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Solemn Judgment

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.60
Advanced: 4.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.18.09

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Dark Paladin

Closing the week is Solemn Judgement, a Trap that finally has been Restricted, which forces probably every Yugioh player and their mother to think outside the box, as once it's played, it's not coming back.

Solemn Judgement is one of my favorite Trap Cards, just behind Mirror Force, and people played three Solmen Judgements these days in their Deck for a reason. For a while, it was one of those cards, that despite being good, didn't see much play because of certain text..."Pay half of your Lifepoints."

Dark Bribe is a semi acceptable optin for something cheaper, and even My Body as a Shield can sometimes work...but It's an amazing Trap, even though early in the game that cost can be high. You are allowed to negate anything, unless a Solemn or something of sort is chained to your own, which is unfortunate.

I have always loved Solemn Judgement simply because of how versatile it is. It can save your life at any point in the game, especially if your opponent hasn't sprung any deadly cards yet and you know what's coming.
But it's still powerful, maybe more now, that you only have one.


Solemn Judgement gets a 5/5, both Formats

Art: 5/5
General Zorpa Solemn Judgment

This is a counter trap card that has the ability to negate the activation/summon of any card for the cost of half of your lifepoints. This is a steep cost, but in terms of combos and tempo, this card can quickly turn games around as well as provide secuurity for your attacks and combos yourself.

It was limited to 2 because of teh fact that every deck was playing it. This is not what Konami likes. It is almost pointless to run it in anything but a trio, so the card was basically killed for all intents and purposes. People are talking about teching it still into decks for when you get desperate, and it is good for negating cards that you simply are not prepared for, which is the one nice thing.

It is a good solid card, but it needed to be banned for variety's sake, though Gladiaor Beasts and Counter Fairies will sorely miss the sound of "God Says No!"


Jeff Lang
Today’s card up for review is Solemn Judgment. Ok, I was pissed off when I saw that this card was put to 1 per deck. WHY? It is quite possibly the most skilled card ever created. Playing this card at the wrong time will shift the game in your opponents favor, and possibly win you the game. They didn’t do anything to the Lightsworn deck with the banned list, but took away one of the cards that lets you help beat it. Now that it is at one, the percentage of people using it will not drop. You still use this card, as it allows you to set multiple spell/traps when/if you draw it. Being able to set multiple backrow cards, and simply stop a game changing card from being played, is too good to pass up.

Trad: 5/5
Adv: 5/5

Solemn Judgment ...

You might be asking yourself - "Can we review this card TOO many times?"
And the answer is "No." ... But the reviews WILL get shorter and shorter cuz even though it's been restricted, the card itself hasnt changed much. There hasn't been an introduction of any NEW card that does everything Solemn does and does it better ... I mean, a few things like Trap Stun people are playing around with ... and the fact that Bottomless Trap Hole (monster summoning protection) has been limited and Cold Wave (spell & trap protection) has been limited - might make a case for the INCREASED value of a card like Solemn Judgment ... But I wouldnt agree with that. Solemn is finally where it should have been all along. And its no better or worse than before. It remains a hell of a good Hail Mary that'll either KEEP u from losing, or speed up that loss for u.

Note for the wise - try to wait till LATER in the game to use this card as opposed to early on when ur still close to 8000 LP. ... I'm just saying, is all.

Traditional: 4.5/5
Advanced: 4.5/5


N o V a
We finish this week with one of the most randomly hit cards on the ban list. Solemn Judgment. Now im fairly sure any good player with a brain knows how good Solemn Judgment is, but they should also know how much skill this card really needs. Paying half your life points is quite the cost, a bigger cost than Cyber-Stein if played early, and at any given time really the cost can set you back if you use it to stop the wrong card. Regardless in a persons hand where they know what to negate with Solemn, Solemn then becomes quite a difficult card to get over, since it can stop just about anything. With Solemn at one now, it makes it harder to stop anything your opponent does. Instead of being a speedy OTK format, with Solemn at 1, Dark Strike Fighter banned and other various changes, the format will change to be more of a control based format. Solemn is still a good card to use, but since you only have once chance to use it, you have to make it count. It only becomes more of a skill-required card to use.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 4/5

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