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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Magic Planter

Send 1 face-up Continuous Trap Card you control to the Graveyard. Draw 2 cards.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.80
Advanced: 2.25 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.22.09

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Dark Paladin
Magic Planter, an interesting little Common Magic Card opens the week here...

This is very simple...you send one face up Continuous Trap you control to the Graveyard, along with this card, to Draw two cards. It's not terrible, I mean, it's technically a break even, as you give this card and the Trap Card to Draw the two new cards.

I suppose it could be a little more worth while if the cards you gave you directly led to some sort of card or field advantage, but there isn't a guarantee of that. The biggest downside here is that we aren't playing many Continuous Traps right now...if any.

This card would be so much better if the word "Continuous" wasn't sitting there...but in some crazy turbo draw Deck, like maybe Exodia or something, it might now hurt.


Traditional: 1.75/5
Advanced: 2.75/5
Art: 3/5
General Zorpa Magic Planter

Here we have a godsend for any decks that abuse a ton of Continuous Trap cards. Magic Planter is a Normal Spell, which is good as you can easily play it when you need to and is the most often used kind of Spell card. The effect is that you send a face0up Continuous Trap card from your field to the graveyard in order to draw 2 cards.

Ideally, this would be used in aq deck that used Skill Drain, Royal Oppression and/or Royal Decree. All of these cards are as annoying to their owner as to their opponent. So instead of wasting one of your precious Spell and Trap removal cards on them so that they don't hurt you anymore, you use this card and get some deck sycling out of it. If there is a control deck such as a Princess variant that makes it to the top tables, this card could be one of the ones to take it there.

Ideally, this card would be a Quickplay spell, as then you could chain to destruction and end up getting a +1 out of it. I see that it does have limited use though, it can be a really good thing for a deck to get rid of Continuous Traps it owns and search for more options and outs. However, it will often be a dead card as your opponent will often do a very good job of getting rid of those particular Traps for you.


Magic Planter ...

Another one of those cards with a really simple effect. And its fairly decent. Usually cards that find a reason to let u draw 2 more cards are things u really want to consider. This one? - at the cost of sending a continuous trap u control to the graveyard. And that's pretty good, depending on the deck you are using. Often, u have a trap going for a specific reason, but then that reason can outlive itself and now ur left with a dead card on the field eating up one of your spell/trap zones. We had that other thing - Emergency Provisions ... which was nice and gave u life points back, but rearming your hand is better than life points 9 out of 10 times ... However, EmP IS a quick play, so u could activate it on your opponents turn to turn their heavy storm into profit for you, while with Magic Planter u cannot. Plus Magic Planter can only send ONE continuous trap, not ANY trap, or multiples of them, or spells ... So in overall utility and versatility EmP outclasses Magic Planter. It might not be ENTIRELY fair to compare cards like that, but when u are considering if a card is good or not, u have to think of how useful it is and often that goes hand in hand with what's better out there.

Magic Planter is by no means BAD, and it still has a place, but it just has LESS decks that it could be good with since there are better options. Only 2 are coming to mind - Burn/Stall/Lockdown - which will have plenty of traps (continuous ones) keeping your opponent at bay till u are ready to make you big move. and Uria (does anyone play him?) - his deck will need many traps (and continuous ones at that) to work. When not holding them for Uria himself, Magic Planter will be good to help u reload.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 3/5


N o V a
So its Monday, a new week, and new Card of the Day reviews. We kick this week off with Magic Planter. A card those Uria Turbo decks desperately needed. Magic Planter is a Normal Spell Card that sends 1 face-up Continuous Trap Card you control to the Graveyard, then you can draw 2 cards. Since the only Continuous Trap heavy deck is Uria Turbo, its limited to pretty much just that deck. Now if we had Cathedral of Nobles, any deck could become Continuous Trap heavy because Catherdral allows a player to activate traps during the turn they are set, of course the card is banned in Japan so you can bet it'd get banned here.

The card adds some much needed speed for Uria Turbo, but honestly Reckless Greed is much better only cause if you draw either of them first turn or when you have no active or previously set Continuous Trap Cards out, you have to wait till your opponents turn(Reckless Greed) or till your next turn (Magic Planter).

Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 1.5/5
Parallel Fates Magic Planter…. Quite an interesting card actually. The first thing that catches your eyes is that it’s a “draw-2” card. 1 for 1, except rather than discarding, you’re sending a continuous trap from your field to the grave. This card does have potential to see play, however the only problem is that there are not that many continuous traps being used these days.

In competitive decks, the few continuous traps that spring to mind are: Royal Oppression, Skill Drain, Ultimate Offering, and the nowadays unlikely Gravity Bind. All of which can turn games around, so unless you’re holding a second copy, I do not believe it is a wise idea to trade off field control for 2 cards in hand.

Sending Royal Oppression to use this card would appear to be the most popular choice if the deck it’s being played in, is one that utilizes special summoning itself. Oppression shuts down your opponent till you can set up. Magic Planter frees you from that bind, and gives you 2 new cards to work with. But the risk is if you cannot capitalize on the play, your opponent might.


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