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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

White Night Dragon
# ANPR-EN092

Negate the activation of any Spell or Trap Card that targets this card, and destroy that card. When a face-up monster you control is selected as an attack target, you can send 1 Spell or Trap Card you control to the Graveyard to change the target to this card.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.15
Advanced: 3.00 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.25.09

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Dark Paladin

White Night Dragon, a very interesting and powerful Dragon monster, who is Level 8 and of the Water attribute, with 3000 attack and 2500 defense. Now, Level 8 obviously requires two tributes, but this might be a rare case for the ends justify the means.

First, White Night Dragon negates the activation of any Magic or Trap card that targets itself and destroys it. While destruction like that is awesome, even if only targeted destruction, it's a very useful ability backed by 3000 attack points. Secondly, when a face-up monster you control is attacted, you can send a Magic or Trap card to the Graveyard to change the target to this card.

That's another useful effect as 3000 attack (or even the 2500 defense) could really ruin your opponent's day. It is a bit strange I think you have to discard a Magic or Trap card as opposed to say, a Dragon monster or something, but still good.


Traditional: 2/5 Water hurts...
Advanced: 3.25/5
Art: 4.5/5
General Zorpa White Night Dragon

Today's card is Blue Eyes White Dragon's ice covered cousin and the best thing to happen to Hopeless Dragon decks since, well, Hopeless Dragon. He's got a whopping 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF, so this guy is taking out almost everything that sees play nowadays. He is a level 8 WATER Dragon, which helps a bit, but does not scream PLAY ME!

His effects are just icing on his big icy body. Spell or Trap cards that target him are negated, that means no Sakuretsu Armor, Dimensional Prison, Mind Control, Brain Control, Book of Moon, Enemy Controller or any other Spell or Trap that targets. In Magic we call this ability "shroud". It also means that you cannot target him either, so no equip spells or anything like that.

The second effect is also very good. You can change the attack of one of your opponent's monsters on another monster to the Dragon by discarding a Spell or Trap card. As he does have 3000 ATK, this is likely to kill the opponent's monster unless they have a damage step trick like Honest or Kalut. Shrink would not work because of his "shroud" effect.

Basically, this guy is dump material for Trade-In and Future Fusion and used for rebirth with Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon or a similar revival card. The fact that he is also a HUGE force on the field kicks Dark Horus out of his slot in the deck. Not to mention that his art is way awesome, this guy is one fo those cards that everyone wants and nobody has...


Jeff Lang
     Today’s card up for review is White Night Dragon. Ah, the TCG finally get’s White Night, very cool. This guy is ridiculous, the only thing being, can you get him out? If you get this guy out, it will certainly annoy your opponent, and can be tough to get rid of. In this meta, he could have a chance to shine. My only worry is this guy getting hit with a Monarch effect. He can stop things like Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Dimensional Prison, and even Mind/Brain Control, so his first effect will certainly be useful. His second effect probably won’t get activated, but that is because nobody would dare declare an attack if you have another monster on the board besides White Night. So overall, this guy says sup? Good stats, Trade-Inable, more Dragon support, and good effects. If you use Dragon’s, give this guy a try

Trad: 2.5/5
Adv: 3/5

White Night Dragon ...

A VERY good card. The basics - 3000 ATK. Just about the best u can ask for as far as standard attacks go. 2500 DEF? - Also terrific, in case it ever finds itself in that mode. Water? An attribute that was always decent enough, and is finding a lot of support in this new booster. Dragon type? - Spectacular. Especially due to support as of late, and a big bad mutha named Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (RED-MAD). RED-MAD's deck would LOVE a monster like White Night Dragon ... Something this strong with ZERO special summoning limitations ... also 8 stars, so u can dump it for the 2 card draw with Trade In ... Thus its stats alone make it very nice ... and then u look at its effect ... its not GROUND BREAKING ... but any bit of self protection is nice, especially for a monster like this which could effectively own the field once it comes out till the completion of the duel. ... Not too much to say on its 2nd effect, since u won't be using it that much ... Whatever spells or traps u DO have on the field - u would probably want to keep and make use of. Also - your opponent won't knowingly attack a weaker target on your field (knowing u can switch it), unless they had something up their sleeve. But it still does provide at least SOME cover for your other monsters in battle, which is, regardless, a nice option to have.

Long story short - if u play Dragons - u want this card.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: 4/5


N o V a
Its Tuesday, and we'll be looking at a popular card from Ancient Prophecy, White Night Dragon. This card added a boost to dragon based decks and Hopeless Dragon. White White Night Dragon isn't a dark monster, its still a solid level 8 3000 attack beater, and any spell or trap that targets White Night gets negated and destroyed. In most dragon decks, including Hopeless Dragon, you wouldn't really need to redirect an attack, but its still a handy effect. By sending a spell or trap you control to the graveyard you can change any attack to White Night Dragon. Sure it cant fit into any deck, but mainly in Hopeless Dragon, it can be quite the fearsome beast.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

Man Pojo it's been a while hasn't it? Well, partying is my life in the summer time and I tried to keep up with you guys, but hey sometimes you forget... Allot. Well anyways I'm back for stay (not just random COTDs anymore) because of school (Class of 10 baby!) Well White Night Dragon is obviously a Dragon type monsters with incredible stats (3000 Atk 2500 Def) and an even better effect. His target effect may not be used be he can be used to prevent your opponent from attacking your weaker monsters. I personally don't run it in my Hopeless build (Mine abuses Blue Eyes the superior Lv8 monster in my opinion due to it's searchability) but advise you to run it in yours if you have some slots.

Trad: 2.0 (Would probably get ate out alive in here)
Adv: 3.0 (Solid Trade-in target, great effect, and high attack)

Jae Kim
Tuesday- White Night Dragon

There are numerous unwritten rules to Yu-Gi-Oh! deck building. White Night Dragon has two such rules that apply to it, unfavorably I might add.

1) 8 star monsters must be extremely powerful (I.e Dark Magician of Chaos) to see play. It's just an unfortunate side-effect of the power creeped game. Synchro summons and special summons dominate, and White Night Dragon's lackluster effect isn't good enough to cut it.

2) Effects that require a discard had better do something a lot better than just redirect a target. Look at cards like Darklord Zerato, Tribe-Infecting Virus, and Prime Material Dragon for examples of effects that are worth the discard.

T: 1/5
Adv: 1/5

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