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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Blackwing - Elphin the Raven

If you control a face-up "Blackwing" monster, you can Normal Summon this card without Tributing. When this card is Normal Summoned , you can change the Battle Position of 1 monster your opponent controls.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.25
Advanced: 3.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.08.09

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Dark Paladin

Blackwing-Elphin the Raver, an Ultra Rare opens up the week, who is a Level 6 monster, of the Dark attribute, and who is a Winged-Beast (bet you didn't see that coming) with 2200 attack (not so great) and 1200 defense (same comment.)

Now, his first effect is that he can be Normal Summoned without Tribute, if you control a face-up Blackwing monster, which is good, but of course we would rather have that as a Special Summon...furthermore, when Normal Summoned, you can change the Battle Posistion of one monster your opponent controls.

The second effect is only really going to be useful in two situations...either you can destroy the chosen monster with this card or another Blackwing you have on the Field, or use some other card to destroy the monster in question. Honestly, it's obviously support, but I don't care for it too much.


Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3/5

Art: 5/5 Raven? Maybe in the lower legs and feet...it looks like a gargoyle primarily, with the head of a Komouri Dragon...
General Zorpa Blackwing-Elphin the Raven

Well, we will start this week off with the Blackwing that fell flat on his face. Elphin has decent stats. 2200 ATK and 1200 DEF are not great, but slightly below average for a level six monster. He is a DARK Winged-Beast like all the other Blackwings. This guy received special treatment because he happens to be a Blackwing and was used pretty well in Japanese tournaments.

His effect os that you can Normal Summon him without tribute if you control another Blackwing. That is pretty good, very much like Sirocco's effect and it can help you get some muscle to the table pretty fast if need be. His second effect is that once per turnyou can change the Battle Position of one monster your opponent controls. Suddenly, big Synchros are not so big and high DEF cards like Hoplomus are suddenly on their weak side. This is really not a reason to run the card, just a bonus to his other attributes.

the card sucks in America. Thea eason the Japanese play him is because he is used as a Level 6 Blackwing and you can actually get him to the field. Blackwings in America and teh rest of the world do not have Vayu nor the right metagame nor mindset to play Elphin right now. At this point, I will keep a copy just in case that changes. He is a decent card, but just not quite right for the game as of right now.


Blackwing - Elphin the Raven ...

Yay! another Blackwing monster! I really love these guys, but i'll try to be as unbiased as possible.

The long and short of it is that they havent made one bad Blackwing monster yet. And Elphin certainly doesnt buck the trend. Now his stats are a bit on the low side for a level 6. 2200 ATK? Well tribute monsters with attacks less than that 2400 standard generally need a reasonable effect to validate them ... and one of Elphin's effects is allowing himself to be normal summoned WITHOUT that tribute so long as u have another Blackwing already on the field. That's not too shabby. Cyber Dragon sucks as a tribute, but being able to skip that cost is what makes him so awesome. One might argue that Elphin's effect counting as a "normal" summon makes his effect substandard by comparison, but with the stipulations on Black Whirlwind, this only enhances the synergy the Blackwings share. Elphin has the highest attack of any Blackwing that will be in your deck, so with the normal summon while Whirlwind is on the field, u can then reach in and grab anything else. Bora - the 1700 ATK piercer is a nice choice since he can then be special summoned, and will help with your swarming. Or Gail - who can also be special summoned and can then reduce the attack of whatever is bothering u, and/or then be used to synchro with whatever other Blackwing u've got on the field.

So if the ease of his summoning coupled with the fact that he's the strongest non-synchro Blackwing currently available isnt enough to make u a fan - he's got one more trick - upon his summoning, he switches the battle position of one monster on your opponent's field. If it's in face down DEF, it is no longer able hide (hopefully it wont have an annoying flip effect). If they have Spirit Reaper - it is now dead. Changing opponent's monsters to their more vulnerable state is excellent. Just too bad he can't do it once per turn!

Traditional: 3.5/5
Advanced: 4/5


N o V a
Welcome to another week of Card of the Day! We start off the week with another Raging Battle card, Blackwing - Elphin the Raven. A lot of people seem to under estimate this card, because this card is quite the good card. Elphin is a level 6, 2200 attack 1200 defense monster from the popular Blackwing family that can be normal summoned without tributing if you control a face-up Blackwing monster. When its normal summoned you can change the battle position of a monster your opponent controls. More times than not you will always have a Blackwing monster on the field, so summoning this card isn't hard at all. Its also a good card to combo with Ultimate Offering. Using 3 Elphin in a Blackwing deck that uses Ultimate Offerings opens up a lot of possibilities, even though most players just follow whichever deck is really winning right now.

Elphin is a decent card in its own Blackwing build, but most players would rather not use Ultimate Offering or Elphin as they feel they take up space in their decks when they can use better options.

Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

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