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Grave of the Super Ancient Organism

All face-up Level 6 or higher Special Summoned monsters on the field cannot declare an attack or activate their effects.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.80
Advanced: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.17.09

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Dark Paladin

Grave of the Super Ancient Organism, an Ultra Rare Continuous Trap, that prevents all Level 6 or higher Special Summoned monsters on the Field from attacking and/or activating their Effects. This card is absolutely malevolent, and brilliant. The real trick here is building a Deck to work with this, so it doesn't hurt you.

Skill Drain could be really fun and deadly to combo this with, and if you are playing some tribute monsters and powerhouses, that's another bonus for you, as these are going to shut down Synchro monsters from your opponent.


Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 4/5
Art: 5/5
General Zorpa Grave of the Super-Ancient Organism

This is a continuous Trap Card, something that is not that great as they can be killed by any number of cards once your opponent has an answer. However, the effect is worth it. Special SUmmoned level 6 or higher monsters cannot activate their abilities nor attack. As almost every Synchro and high level monster is Special SUmmon, this can be a real thron in a deck's side.

Obviously this would be used in Skill Drain anti-meta decks or in Gladiators with Extra Murmillo. This way you do not limit yourself but completely change your opponent's strategy. This card is not so effective against Blackwings, as they will simply swarm over you, but they will be unable to burn you with Dark Strike Fighter, which is key.

As it is a trap you can spring this on an opponent easily, and force them to waste precious removal on it as they sit with a dead Synchro.

The best deck that this works in is Aliens, as their Synchro monster is Level 5 and can get under the Grave as well as remove it when you need to Synchro something bigger.


Jeff Lang
Grave of the Super Ancient Organism
Continuous Trap

All face-up Level 6 or higher Special Summoned monsters on the Field cannot declare an attack or activate their effects.

    Today’s card up for review is Grave Of The Super Ancient Organism. This card has unlimited potential, and frankly, im curious why nobody is talking about this card? I mean, have you read what it does? It shuts down all of the big monsters being used in the game right now, and is staple in my opinion. Only catch, is that you would have to use it in a deck that doesn’t revolve around using big guys. Decks like Stun and Gadgets love using this card

Trad: 4/5
Adv: 4.5/5

Grave of the Super Ancient Organism ...

Now THIS card is cool. Completely shutting down not only the attack, but the special effect of anything level 6 or above that is special summoned? - Awesome. And let's face it - that's almost ANYTHING that's worthwhile these days ...DAD, Judgement Dragon, and everything in between. Plus every level 6 and above Synchro Monster, and anything u snuck onto the field with Monster Reborn or any monster reviver ... The only thing that's lame is that it shuts down your monsters too ... but chances are - since it's your card - your deck is built to circumvent that slight dilemma.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4/5


N o V a
We finish off the week with Grave of the Super Ancient Organism. Quite the mouth full huh? Grave is a continuous trap that prevents all face-up level 6 or higher Special Summoned monsters from attacking or activating their effects. Like I said with Thursdays review, cards like Royal Oppression are better options, seeing as how Oppression negates the summon and destroys it, rather than letting them keep their monster. However Grave is rather interesting. Its effect affects any Special Summoned monsters before its activation as well as after, rendering any high level special summoned monsters from basically doing anything. Which is pretty cool if you plan on using their monsters for your own benefit. However Oppression, Gravity Bind, Level Limit Area B and Messenger of Peace are all pretty much better options. If you are rather worried about their monster effects, Divine Wrath always does the trick and still destroys their monster.

Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 1.5/5
Parallel Fates Grave of the Super Ancient Organism…. Now this is a fun card. It shuts down most of the top decks being used competitive outside of Blackwing. Not only do you negate effects, but the power to render them unable to attack is huge. It prevents OTKs from those pesky Dark Strike Fighters. Judgment Dragon becomes a 3000 attack sitting wall.

Of course by using this card, you better have ways to get rid of the big monster that is sitting on the field. There is no point in just stalling it out when you have little to no outs on getting rid of them. Grave only does the shutdown part, the removal still has to be done. With synchro summoning being so common in today’s meta, this card actually makes burn somewhat usable again. With burn’s power to win games without attacking, you do not have to worry about removing the big monster after stopping it from hurting your deck.

A very interesting card, one that should be given consideration in side decks.


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