting, its searchable via Goblin Zombie, Pyramid Turtle, its summonable via Zombie Master. You can use Conductor to summon a 0 ATK Zombie with a 2000 ATK Zombie if you wanted to as well. I find it interesting that it can help speed up the Vampire Genesis engine. Skull Conductor can also work well for a Burning Skull Head deck, considering they are special summoned by Cunductor, they each inflict 1000 damage to the opponent, then you can tribute them to summon Skull Flame to the field. There are a lot of possibilities with Skull Conductor, but I dont think it'll be a popular card any time soon.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2/5

Greg Skull Conductor:

     I'm a long time Zombie player, so when new ones come out, I get excited.  Then I read the effect and weep after long hours of trying to find uses for them.  This guy seems like he should have tons of potential, but I really just haven't found anything I'd want to use him for.  I feel as if I MUST be missing some bad-ass combo with this dude (The burn stuff with Burning Skull Heads doesn't count).   Four star or lower 2000 atk monsters with some sort of suicidal drawback are all too common now, so he's not exactly anything new.  To be honest its like he's a crappy version of Overdrive Teleporter.  I know, I know, it would be the most broken card ever if it said you could special summon the monsters from your deck instead of your hand.  But... at least then it would be a playable card.  Anyways, you are taking three cards out of your hand at once when you use this card, so it better be for one hell of a play, and right now, those just don't exist for this conductor.

Traditional:  1.5
Advanced:  2.0


Skull Conductor already has me liking it just because it’s musically themed.  I’ll try no to let that bias me in favor of it too much, but it has a promising start: Level 4 Dark/Zombie.  2000 ATK is promising and 0 DEF is too: Pyramid Turtle can fetch it from the deck to field, Goblin Zombie from the deck to hand, and Recurring Nightmare adds this and another card from your Graveyard to your hand.  It is also a legal target for Deck Devastation Virus. 

The card has two effects.  The first is clearly a restrictive effect: Skull Conductor blows itself up at the end of the Battle Phase.  What makes it extra irritating is… it’s “the Battle Phase” and not just “your Battle Phase”.  So if you get this via Pyramid Turtle on the opponent’s turn it still destroys itself.  That’s pretty restrictive, though you could have a deck that can make good use of it before it detonates (namely Deck Devastation Virus).  Still, if the second effect doesn’t pan out, the first won’t be worth the hassle.  That second effect is that you can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard, and if you do you can Special Summon up to two Zombies but the combined ATK must be exactly 2000.  Extra field presence is great, but this costs your hand at least two cards, maybe three.  Zombies excel because they normally swarm from Graveyard or deck. 

All is not lost, though, because there are some decent Zombies that are 2000 ATK themselves.  Monsters like Vampire Lord, Vampire’s Curse, and even Skull Conductor itself can be dropped into play with the potential of Lady in Wight at the same time for extra protection.  Properly built, a Zombie deck can cash in on this card layering a lot of deck friendly combos to nullify the cost.  There’s also Archfiend Zombie-Skull to keep it from blowing itself up.  You could go for a brute force push with Plague Wolf: three cards from hand eventually to the Graveyard, but for a 4000 damage hit… and you’d still have your Normal Summon.  Make it a Tuner and your hand might be almost empty but you will have spent it well.  You could even take a cue from the anime and use it with Burning Skull deck. 

Add all these tricks together and you should get a solid Zombie deck.  Just not an optimal one and that is what hurts the score in the end.  I wouldn’t use it as a coaster just yet, though: Zombies are made to swarm and this does it well enough.  It just takes the correct shift in the metagame and you’ll be using this for the killing blow. 

Want to know what is really odd?  I like this for a Chaos Zombie deck in Traditional.  A Dark in play and a Dark on the field, most likely and you’re nearly at Chaos. 


Traditional: 2/5

Jae Kim
Wednesday- Skull Conductor
Generally special summon effects are playable when they involve bringing stuff out from the graveyard (because it doesn't cost you anything). Cards that special summon from the hand are far less useful because the cards in hand actually count as resources.
I'm not sure if Skull Conductor is a part of any useful combinations. Unless the combination involves some form of OTK, using three cards in hand to bring out a combined total of 2000 ATK seems rather useless.
T: 1/5
A: 1/5

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