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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh Cards of 2008

#1: Dark Armed Dragon

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.75
Advanced: 5.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.16.09

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Dark Paladin

#1--Dark Armed Dragon (bet you didn't see that coming)

Dark Armed Dragon...

Dark Armed Dragon...

Dark Armed Dragon...

Dark Armed Dragon...*sighs*...Dark Armed Dragon has warped the scene of Yugioh forever. Most formats, we get some awesome, ridiculous, uber-broken, near invincible card, and then something better comes along, and we forget about what we were using.

Or, to the relief of all Yugioh players in the country, the card or cards in question are Banned, and we have to splash a new Cookie Cutter Deck together, looking for the next combo or move we can pound our opponent with.

Furthermore, Dark Armed Dragon, broke that stereotype. We went through a cycle, continued to get (arguably) better cards, in Synchro monsters, Stardust Dragon, Black Rose Dragon, even Judgement Dragon...

However, no one passed up Dark Armed Dragon...no one tossed it aside as garbage to make way for new and better things. We took Dark Armed Dragon and incorporated him into our Synchro Decks. Tele-DAD is around for a reason folks, and I don't see it going anywhere until or IF the Banned list decides to touch it.


5/5 both formats
Art: 5/5
General Zorpa Dark Armed Dragon

Many people say this is the best card in the game. I say nay. Judgment Dragon is. But the votes were counted and this guy came in at #1. There is a reason he is good. A Level 7, DARK Dragon with 2800 ATK and 1000 DEF is certainly nothing to sneeze at already, and that is before we even get to see his effects!

You Special Summon him much in the same way that Judgment Dragon is, by having 3 DARK monsters in the graveyard. This is actually pretty hard to do, as Monster Reborn and D.D. Crow can have an adverse effect on the amount of DARK monsters in the graveyard. Also, it is pretty hard to keep the count at 3. However, you do get a pretty big reward fro playing him.

You can remove a DARK monster in the graveyard from play in order to kill a card on the field. This usually means you can hit 3 cards, but if you add to the graveyard after he is Summoned, you can hit as many cards as you have DARK monsters in the graveyard. This picky effect means that an opposing Bottomless Trap Hole can leave your opponent with a relatively intact field, as even ifyou did not target the chained Bottomless or other trap, you will still only get rid of 2 cards.

The big bonus that DAD gets when he is played is that he can be used virtually everywhere. Anywhere you can have 3 DARK monsters in the graveyard is a valid deck for DAD. Allure of Darkness, Dark Grepher and the Destiny Heroes are perfect for use with him as well, providing a platform for which to springboard this guy into the record books as the most expensive card in the game that has been mass released besides Crush Card Virus.

That is it for the top 10 of 08 countdown, I bid you adieu and until you hear form me again, have fun cuz it's just a game.


Jeff Lang
1: DAD

    Today’s card for review is Dark Armed Dragon, the big daddy in Yugioh. He is sooo easy to summon. Just a few cards played will get you to three darks. Remove a Dark to pop a card on the field is sooo stupid. I can’t see how Black Luster Soldier: Envoy Of The Beginning or even Chaos Sorcerer is banned, but this is not. This card is guaranteed to break games if/when you drop him on the board. Everyone knows how powerful Teleport Dark Armed is right now, no deck is even close in power because of this card. Refuel your darks with Dark Grepher and a lot of other choices to keep abusing his effect. This is worthy for the number one spot, and is #2 on my list all time, behind Crush Card Virus. Get your hands on this card if you can. You will not be disappointed

#1 Dark Armed Dragon

Everyone saw this one coming, right? I mean, here’s a card that has single-handedly defined the metagame for the better part of a year, and for good reason. A great effect, coupled with a decent summoning condition (which only adds synergy to an already synergistic deck), pretty much equals win. It’s hard to not put this card as your #1 when it is easily the best card in the current metagame.

Friday- Dark Armed Dragon

There's not much to say about this card. Of the monsters on the forbidden list, it is clearly better than

Chaos Sorcerer
Dark Magician of Chaos (outside of
OTK combo decks)
Disk Commander
Magical Scientist
Magician of Faith
Makyura (outside of OTK combo decks)

The direct competitors to it are BLS and Chaos Sorcerer, since those cards comprised the top tier of previous formats.

DaD leaves them in the dust. It needs to be banned.

Traditional- 4/5
Advanced- 5/5

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