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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Plaguespreader Zombie

Plaguespreader Zombie
Level 2
ATK/400 DEF/200
You can return 1 card from your hand to the top of the Deck to Special Summon this card from the Graveyard. If you do, remove this card from play when it is removed from the field.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.67
Advanced: 4.67 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 is average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.17.08

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Dark Paladin

Plaguespreader Zombie opens our week, a very useful Ultra Rare, who is great for Zombies, and useful even in other plac I'm not sure what plague is spread here, but this card is a Level 2 Zombie monster, who is also a Tuner with 400 atk and 200 def.

Being a Tuner is just an added bonus for this card, which makes it almost as important as being a Zombie. Level 2 is a nice place for a Tuner. Anyway, by returning a card from your Hand to the top of your Deck to Special Summon this card from the Graveyard.

While a return to the Deck doesn't seem all that great, it can be whatever you want, and even if it's a good card, you are most likely going to be Drawing it again next turn. While the Special Summon itself doesn't seem so game-breaking, it's what you can do afterward that is so nice.

Synchro Summon, tribute, you have a lot of options here as to what excellent combo you can pull off with this guy. I personally wouldn't be surprised to see this guy on the Banned List somewhere before the next change.


Traditional: 3.5/5

Advanced: 4.5/5 It is really good, but you need whatever other
cards in your Hand all ready to make this be truly awesome.

Art: 4/5
General Zorpa Plaguespreader Zombie

There is a reason that this guy is the ONLY Ultra Rare to reach 80 bucks. That reason is that he is playable in ANY deck and instantly bumps Krebons off of the "Best Tuner In the Game" podium. In fact, Krebons is kind of boring next to this guy. Well, the card has it's merits. A level 2 Tuner is good, DARK is good and OZmbie is even better.

Now the effect. You can Special Summon him from the graveyard by placing one card from your hand on top of your deck. WOWZORZZ! He is the first Tuner that can Special Summon himself, and not only lends himself to create an uber fast Zombie SYnchro deck, but can be used in virtually ANY other deck.

Lightsworn are of course at the top of the list after Zombie decks for using this guy. They put so many cards in grave that it makes it rather easy and painless to put a dead Wulf back on top of your deck to Special Summon this guy. Generally you will make Goyo Guardian or Magical Android, but Black Rose Dragon, Stardust Dragon and Colossal Fighter are not out of the question.

You can use him in Tele-DAD, as Dark Grepher allows you to sendhim directly to the graveyard, which makes him almost searchable. Generally you would want to play Krebons in that particular deck, but I can see them fitting in a copy or two instead of Necro Gardna or D.D. Crow as tech.

What? Monarch decks can use this guy? Sure can, as 6+2=8. You can even use him as emergency tribute fodder for a MOnarch summon. I would actually prefer to use Spell Striker for that purpose, but if you have Plaguespreaders, you better be playing them, selling them or trading them, as they are THE monsey card in the game right now.


Jeff Lang
Plaguespreader Zombie
Level 2
ATK/400 DEF/200
You can return 1 card from your hand to the top of the Deck to Special
Summon this card from the Graveyard. If you do, remove this card from play
when it is removed from the field.
Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare

Todayʼs card up for review is Plaguespreader Zombie. By reading this, you can tell it is quite good, but I will point some stuff out that you may not be thinking to show how amazing this card is! For starters, he is a Zombie type. So right off the bat, he give zombies a nice push. This little guy does so much more. In the Teleport Dark Armed deck, he can put a second Destiny Hero Malicious that you have drawn and put it on top to summon Plague from the graveyard, then remove the Malicious for a nice little combo there. Another nifty trick is to have Plague in your Graveyard, put a normal spell card on top of your deck to special summon Plague, then summon Diamond Dude for a sure hit with his effect. Last but not least, this guy makes Lightsworns that much stable. Have Plague in your graveyard, put a Wulf from your hand to the the top of deck, then either play Charge Of The Light Brigade or and Endphase Lightsworn mill effect for nice advantage. I cannot stress how amazing this card is. It will be guarenteed to see play everywhere at the top tables at regionals and Day 2 at Shonen Jump Championships.

Mr. Random CSOC-EN031
Plaguespreader Zombie
Level 2
ATK/400 DEF/200
You can return 1 card from your hand to the top of the Deck to Special
Summon this card from the Graveyard. If you do, remove this card from play
when it is removed from the field.
Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare

The money card of the set is the card we'll be reviewing today. Plaguespreader Zombie can be special summoned back from the grave by putting a card in your hand on top of your deck. This is great for Lightsworns because if they have dead Wulfs in their hand, just special summon the Plaguespreader Zombie and send that Wulf back on top. Just as long as you have a Lightsworn monster to do the sending.

This is also great for Zombie decks because it can be searched by anything and it can be summoned from the grave without using its own effect. Card of Safe Return is amazing with this card. It also gives these decks the ability to Synchro Summon monsters. Since he is a tuner, sending him back to the grave to reborn again is a great play and it would create a lot of advantage for the Zombie player. Plaguespreader Zombie is Dark monster below 1000 ATK, so Crush Card Virus has another target. Zombie decks should start winning more tournaments because of this card.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 5/5


Stats: Plaguespreader Zombie is today’s CotD.  It is a Level 2 Dark/Zombie/Effect/Tuner/400 ATK/200 DEF.  Where to start with just those stats?  Well, I’ll do it in the order that requires the least repetition.  Dark is probably the best and most supported Attribute.  Zombies aren’t the most or best supported Type, but they are near the top of the list, having both quantity and quality.  Already, this card has some serious potential.  The ATK and DEF are puny and only a handful of played cards won’t beat them, but they are also small enough that you can search out and Special Summon Plaguespreader Zombie with Mystic Tomato or Pyramid Turtle or searched and added to hand via Sangan or Goblin Zombie.


It is a Tuner Monster, giving Zombies an on Type candidate.  It’s Level of 2 is actually good given all the above: you can drop it into play easily, and target it with Zombie Master if need be to revive it from the Graveyard.  It also means that any Level 4 (like the aforementioned Zombie Master) is fuel enough to Synchro Summon several useful Level 6 Synchro Monsters.


Effect(s): Besides enabling you to Synchro Summon, you can Special Summon this card from your Graveyard by returning a card from your hand to the top of your deck.  Also, when Plaguespreader Zombie is removed from play after that (for whatever reason), it is removed from play instead.  The trade off to Special Summon it seems fair, especially since any deck focused on the card will have ample opportunity to turn it into a blessing.  The removal clause makes perfect sense since otherwise even I can figure out how to turn this into a FTK deck.


As is, this effect clearly benefits the card more than Turbo Synchron’s effect did.  Plaguespreader Zombie can be Special Summoned via its effect alongside the Normal Summon of a Monster fairly easily, thus enabling you to Synchro Summon a Level 6 Synchro Monster very, very quickly, where as Turbo Synchron was ironically slower, with an effect that required you go into battle with it first to get a fairly restricted Special Summon out of it.  Also worth noting is that you can find more mundane uses for Plaguespreader Zombie, if you must, such as simply being Tribute fodder.


Uses and

Combinations: As stated earlier, if it didn’t remove itself from play, then you could constantly re-use it simply with two other cards: Mass Driver would let you Tribute it, then you would use Plague Spreader Zombie’s own effect to revive it.  What about the card returned to the top of the deck?  Use Card of Safe Return to constantly re-draw it.  Making the deck more reliable, you could add in Foolish Burial, Goblin Zombie, Sangan and perhaps Archfiend’s Oath, Cannon Soldier.  Well, as you probably guessed by now, I wasn’t just wasting time warning you about this FTKO.  Oh, thankfully it can’t be done due to the remove-from-play clause, unless you found a way to prevent that clause from taking effect.  Enter the Continuous Trap card called Imperial Iron Wall.  Its effect keeps cards from being removed from play.  It prevents you from using effects that use removing something from play as a cost, but anything that would remove itself from play instead of heading to another destination (hand, Graveyard, deck, etc.) still work: the card(s) just go to where they should have gone, if I understand this correctly.  So… already nice for Zombies since it blocks D.D. Crow, Imperial Iron Wall enables a OTK strategy using all those cards (plus Quillbolt Hedgehog) I was mentioning “could have been” a First Turn Kill.  So it looks like you could run this as a dedicated OTK deck, or even splash the bits into an otherwise functional Zombie deck: in fact the only piece that wouldn’t probably be in the deck anyway would be the Mass Driver.


There is even more to Plaguespreader Zombie, though.  If the above OTK does not work (and I really, really hope it doesn’t), not only is this a Tuner that can easily fit into Zombie, Dark, and of course Dark Zombie decks, but it even has two exclusive Synchro Summons: Doomkaiser Dragon and Revived King Ha Des.  Both are even Level 6, the super special awesome easy Synchro Summon Level for a Level 2 Synchro.  Both are solid cards, and in Zombie decks especially are well worth running.


If you work hard, you can even take advantage of that forced top deck of a card in hand.  For example, Destiny Hero – Diamond Dude doesn’t have to worry about dead Spells in hand if you have a Plaguespreader Zombie in your discard pile.




Traditional: 3/5 – If the OTK is real, then it would be… a weaker version of FTK decks already here.  Still, you could probably win with such a deck, and even a dedicated Zombie deck has some chance here.


Advanced: 4/5 – I really feel this is a must for Zombie decks, and probably a good idea for many Dark Decks as well.


Art: 4/5 – I don’t like the art… its creepy and gives me the willies.  But it is a zombie, and that is what it’s supposed to do.  According to my friend who plays, there is a World of Warcraft unit called “Abomination” that matches this card: also being a misshapen meshing of limbs of different creatures to form a zombie.



A superbly designed card that sadly may end up becoming “broken” because of a potential OTK, Plaguespreader Zombie is otherwise an excellent addition to the game.  It’s a Tuner that can be added to Dark based decks with easy, enables two exclusive Synchro Summons, is easily searched out and/or Special Summoned and can even use itself simply as Tribute Fodder if no good Synchro Summons are available.



Anteaus Plaguespreader Zombie

I like this card a lot. He's a decent Zombie with crappy stats, but you're not playing him for the beatstickness that he doesn't have. Instead, you're playing this bad boy to gain some advantage on the field by bringing back one of your many, many Zombies. Its Special Summon effect is incredibly powerful, but there's a pretty heavy price: you have to spin a card from your hand back to the top of your deck. That can be pretty painful, seeing as how Zombies thrive on quick plays and blindingly fast attacks and all that jazz. Having one card gum up the works for you can be a hassle, but that Special Summoning ability is pretty tempting.

Ultimately, this card is all about balance. You need to be able to play this guy at the right time, in the right situation, otherwise he'll just make things ten times harder on you. In Traditional, I haven't seen Zombies recieve too much table time, but they get a decent boost with this card. However, there are still way better cards out there than this, so don't expect too much play out of him in this format.

Traditional: 2/5
Advanced: 3.5/5

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