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Reptilianne Hydra

1 "Reptilianne" Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner Monsters When this card is Synchro Summoned, destroy all face-up monsters with 0 ATK that your opponent controls, and draw 1 card for each monster destroyed.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.60
Advanced: 2.20 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.15.09

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Dark Paladin


It's hard to review a card, even if it may be decent enough, when the Deck has some support, but isn't very good. Reptilianne Hydra fits this category...A Level 6, Dark attributed, Reptile-type Synchro monster with 2100 attack, and 1500 defense. Synchro Summoned by one Reptilianne Tuner and one or more non-Tuner monsters.

2100 attack and 1500 defense on a Synchro monster...not so great, that's borderline terrible. So we're hoping for a great effect. When Synchro Summoned, destroy all face-up monsters with 0 attack your opponent controls...

All right, horrible attack and defense, and an equally craptacular effect. You do get to Draw one card for each monster destroyed by this effect, but odds are you will never be pulling this off, but if you do, I'll be quite impressed.


1/5 both Formats
Art: 3/5

General Zorpa

Reptilianne Hydra

We have another Synchro monster from SOVR today. The Hydra is a level 6 monster with 2100 ATK and 1500 DEF for a DARK Reptile. It does need a Reptilianne Tuner, so that can actually get a bit rough as none of them are very good. Already from it's stats we see that it is inferior to the big 3, Brionace, Armed Wing and Goyo, which is not a very good sign of this guy being playable, even in a Reptilianne deck.

The effect is meh, but powerful. When it comes into play you destroy all monsters with 0 ATK that your opponent controls and then draw a card for each one of those monsters. There are not going to be naturally very many monsters with 0 ATK that you will see often, with Cyber Valley being pretty much the exception. That means that you are going to have to make them 0 ATK with your own effects.

The theme tying the Reptilianne monsters together is that they do reduce your opponent's monsters to 0 ATK, which is really kinda neat. However, this card doe snot play well with the rest of the cards. If you are going out of your way to make these guys 0 ATK, then why not just attack through them for massive damage? I suppose in a pinch this would be a superior card, as you need the draw power in a deck devoid of it.

I do not see Reptilianne monsters being very competetive in the near future, so as this does need a Reptilianne Tuner, you will not likely see him very much. If it did 0 ATK or DEF we might be in business, as the card Curse of Anubis would make this card broken. As it stands, the Spider monsters from this set are far more playable. If you have this card, I am sorry, but you actually might be able to play it in the future if there are ANY good Reptilianne monsters and Tuners out there. As it is, even in it's own deck it is overplayed by the big 3.



Reptilianne Hydra …

Well this card is only meant as the tail end of a combo and only with a specifically designed Reptilianne Deck. Can we then PENALIZE this card for that? … Uhm … SURE we can! 2100 ATK on a level 6 Synchro … uhm … Nope. Not good. It has a potentially good effect if certain situations are in place. Namely – your opponent has ideally more than 1 … hopefully 2 or 3 monsters with 0 ATK on the field. Then this thing will blow them up, and u can draw cards to reward yourself …. Is that “good”? Absolutely. Will this EVER go according to plan? – U can bet your life that it will not.

Even in a Reptilianne deck, this thing will never do what u want it to, thus it’ll be a waste of space in your Extra Deck … And added to that – u still need a Reptilianne tuner to tune for it … yeah, this thing just doesn’t even WANT to be any good.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1.5/5


N o V a

Hydra is a cool card, however I haven't seen a Reptilianne deck anywhere yet. Reptilianne Gorgon when it attacks an opponents monster its attack becomes 0 and it cannot change its battle mode. This is something Hydra benefits from. Medusa is a really good monster however from the Reptilianne series. Medusa lets you send 1 card in your hand to the graveyard to make a selected monsters attack 0 and it cant change its battle mode. Again something that Hydra benefits from. Reptilianne Viper to my knowledge is the only tuner monster the Reptilianne theme has, and its not bad but still. Anyways a lot of them seem to be dark attributed making Allure of Darkness an option, and since Phantom Darkness we've had Offerings to the Snake Diety, which would be the reptiles Icarus Attack. I think that with Reptilianne Hydra and the rest of its theme, the deck could be good.

Traditional: 3.5/5
Advanced: 3/5


Reptilianne Hydra:


     The Reptilianne Syncho, and not a very good one.  Ideally you drop Reptilianne Viper (level 2 tuner that can suck up an opponent's 0 atk monster when normal summoned) and steal your opponent's level 4 monster who's atk has somehow been made 0.  Then tune for Hydra, and destroy your opponent's other 0 atk monsters to draw cards for each.  This is just absurd.  Way too much involved for it to be worth while.  The atk for level 6 Hydra is low at 2100 and the effect isn't enough to make up for it.  I would love to see more reptile support, just GOOD reptile support.  At least all the Reptiliannes are Dark...


Traditional:  1.0

Advanced:  1.5  (I must be feeling generous today)

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