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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Treacherous Trap Hole

[Trap Card]
Destroy 2 monsters on the field. You cannot activate this card if you have any Trap Cards in your Graveyard.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.25
Advanced: 3.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.20.08

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Dark Paladin

Moving to the simpler end of things in the Yugioh world, Treacherous Trap Hole comes along, which is a Secret Rare. The effect is incredibly simple...destroy two monsters on the Field. Yours, or your opponents, there are no holds barred.

Broken, no? NO...well, not quite anyway. You cannot activate this card if you have any Trap Cards in your Graveyard. Most Decks, as I'm sure you're aware, don't play that many Trap Cards. It's usually the smallest ratio from as few as 1-2 or as many as 5-7.

Does that kill this card? Yes and no. Honestly, this card probably gets better, being able to just destroy two monsters later in the Duel because you will have more powerful and difficult things to destroy.
Consequently, the odds of you having other Traps in your Graveyard increases as you proceed.


Traditional: 1.5/5

Advanced: 2.75/5

Art: 3/5? I don't hate it, I don't like it.
General Zorpa Treacherous Trap Hole

Well here is a cards that has sparked more than it's share of debate. TTT is a great card. It is an auto +1 in card advantage that is mitigated by it's limiting effect, very Reckless Greedish. You kill 2 of their monsters and you cannot activate it if you have traps in the grave.

People have discussed using it in decks packing Mask of Darkness and Diskblade Rider in order to get around it's limiting effect. That's all great, but situational. what the card should really be used in is a deck that wouldn't play any trap cards anyway, and that need a card other than Torrential Tribute to deal with opposing monsters. Dark World Synchro comes to mind right now, as they could always use some monster removal.

The uses for TTT are few, but there is no denying it is one of the best cards to come out of CSOC.


Jeff Lang
Treacherous Trap Hole
[Trap Card]
Destroy 2 monsters on the field. You cannot activate this card if you have
any Trap Cards in your Graveyard.
Secret Rare

Todayʼs card up for review is Treacherous Trap Hole. This card is very very interesting and has so much potential. It is very hard to get this card off besides the first opening turns possibly. Best way I have found to break this card would be in Macro decks. If all of your stuff gets removed with your main cards, this card will be brutal. The only other way I have found this card to be useful as of now, is to flip Mask of Darkness to grab your only trap in your graveyard and then your set(Decks use like 5-8 traps at the moment so this scenario will occur quite a bit). I am still working on a way to efficiently use this card, and will for sure do an article based off of this card when I find the answer!

Mr. Random CSOC-EN089
Treacherous Trap Hole
[Trap Card]
Destroy 2 monsters on the field. You cannot activate this card if you have
any Trap Cards in your Graveyard.
Secret Rare

Treacherous Trap Hole is a chainable trap to anything that can automatically destroy two monsters on the field. The downside to this card is if you have traps in the grave, this card is useless, so it is best used in the early game. It would also work with Macrocosmos and multiple copies because you can destroy the two monsters and won't have to worry about traps in the grave. If your opponent has one monster, D.D. Survivor can be used as the other monster and come back at the end phase. Its a nice tech card, but it needs to be in a special deck to maximize its use.

Traditional: 2.5/5
Advanced: 3.5/5


Today’s CotD is Treacherous Trap Hole.  I got into Yu-Gi-Oh shortly after the release of the Yugi and Kaiba Starter Decks in the U.S. so I remember the prominence of both the original Trap Hole way back then as well as the on-again-off-again use of Bottomless Trap Hole.  I guess this has become a whole family of cards right now: there are a total of eight “Trap Hole” related cards.  In addition to the first two well-known ones and today’s card, there are Acid Trap Hole, Adhesion Trap Hole, D.D. Trap Hole, Gemini Trap Hole, and Giant Trap Hole.  I wonder if Konami has thought about creating some support for these so they could be their own deck-type?


Well, back on topic, Treacherous Trap Hole is the latest member of the family, and paradoxically may be both the easiest and hardest to use.  Acid Trap Hole has the easiest requirements to met (just activate it when the opponent has something Set, and odds are the DEF will be low enough to destroy it), but how often are Monsters Set in the current metagame?  I was given the impression not often by the players I’ve chatted with.  Adhesion Trap Hole works whenever an opponent Normal, Flip, or Special Summons a Monster (or even multiple Monsters all at once)… but it has to survive that long.  Bottomless Trap Hole, of course, works only when the opponent Summons a Monster (or again, Monsters) with 1500 or more ATK, and that does ignore a significant number of useful cards as well.  D.D. Trap Hole only works when the opponent Sets a Monster in DEF position (yes, there is at least one obscure way to Set a Monster in ATK position), and on top of that you need a Monster of your own to destroy and remove as payment.  Gemini Trap Hole only works if a Gemini Monster whose effect has been activated dies in battle – very specialized.  Giant Trap Hole requires multiple Monsters be Special Summoned at the same time.  The classic Trap Hole only worked against a Normal Summon, and then one with 1000 or more ATK (the Normal Summon being the really restrictive part).


Treacherous Trap Hole doesn’t car about something being Summoned or Set.  It doesn’t care about ATK, DEF, or even Monster position.  It doesn’t require you give up a Monster of your own.  You can activate once it has gone through an End Phase of being Set and there are at least two Monsters in play (since it has to hit two for its effect).  That means it can be chained to removal effects, allowing you to potentially net three cards for the price of one.  So that is how it is the easiest… why did I say it was also the hardest.  It does have one restriction clause, and it’s a severe one: you cannot have another Trap in your Graveyard!


So where does that leave this card?  It leaves it in the decks of the dedicated, the deprived, and the daring.  Players willing to build a deck around using (abusing?) this card can.  Diskblade Rider is Level 4 Monster that bulks up from 1700 ATK to 2200 ATK for the price of removing a Normal Trap from your Graveyard.  So one could run that, maybe Soul Release, and try to build a deck to abuse those two cards.  You’d probably want to flesh it out with Bazoo the Soul-Eater and Chaos Rider Gustaph for the whole “empty Graveyard” theme, enabling some interesting supporting Spell cards.  If that doesn’t strike your fancy, you can simply add this to Macros Cosmos decks.  It seems an obvious choice there: you’re almost guaranteed to have no Normal Traps in your Graveyard so you’ll just enjoy that sweet two Monster piece of removal, and as an added bonus, you probably have a safe target on the field in case you just need one Monster killed (D.D. Survivor and D.D. Scout Plane).


Players lacking Mirror Force have always had other, lesser options.  Torrential Tribute has been easy to come by for quite some time, but running one Torrential and a single Treacherous seems workable.  Even just running Treacherous as your only Trap might work, since how often will Torrential Tribute kill more than two Monsters (excluding your own or ones you know won’t matter like Treeborn Frog)?  After all, we have many nasty Quick-Play Spells that can more or less replace most commonly played Traps: things like Shrink, Rush Recklessly, and Enemy Controller… even more specialized ones like My Body As Shield.


Then there are players just willing to chance Treacherous in the deck because they aren’t running many Traps and when it’s used, it’s going to be a huge boon, and when it can’t be used… it can still be S/T removal bait and used to bluff.  And of course, like Reckless Greed, you can set multiple copies and hope to be able to chain them to each other (and that there will be enough Monster targets).  Pity almost every strategy I can think of that you’d counter with that already has a better side deck option available.


So all in all, this seems like a worthy addition to the Trap Hole family but probably not something most players will want to main deck.




Traditional: 2/5


Advanced: 3/5


Art: 2.5/5



Anteaus Treacherous Trap Hole

Ah, yet another entry into the "Trap Hole" family.Treacherous Trap Hole is a sketchboots kind of card, considering how you have to destroy two monsters on the field (you don't have an option), and it doesn't discriminate against your monsters or your opponent's monsters. Now, if you're backed into a corner, this can come in handy, but it's definitely not something you want to be playing to get rid of their lone Spirit Reaper when you have three or four monsters on the field.

Also, another big drawback to this card is the fact that you can't have any Trap cards in your graveyard, which ultimately limits this card to a one-per-deck status (unless you're playing Macro or something along those lines). Despite the fact that most decks still only roll with 4-6 Trap cards, the drawback to TTH is still too much to keep the effect of the card from seeing too much table time.

In Traditional, this won't even be touched, guaranteed. With so many better Trap cards, this will just take up space.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5

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