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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Koa'Ki Meiru Valafar

During each of your End Phases, destroy this card unless you send 1 "Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru" from your hand to the Graveyard. You can Tribute Summon this monster by Tributing 1 "Koa'ki Meiru" monster. This card cannot be destroyed by the effect of Trap Cards. During battle between this attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower then the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.80
Advanced: 2.40 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.10.09

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Dark Paladin

Koa'ki Meiru Valafar, a sickly sweet picture, that needs to be holofoil...this common artwork just doesn't cut it...anyway, continuing to look at the Koa'ki series, this is their heavy hitter, a Level 8 monster, who is a Fire attributed Fiend...interesting...with 3000 attack (brilliant) and 2100 defense (not horrible).

Now, this card is destroyed during the End Phase if you don't send an "Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru" from your Hand to the Graveyard...no or reveal a Trap or any second condition here. Now, you can Tribute the same monster, and have it be the only necessary tribute, but that's one less turn you can keep this guy on the Field. He also cannot be destroyed by Traps, a great effect.

There are some neat recycling tricks you can do to prolong the turns you keep this guy on the Field, but odds are, you are only using this guy to end the game, as he has trample, and 3000 attack plus trample is a great thing. This is a solid Deck folks, and this is great support.


Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 4/5
Art: 4.5/5 for not being holofoil
General Zorpa Koa'Ki Meiru Valafar

We have one of the Koa'Ki Meiru monsters for you today. Valafar has 3000 ATK and 2100 DEF which is just great for a level 8 monster. 3000 is pretty much the standard with 2800 being average for the level. He is a FIRE Fiend, but his attribute and type don't really play into the deck that he is played in, so that is almost a non-issue.

His effects are that he dies in the end phase if you do not discard an Iron Core of Koa'Ki Meiru from your hand. This is different than the others as they can also just reveal a card from their hand of a certain type to avoid being destroyed. Next, You can Tribute Summon it by Tributing a Koa'Ki Meiru monster. This is actually great, a 3000 ATK monster for just one tribute is rather dominating, even if it dies in the End Phase. He also may not be destroyed by the effects of Trap cards. And the last thing is that he has piercing.

Now this guy comes out quick, hits hard and pretty much has to be killed in Battle or by a Monster effect. You can even pull off some crazy combos with Torrential Tribute and Needle Ceiling in order to dominate your opponents. The {iercing at the end pretty much makes it so that you cannot hide from him. Bora has taught us that Piercing is powerful, and on a 3000 behemoth is downright devastating.

However, the Koa'Ki Meiru deck is a control based strategy. Generally you do not want to be sending your guys to the graveyard in order to do som massive aggro. However, if you only play one, you can really play him only when you need him to finish off an opponent or to crack through some defensive cards like Bottomless Trap Hole. I do believe a one of in a Koa'Ki Meiru deck is sufficient as the other guys will really take care of business for you.

All in all a solid card for a solid decktype that I can't wait to try out.


Koa'ki Meiru Valafar …

First off – Valafar’s picture is BAD-A$$!! This had to be said. Next 3000 ATK on a fiend for 2 days in a row … u KNOW I’m in love! … right? … … right?

Nope. Here’s why – The Koa’ki Meiru theme just sucks. I know when u look at it, it SEEMS like it could be awesome, but in practice – it has no real cohesion. Drago – arguably the best of the bunch, functions best in a Dragon Deck. Not Koa’ki Meiru. The best and most efficient usage of the Koa’ki Meiru theme is the Dark Gaia build. There u can make use of the Koa’ki Meiru fiends and rock monsters, and even toss in Powerhand (perhaps the 2nd best Koa’ki Meiru) without slowing u down too much. That would be Val afar’s idyllic home. He’s a fiend. He’s got a huge attack. He’s got several Koa’ki Meirus to either tribute for him. And if the opportunity arises, and u can’t get Valafar to the field – u can fuse him with a rock for Dark Gaia (hopefully). Right?

Again – sounds nice in theory, but in practice it never all quite comes together. Sad, really cuz Valafar’s stats are great. His effect of being able to be a single tribute if u use a Koa’ki Meiru monster, piercing, and slight protection by not being able to be destroyed by traps are excellent as well. But not only is the deck that would “support” him too inconsistent, but his maintenance cost is way too high. Those stupid iron cores things. If u even HAVE them in hand, after discarding it, u will have to sacrifice your draw phase in order to return it to your hand in order to discard it again. Managing your resources as well as replenishing them as quickly and often as possible is simply “Dueling 101”. Valafar – for all his coolness – is just that delinquent kid who’s trying to not only get u to cut class, but is also trying to make u forget everything u already learned.

Don’t do it. The more u know, the further you’ll go. And THAT’S one to grow on.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2/5


N o V a
Today we review another 3000 attack monster, Koa'ki Meiru Valafar. Unlike most Koa'ki Meiru monsters, Valafar cant reveal a specific type of monster to keep itself on the field. It has to send a Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru to the graveyard to stay on the field. You can also summon this monster by tributing 1 Koa'ki Meiru monster and is also a level 8 monster. This means its not only easy to summon but you can discard it for Trade-In. Valafar cant be destroyed by the effects of Trap Cards and has piercing. This makes Valafar quite a dangerous threat when playing against a Koa'ki Meiru deck, but only when its in a strictly Koa'ki Meiru deck.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 1.5/5

Koaki Meiru Valafar [Fiend/Effect] FIRE Lv 8 3000 Atk 2100 Def

During each of your End Phases, destroy this card unless you send 1 "Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru" from your hand to the Graveyard. You can Tribute Summon this monster by Tributing 1 "Koa'ki Meiru" monster. This card cannot be destroyed by the effect of Trap Cards. During battle between this attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower then the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent.

I don't like this card not only does it lose its “Discard another (Fill in the blank)” it just has discard Iron Core which just limits his playability. His 3000 atk body may help but he requires two tribute and doesn't pay for himself in return. He would work good as a beater under skill drain but that's why we have Barbaros that doesn't cost us anything. The can't be destroyed by traps is a good effect but he is still vulnerable to PWWB and Compulsory.
This was obviously a poorly designed boss monster.

Traditional: 1.0
Advanced: 1.5

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