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Spell of Pain

Activate only when an effect is activated that would inflict effect damage to you. Switch the effect damage to your opponent's Life Points, instead.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.20
Advanced: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.06.09

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Dark Paladin

Spell of Pain, an interesting Quickplay Magic card that may remind you of a certain Counter Trap named Barrel Behind the Door...the effect is pretty much the same. Effect damage to you can be transferred to your opponent.

Not Battle Damge, but Effect damge..fun..annoying..interesting. The big problem is that no one really plays Burn right now, and it doesn't really help you if you're the one playing it. IF Burn were big, I'd expect people to play one, and IF it is a problem for you, side one.


Traditional: 1.75/5 More burn played here.
Advanced: 2.5/5 Not bad, just not currently needed.
Art: 3.5/5 Maybe Flame Swordsman? Not sure who the other guy is.
General Zorpa Spell of Pain

Here we have a Quickplay Spell that does a lot of stuff that we have seen already. Basically, it switches effect damage that you would receive to your opponent instead. We already had this in Barrel Behind the Door, but this is at the same time both superior and inferior.

Barrel was a Counter Trap, meaning that your opponent could not chain anything except for another Counter to it, which is good. But it had to be set before you could use it, which is bad. Spell of Pain is not a Counter Trap, so your opponent can do shenanigans like chain Hanewata or Rainbow Life, but the flips side is that you can us it on the first turn you get it.

I saw a really cool deck that used Barrel with The Immortal of Thunder for massive burn damage. This card would only help that deck. i think that this combo would go well in Nurse Reficule decks, as you can literally tear your opponen to shreds in a matter of only a few turns AND use their own Dark Strike Fighter against them.


Spell of Pain ...

No, sir ... i don't like it.

Your opponent activates an effect that deals damage to u, and u can switch it back to your opponent? Well its nice when u can make it work, but that goes the same for 99% of things in life. Waiting for your opponent to activate something to make a card useful is just crap when that "something" is as specific as special effect damage. You're not gonna see much of it happen, and even if it does - how often is it ever worth the investement of having THIS in your deck, rathern than having drawn something ... ANYTHING ... else?

Yeah. At least the upcoming cards this week can't get any worse than THIS one!

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1/5

Parallel Fates Spell of Pain…. You look at this card, and you will think of Dark Strike Fighter. With DSF being the most commonly used method in winning duels these days, this card is the perfect counter. With that said, this card isn’t that bad for a side deck choice. However, I heavily dislike the idea of siding in cards to counter another single card. You would benefit more by using a Shadow Mirror, or a simple Bottomless Trap Hole…even Book of Moon to flip the tuner facedown.

Outside from DSF, there really isn’t anything else used in the current metagame that causes burn damage…but then you have team duelling. Burn decks are still favourites to win in any sort of team duelling events due to the combined life points. That is where this card will do wonders. You’ll toss game 1, but games 2 and 3 should be easy after some heavy siding.

This format is too fast for burn decks to thrive, rendering this card almost useless. Maybe in the next few formats, this card will see some play. Side deck material at best.

1/5 (Regular single dueling)
3.5/5 (Team dueling)

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