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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


[Spell Card]
Activate only while you control a face-up Psychic-Type monster. Destroy 1 card on the field and take 1000 damage.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.50
Advanced: 3.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.21.08

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Dark Paladin

Psychokinesis, another simple Magic Card that closes our week. In short, if you have a face-up Psychic-type monster, you can destroy one card on the Field, and then you take 1000 points of damage.

Sweet. It's reliable destruction for a stable decktype. Play it if you want that little added edge.


Traditional: 1.5/5
Advanced: 3.5/5
Art: 5/5
General Zorpa Psychokinesis

Easily the best removal card in the game. 1000 lp to kill ANY card on the opponent's field? Broken! It does have that nasty side effect of only being able to be activated if there is a Psychic on the field, but as Psychic monsters tend to thrive on field presence and lifepoint gain, the downsides really are not going to hold this card back at all. In fact, this could be the beginning of a stand alone Psychic deck using Storm Caller, Krebons, Psychic Commander, Mind Master and the works.

Basically this card is the best at what it does. Smashing Ground, Fissure and Soul Taker have nothing on this card. Only Mystical Space Typhoon has it beat on the Spell and Trap destruction front. In fact it is so versatile that you can even use it to draw out Stardust Dragon's effect, allowing you the rest of the turn to make an otherwise unmakeable comeback. And yeah, if they negate it you don't take damage.

The only thing holding this card back is it's reliance on having a Psychic on teh field to be activated, but that is the way that a power card should be, themed.


Jeff Lang
[Spell Card]
Activate only while you control a face-up Psychic-Type monster. Destroy 1
card on the field and take 1000 damage.
Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare

Todayʼs card up for review is Pychokinesis. This card could quite possibly give Psychics the push it needed to be semi competitive. Controlling a Psychic type monster wonʼt be that hard of a task, so that part is taken care of. To pop any card you want on the field is brilliant. The life point payment isnʼt as harsh as you may first think. The whole deck is based around life point payment as im sure you know. So why not bring out stuff like Thought Ruler Archfiend, Magical Android, or Lifetrancer to gain some life back? Or even just main board Telekinetic Charghing Cell and you are all set! And if your guy gets killed, you have the option to get Cell back. I suggest that you all try out the Psychic deck since it has all this new support

Mr. Random CSOC-EN056
[Spell Card]
Activate only while you control a face-up Psychic-Type monster. Destroy 1
card on the field and take 1000 damage.
Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare

While having a Psychic on the field, you can destroy a Spell or Trap or Monster card, but we have Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm and Dust Tornado for the back row and for monsters we have Smashing Gound and Caius. It sounds simple, but we have cards that do the job easier for us. When a card has two requirements to get its effect, it usually isn't worth it.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5


Psychokinesis is a Normal Spell card.  It has a “cost” in the form of requiring you control a Psychic-Type Monster.  It then has two effects: you get to destroy one card on the field, and then you take 1000 damage.  This strikes me as very good for Psychic focused decks, as they would of course easily meet the requirement to activate.  I am not overly familiar with the Psychic Monsters still, but my understanding is that a lot of them have LP costs but also LP gaining effects.  This means you should already know how to manage your Life Points and makes swallowing such a cost much easier.  Destroying any one card is nice since you can nail something of yours that, for some reason, benefits you in addition to the normal use of blowing up your opponent’s stuff.  Since it works on cards, not just Monsters or Spells or Traps, you can either use it to augment other removal, or to replace it and create more room in your deck.


Given the wording, I would think that it should work when activated using the effect of Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude, but other than that it seems like an auto-run for Psychic decks but not something for most others.




Traditional: 1/5 – Do Psychic decks work here?  I mean, they almost, almost look like they could do something but are just one or two pieces away from doing it well.


Advanced: 4/5 – This is great for a Psychic or at least Psychic heavy deck only, but in there it is a good source of universal removal.


Art: 3/5 – Isn’t that the blue girl from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward?  Fairly average picture, wish it fit the English name a bit better, but not a surprise it doesn’t.


Wow, fairly short review, at least by my standards.  That means… filler!


I use to enjoy role-playing games quite a lot in High School.  Not just video game RPGs, but actual RPG: the kind where you sit around a table portraying your characters action and dialogue to the best of your ability while using the appropriate rules system.  I was always fond of the Generic Universal Role-Playing System.  It was still on the 3rd Edition, Revised back then.  I enjoyed how they handled psychic powers in that iteration.  They broke them down in certain broad power categories with the more specific uses as sub-categories.  So Psychokinesis was the broad category that covered moving matter with one’s mind.  It included things like Telekinesis (classified as moving objects with your mind), Pyrokinesis (increasing the temperature of an object), Cryokinesis (lowering the temperature of an object), Levitation (movement of yourself), etc. It also had a similar approach to magic and even super powers in general. It was a fairly logical system and I wish fiction used it more: a fleshed out RPG can help you realize the obvious uses of a power, especially outside of combat.  Also, one of Yu-Gi-Oh’s minor but still annoying flaws is how the Attributes and Types break down and often don’t make enough sense.  Okay, end of filler.  Enjoy your weekend!

Anteaus Psychokinesis

We finish off the week with a pretty nifty Spell card, in my opinion: Psychokinesis. It's ability to destroy one card on the field (as long as you have a Psychic-type on the field) at the cost of 1000 damage is a great effect in general, and the cost of 1000 lifepoints is nothing compared to it. Remember, your lifepoints are a tool until you have none left, so use them wisely. This is the perfect cost for such a powerful effect, but I'm afraid that its high LP cost will hinder its playability. Many duelists won't touch it because they want to hoard their lifepoints instead of wield them like weapons, and this can hurt how much table time Psychokinesis will see.

The main downside of this card, however, is the fact that you need a Psychic-type on the field to activate it. Now, you could use it with Krebons to make a pretty nasty combo (Psychokinesis+tuner=Dark Armed Dragon without anything to stop it), but that's not likely to happen. Until Psychics get more support, this'll stay in one-off and tech-based Psychic decks.

In Traditional...wait, have they heard of Psychic monsters in traditional?

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2.5/5

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