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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh Cards of 2008

#2: Judgment Dragon


Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.00
Advanced: 4.80 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.15.09

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Dark Paladin

#2--Judgement Dragon

Judgement Dragon is a Level 8 Dragon of the Light attribute, with 3000 attack, and 2600 defense. Now, while unable to be Normal Summoned or Set, you can special summon Judgement Dragon and have a 3000 attack power-house by having four or more "Lightsworn" monsters in your Graveyard with different names.

Judgement Dragon is still incredible, and one hell of a force to be reckoned with. It's pretty much the reason Lightsworn is staying competitive, as they need a big power and answer to things like Dark Armed Dragon.

Paying 1000 Lifepoints to destroy everything on the Field, minus yourself, setting your opponent up for at least 3000 damage, and potentially much more, based on anything else you may be holding in your Hand is incredible.

The sad thing being, if Dark Armed Dragon hits the Field after this, minus a Solemn Judgment or some other life saving card, your Judgment Dragon is going to the Graveyard. It's almost too bad, isn't it?


Traditional: 3.85/5 Comparable answer to either Envoy.
Advanced: 4.75/5
Art: 4.5/5
General Zorpa Judgment Dragon

At number 2 is Judgment Dragon. I actually voted him in at number one, but the voting nazis that write with me thought it was best at 2. Basically, he is a 3000 ATK behemoth that is a LIGHT Dragon and can be Special Summoned when you have four Lightsworn monsters with different names inthe garveyard. That alone will often be enough to get a card played, but this guy goes above and beyond.

You can pay 1000 LP in order to kill everything besides himself on the field. Sound familiar? Demise, the King of Armageddon did the same thing only at double the cost, 3x the hardness to Summon and 600 less ATK. You can even activate his effect in multiples if you need to, making clearing out an opposing defense a cinch. He also has the standard Lightsworn effect of dumping 4 cards to the garveyard during the end phase of the turn.

This guy only belongs in a Lightsworn deck. In other decks, it is just far too hard to get the requisite amount of Lightsworn int eh gaveyard in order to activate his effect. Actually, in a Lightsworn deck he is ridiculously easy to Summon. Most of the monsters mill cards to the graveyard and 3 spells (Charge of the Light Brigade, Solar Recharge and Foolish Burial) can get the 4 monsters to the graveyard easily.

What makes it worse is that with Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner can swarm the field very easily, after clearing the field with JD, you can then swarm the field and swing for game with only Gorz fouling up your plans. As Gorz activations are few and far between, you can often be assured of Victory the second that you play Judgment Dragon. Keep in mind that he himself is not a Lightsworn monster, so you cannot use him with Recharge or other Lightsworn-Specific cards.

Often in a Lightsworn deck, he is dumped to the graveyard unintentionally. This is remedied by the fact that Beckoning Light and Monster Reincarnation can get him back from the graveyard. The same trick can be used with Honest, so it is a natural combo for the Lightsworn deck. You can even decide to keep him thee, copying his effect with Phantom of Chaos in order to nuke the field without fear from the dreaded Light Imprisoning Mirror.

Basically, this guy is easily better than DAD. He is bigger, easier to summon and capable of nuking the whole field instead of just 3 cards. Imagine the difference between 3 anti-aircraft missiles and a nuclear bomb. Now you have some idea of how much better this guy is than DAD. They both have their uses, but people are much more afraid of nukes than missiles.


Jeff Lang
2: Judgment Dragon

    Today’s card is Judgment Dragon. I hate Lightsworns with a passion. This is pretty much Lightsworn’s only game breaking card, besides Honest(Which should be on this list somewhere but isn’t =/). But besides what I think of the deck, Judgment Dragon is obviously sick and very powerful. 1,000 life to pop the field? He is the sole reason why Lightsworn is even playable right now. Simply put, if you don’t have 2 Judgment Dragons, don’t use the deck.
Mr. Random Judgment Dragon

This monster wins the duel for Lightsworn about 75% of the time. It has a special summon requirement like other main monsters of certain decks. Four different lightsworn monsters have to be in the graveyard to special summon Judgment Dragon. That is an easy thing to do since most lightsworns send cards to the grave from the deck and most of the time there is at least one monster sent there.

After that you can pay 1000 Life points to destroy every card on the field except the Dragon. It doesn't have the restriction of "once per turn" and as long is there is something still on the field to destroy, you can pay if chosen to. An example of this is playing against Yubel deck for fun. With a clear path to attack, you'll most likely hit the opponent for 3000 damage, just as long as they don't have a Necro Gardna.

If you didn't use your normal summon yet, then you could use Lumina to get back a Wulf or anything to put them into the danger zone. Sometimes you may have a Judgment Dragon and sometimes you may have two. It can one turn kill, but not as good as TeleDAD. Since there will be no cards on the field after payment, the opponent will be able to use Gorz. If so, then they will get a 3000 ATK/DEF token, but then again, Judgment Dragon will pay the life points or you could use Honest with the second Judgment Dragon for another 3000.

Just like most other Lightsworn monsters, Judgment Dragon will send four cards from the top of the deck to the grave. This helps when there are still Wulfs left or Plaguespreaders are still in the deck. With an easy Special Summon requirement, 3000 ATK, sends the top 4 and destroys every card on the field, it is a must for every lightsownr deck.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: 5/5


Thursday- Judgment Dragon

This is one of the most overrated cards in the game. While DaD and JD are both "win conditions" in the loose sense of the term, a ban to both cards would hurt TeleDad far, far more than a ban of JD.

In many games played by a properly constructed LS deck, JD is not necessary to win at all. Constantly you see players having to summon JD to blow up their own board of something like Wulf, Wulf, Lumina in defense position versus a Colossal Fighter.

Yet misguided players are using multiple copies of Beckoning Light to add JD back to hand, as if LS needs it to win. It doesn't. Stop overrating it.
Unlike Teledad, LS is not an OTK deck. It is a card advantage/field control deck. You should play cards to further your lock on the field.

If you are playing the proper amount of monster removal, the sheer card advantage you get through Wulf/Gardna/Celestia should be enough to win. JD is more a cherry on top of the cake.

Traditional- 2/5
Advanced- 4/

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