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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dark Simorgh
# SOVR-EN092

While this card is face-up on the field its Attribute is also treated as WIND. You can remove from play 1 DARK monster and 1 WIND monster from your Graveyard to Special Summon this card from your hand. You can remove from play 1 DARK monster and 1 WIND monster from your hand to Special Summon this card from your Graveyard. Your opponent cannot Set any cards on the field.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.10
Advanced: 3.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.09.09

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N o V a

Ok so a new week brings new reviews. We're looking at Stardust Overdrive cards this week too, starting with the infamous Dark Simorgh. Dark Simorgh is potentially a new Chaos monster with the fact that you need a WIND monster instead of a LIGHT monster with the DARK monster. While its on the field your opponent cannot set cards on the field. On top of that its a DARK, Winged Beast type monster. So if you really want to try it or find a way that makes it work, you could try some Blackwing deck teching Raiza the Storm Monarch and other decent WIND Winged Beasts. Flaws with this card are its summoning requirements. There really aren't any mainstream WIND monsters that can be seen in higher level play outside of Raiza and Elemental Hero Stratos, so that alone makes it hard to summon it. Another point is that its a level 7, so you can't add Trade-In with other level 8 monsters and try and build something around that. However, Dark Simorgh works well with Dark Grepher, Armageddon Knight and can be normal summoned, or special summoned outside of using its effect too. This makes its playability a tad bigger but not much bigger, its still too much effort to get it on the field. If you can get it on the field without any problems, its one heck of a good card. Japan doesn't have any tier 1 decks with Dark Simorgh in it so I dont expect it to do much in the US.

Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 1.5/5

Xu, Lightsworn Sage

Dark Simorgh

Here we have Dark Simorgh, today's card of the day.

While this card is face-up on the field its Attribute is also treated as WIND. You can remove from play 1 DARK monster and 1 WIND monster from your Graveyard to Special Summon this card from your hand. You can remove from play 1 DARK monster and 1 WIND monster from your hand to Special Summon this card from your Graveyard. Your opponent cannot Set any cards on the field.

Its time to review the expensive little bird from Stardust Overdrive. Dark Simorgh has decent stats, 2700/1000. Of course we know that really means very little these days, as even very weak monster can have very powerful effects. He's pretty easy to summon in a dedicated deck as he requires one wind and one dark. The two easiest decks to include him in are probably Blackwings and in Dragons. Blackwings can get him out quick with swallows nest/Armor Master and Dragons have all the darks, and the red-eyes wyvern which is a wind monster. Of course you could always give him his own deck, but I don't recommend it, it lacks the punch it used to have in the Japanese decks.

This is a card that very much tries to lock your opponent down. I'm sure my fellow reviewers told you all about the Anti-Spell fragrance combo that is so amazing. Well its really not that amazing. Maybe a couple card sets back it was, but now there are too many ways to get around his effect. Here are a couple: Blackwings can black rose the field on command and they also have kalut. Lightsworns have honest and JD, Even glads can tag in with test tiger with ease. As you can see, with all the destruction effects going around, Simorgh just doesn't make the cut. I see him being teched in, in other decks as he is an easy special summon and a quick beater. That at least to some part redeems his just mediocre effect.

Traditional 2/5 Advanced Casual 3/5, Advanced Competitive 3/5
Art: Very good picture, I'm sure there will be plenty of fan boys 4/5

Dark Simorgh ...
This one is an easy one today, folks. Dark Simorgh - one of the best and strongest monsters to be released in a while. There have been some good ones, but very few that reach that Executive Class level of monster - like the Dark Armed Dragon or Judgement Dragon Level ... Dark Simorgh is the newest to reach that capacity.
2700 ATK -  very strong. Can take down most monsters in a fight. Dark attribute? - U already know how excellent THAT is. Winged Beast? - Fine. He keeps great company with the Blackwings and Harpies. His only minor flaw is that he's 7 stars. Had he been 8, he would work with Trade-in. 
Where does Simorgh shine? - Everywhere else. First off? - His special summonability ... like none other!! I kid u not. Remove 1 dark and 1 wind from your graveyard from play to special summon him from your hand. Cool. But the very same can be done to special summon him from your graveyard as well ... This is unHEARD of, folks! So even if your opponent manages to kill him, you can always just bring him back, provided u have the fuel in your graveyard for him. Something is on the field u don't like? - since he's a winged beast - use Icarus Attacks, send D.Simorgh, clear the field, then remove from your graveyard to return him. Can u ask for more? - No, but Dark Simorgh gives you more anyway. He doesnt have the burden of being a Nomi. Meaning that even though he has these shortcuts to special summoning him, you can still special summon him the way you would any OTHER monster, or even just normal tribute summon for him. 
Yeah. Nobody can touch him when it comes to Special Summonability.
Next - his effect. Basically put? - he can lock the game for you. While he is there - your opponent can no longer set anything. Meaning, any traps that arent already down become dead in your hand. Not only can traps no longer save ur opponent, but they can no longer hide in DEF mode. Since they cant set them, all opponent monsters must stand and fight ... meaning Dark Simorgh will probably clobber them with his heavy 2700 ATK. What options does your opponent have left? - Spells? ... well with Anti Spell Fragrance (as mentioned to me by someone i duel with known only as "trick") - Spells will no longer save them either as ASF require your opponent to set spells before activation, and Dark Simorgh will not allow this.
So unless your deck can make big monsters in a hurry without the use of spells or traps, you're essentially done. Dark Simorgh will destroy you. And like I said - even if u DO manage to kill him, he can resurrect himself so fast, your head will spin.
Traditional: 4.5/5
Advanced: 5/5


Dark Simorgh

Finally, secret rare money card hahaha Dark Simorgh will see a lot of play in Blackwing/Harpie decks,it’s the winged version of a chaos monster. You will most likely see this card hitting the field in an attempt to lock you with Anti-spell fragrance which will prevent you from setting. Dark Simorgh is relatively easy to summon now that we also get mist valley soldier too as you can just ,main deck him to have another target to special summon  Dark simorgh and also a monster that can bounce back your opponents monster with out having to worry of your opponent using  Honest/Kalut on you. Dark Simorgh will non make a huge impact in todays meta, but be prepared to see him in a lot of casual play, he’s a bit over hyped but still very good in the right deck.
Traditional:3/5 (He can see a lot of play here, but he’s not gonna be a game breaker like a lot of the cards in this format)
Advanced: 4/5 (He’s great in Blackwing/Harpie decks and with Mist valley cards coming out he’s gonna become even better)
Art: 5/5 (He sure does look angry lol)

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