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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Blackwing-Vayu, the Emblem of Honor

If this card is face-up on the field, you cannot use it for a Synchro Summon. If this card is in your Graveyard, you can remove from play this card plus 1 non-Tuner "Blackwing" monster in your Graveyard, and Special Summon 1 "Blackwing " Synchro Monster from your Extra Deck whose Level equal the total Levels of the removed monsters. The effect(s) of that Synchro Monster is negated.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.50
Advanced: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.28.09

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Dark Paladin

I saved the best for last, so closing out the week is Blackwing-Vayu the Emblem of Honor, a Level 1 Dark monster who is a Winged-Beast type and a Tuner with 800 attack and 0 defense, but the stats here are fairly irrelevant, minus being a Tuner.

Now, oddly enough, despite being a Tuner, you can't use this card for a Synchro Summon if it's face-up on the Field. However, it does have the unique ability of being able to be used for Synchro Summon if in the Graveyard.

So you can remove this card from your Graveyard, and one other non-Tuner Blackwing monster to Synchro Summon a Blackwing monster from the Extra Deck whose level equals those of the removed monsters. The only downside is the effect(s) of said Synchro monster are negated.


Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 3.5/5
Art: 5/5
General Zorpa Blackwing-Vayu, the Emblem of Honor

SUCH a better name than the Japanese translation. Vayu boasts an ATK 0f 800 and a DEF of 0. He is a level 1 Tuner of the DARK WInged-Beast persuasion. The stats do not betray his awesomeness as the chase card of ANPR.

The effect is very much like Plaguspreader ZOmbi, only WAAAAAAAY better. First off you cannot use him in a Synchro Summon while he is face-up on the field. This limits the abuse that he can inflict upon your opponent. While he is in the gravetard, you can remove him and another Blackwing from play to Special Summon a Blackwing monster of equal level stars from your Synchro Deck with it's effects negated.

This was a staple of the Vayu Turbo deck which used Graveyard effects to burn an opponent to death with Dark Strike Fighter. The idea was to discard Vayu, Sirocco or Elphin with Dark Grepher and send it's counterpart to the graveyard from your deck with Grepher. This would allow for a Synchro Summon of Armed Wing or Armor Master for tribute or attack.

The current Blackwing deck will probably utilize a pair or even a trio of these guys in order to get of essentially free Summons of Armor Master and Armed Wing to beat face with in addition to other Blackwing shenanigans. There is a reason that this card is going for 40 bucks on ebay, it will be a real feather in Blackwing's proverbial cap in the next format.


Jeff Lang
     Today’s card up for review is Blackwing-Vayu The Emblem Of Honor, aka the only card that people are caring about from Ancient Prophecy. This guy is an okay card, but is overhyped. People are even saying that because Gale went to one per deck on the new banlist, you can add two of this guy and the deck is fine. HAHA, that’s a good one. Gale was a wrecking ball, nothing is gonna be able to do what he did. The main purpose of Vayu though is to dump him in the grave via Dark Grepher, and synchro like crazy with Burial From The Different Dimension. There is a problem here though. Dark Strike Fighter was the big part of the deck, and I have even seen the deck FTK. But now that he is gone, you can still spam the field, but it isn’t even the same. A simple Soul Exchange and Raiza wrecks the field, or even Torrential/Mirror Force. The deck is fun for sure, but I don’t see it as being competitive, especially with Perfect Circle being revived, and Lightsworn not getting touched by the new banlist. But hey, who knows, this is yugioh, so anything could happen

Trad: 2.5/5
Adv: 3/5

Blackwing-Vayu the Emblem of Honor ...

God, I love Blackwings. And this card only reinforces that love affair. What it does is relatively simple enough, but it takes advantage of one of the best and most frustrating (for your opponent) game mechanics that exists ... and that's shooting from your Graveyard. Everyone knows that sense of annoyance when Treeborn Frog hits your opponents grave. And u know that added sense of security u feel when u've got a Necro Gardna in your own grave. Its the knowing that "worse case scenario"? - U can always use his effect to pull ur butt out of a tough spot. Shooting from the grave.

Vayu does this too, and in a way that no other monster has done before. It can Synchro from the grave. How awesome is THAT?!?!? Now there ARE limitations, but they arent HUGE, so long as u are actually PLAYING a Blackwing deck with him. He can only tune with ONE other Blackwing Monster to create a Blackwing Synchro. Meaning his actual targets for creation are limited as well as the "one" monster u can use for the Synchro, given the actual LEVEL of available Blackwing Synchro monsters and that Vayu himself is only 1 star.

But getting past that - it can lay the ground work for some big moves, and very likely some OTKs. i.e. - tribute Elphin (and his 6 stars) with Icarus Attack to clear your opponents field. Hopefully u already have Vayu in there, and poof! - Instant Armor Master. And u havent normal summoned or special summoned or ANYTHING yet.

I see big things in Vayu's future. especially as more Blackwing Synchros get released.
uhm ... yeah. Thumbs up.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 4/5


N o V a
We'll finish the week with Ancient Prophecy's "Plaguespreader Zombie". Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor is basically the new Plaguespreader Zombie, both in rarity for the set and a more popular themed card. VayuSynchro is the rumored top deck for the new format coming September. Cards such as Armageddon Knight, Dark Grepher and maybe even Foolish Burial will be the major cards used to dump Vayu to the graveyard. Burial from a Different Dimension has once again become a big card too. From first returning Mezuki(s) and Plaguespreader(s) to the graveyard in Zombies to now returning Vayu and materials used with Vayu to re-synchro. Now im not saying this is likely, but imagine someone pulling off 3 Burials, Dark Grepher and at least 1 more dark monster in their opening hand. Sure, you can already see where that would be going and first turn it'd be rather stupid, but this is just an example so dont get your undies in a knot. The deck with just 1 or 2 Burials in hand at any given time with Vayu and another Blackwing(usually Sirocco, Armed Wing or Armor Master) in the graveyard, just means for multiple synchro summoning in one turn. Now, I've kinda gone on about how "awesome" this card is, when its so very very easily stopped. There are 2 cards that will start seeing side deck if not main deck play. Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer and Imperial Iron Wall. Both of these cards prevent cards from being removed from play. Kycoo is however limited to just removing cards from the graveyard but removes their cards before they can use them to Synchro Summon or in-graveyard Necro Gardnas. Vayu will be a big card for sure, but there are ways around it. Just be sure to side in for it if you dont have anything mained to stop it.

Traditional: 4.5/5
Advanced: 4/5

Jae Kim
Friday- Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor

This card is incredibly versatile. It works in regular Blackwing decks because it provides the extra Whirlwind search. It works in its own deck based around Dark Grepher and/or Armageddon Knight. It's difficult to tell how effective the “Vayu Turbo” deck will be but my rough prediction is the strategy has enough gas to at least make a solid showing at SJC events.

Grepher + almost any DARK in hand turns into an easy 4000 damage. Throw in a Burial and suddenly you're doing 6300 on an open field. A three card combo for that much damage is no laughing matter. We will see how this card develops. I have not tested it yet, but it has amazing potential to be certain!

T: 4/5
A: 4/5

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