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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Maximum Six

Maximum Six
Level 6
ATK/1900 DEF/1600
When this card is Tribute Summoned, roll a six-sided die. This card gains ATK equal to the result of the die roll × 200.
Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.08.08


Dark Paladin



Maximum Six is our card for today, a Joey Wheeler card that we saw in Down in Flames Part II in the Grand Championship arc of the original Yugioh.  Anyway, Maximum Six is a Level 6 Warrior monster of the Earth Attribute with 1900 attack and 1600 def. 


Anyway, when this card is tribute summoned successfully, you get to roll a die.  Increase this monsters attack by the roll of the die x 200.  An extra 200 attack may not seem like a lot...as a one only gives you 2100 attack.


However, a 3 gives you 2500 attack, enough to take out your 2400 attack powerhouses.  A 5 gives you 2900 attack, enough to take out Dark Armed Dragon, Dark Magician of Chaos, or Light and Darkness Dragon.


In short, I don't think this is a bad card, but it's not the most reliable thing we have right now.




Traditional:  1.5/5  Being Earth hurts, but Warrior is good.


Advanced:      3/5  Not bad, but is anyone going to use it?  Warriors

aren't big right now.


Art:  2/5


Maximum Six:

This review's gonna be very short.

ATK boosts are not worth playing for unless they're either extremely huge, or do something else along with raising ATK (like Prometheus and removing a crapload of Dark monsters to either get DAD out or set up Dimension Fusion.)

The average ATK this monster is going to be is 2500/2700, which can take out most good monsters, and 2900/3100 can take out DAD and its two big Special Summons.  Thing is, I'd rather just destroy a card for free with a Tribute Summon effect.

Bad card is bad.

David "BobDole" Hoffman

 Maximum Six


 Well the first thing I notice is how is this card read "When this card is normal summoned, or special summoned", this would be considerably better. Heavens, it may even be considered main-deck'able by Earth Swarm decks, as his ATK could allow him to top even Black Luster Soldier.


 Unfortunately, since it doesn't, this card isn't really worth while. At minimum he's 2100, and at max he's 3100, so while he most certainly does have the capacity to be gamebreaking, I'd rather just run a 2400 monster that does something besides pack Dice Re-roll.


 I suppose he'd be fantastic in a beatdown deck featuring Great Maju Garzette, back in 2005. Unfortunately he's three years late for that. Though he is Warrior, which grants him indescribable support.


 In Traditional, please don't run him. It's just not a good idea.
 In Advanced, feel free to run him in triplicated and watch how quickly DaD tears him into pieces.


 Traditional: 1/5
 Advanced: 1.5/5


Thursday - Maximum Six


     We're back with another card from Light of Destruction review in the Pojo.com COTD section. This time, it's an Effect Monster that isn't LIGHT nor DARK-attribute, and it's a card that not too many people have been excited about in the new set. We'll start off with an explanation of the Card Effect, as always.


Effect Explanation

     When Maximum Six is sucessfully Tribute Summoned, you are to roll a 6-sided die, and this card's attack is increased by the result of the die roll x 200. As long as the card is face-up on the field, the attack stat remains like this. This means that if Maximum Six was flipped facedown for any reason (Book of Moon) and then Flip Summoned, its attack would be and stay as 1900. The same goes for when Maximum Six is summoned any other way than a Tribute Summon (Special Summon, Flip Summon, etc.).


Stat Analysis

     There isn't much to say about Maximum Six's ATK stat, simply because it varies depending on the dice roll. However, there are a couple other important features of the card. First of all, it's an EARTH-attribute Warrior-type monster, which is typical for most Warriors. In Warrior decks, cards that give a player advantage according to Attribute aren't too common, so we'll dismiss these two traits. Maximum Six is a 6-star monster, meaning that the player must Sacrifice 1 monster in order to Tribute Summon it onto the field. This card's DEF stat isn't too important, either, because this card will almost never be seen in Defense Position unless Enemy Controller is activated. In that case, Gadgets (which is the only deck that runs Enemy Controller in the current format) would be too weak to destroy Maximum Six in battle.


Where will Maximum Six be useful?

     Maximum Six is obviously only useful in a Warrior deck where the player can afford to take a risk by Sacrificing a monster for a possibly relatively weak one, since cards like Command Knight and The A. Forces can provide sufficient support afterwards.


Where will Maximum Six NOT be useful?

     Like mentioned previously, Maximum Six is only useful in a Warrior-based deck, and it's not too useful in any other decks. The problem is that Maximum Six has a slight possibility of being very weak, and taking that chance just isn't worth it. Even after a great result of the roll, the highest attack that this card can reach without support is 2700, which isn't even enough to take down a Dark Armed Dragon or DMoC. This card's effect just isn't worth it.


Traditional: 1/5

Advanced: 1.3/5


Art: 2.5/5


Since I can't think of anyway in particular to start out the review, I simply say excalibraxunounilitourinixit. Maximum six is one of those cards who isnt nessacarily bad, just not good enough to see play. Not bad, just not good. But it might prosper in the chaos format...

3.5/5 trad.

1/5 adv.



LODT-EN097 Maximum Six

I'm just going to ahead and put it out there that I have an extreme distaste for cards that rely on dice rolls & coin flips since it's all luck based. With that said this card is at best a card you can make a neat fun deck out of. I can't ever see it being useful in a competitive environment because there are a ton of Tribute monsters that outclass this. It's a pretty neat card but it's just not worth playing on a competitive level. If only this card had came out about 4 years ago then it might have had a shot at seeing competitive play.

Advanced: 2/5

Traditional: 1/5

Tony Mera LODT-EN097
Maximum Six
Level 6
ATK/1900 DEF/1600
When this card is Tribute Summoned, roll a six-sided die. This card gains
ATK equal to the result of the die roll × 200.
Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare

This card isn't very special. The effect it gains isn't as effective as some of you think. Some of you could be playing a beat down and might say this might be useful in place of an equip card. It really isn't. If you roll the highest possible roll of a 6, you will only increase this monsters attack by 1200. If you roll a 5, It would be the as if you equipped Axe Of Despair to it. Anything lower than a 5 would be terrible. Do you want to play risky cards? No, it isn't smart to play cards that depend on die rolls. Even the greatest card that uses die rolls as Snipe hunter which has a 66% of never missing can miss. I've heard many bad beat stories where the person had rolled wrong 4 times or more with a 66% chance of success.

Even you get past the rolling, it still isn't a good card. It take a tribute meaning it take out one of you're monsters, which means less monsters to swarm the field with and attack. Then you are losing advantage. Meaning you tributed for this card and the card it self doesn't gain a card back like other tribute monsters like monarchs. Advantage doesn't really matter with  beat down decks, but this card doesn't make up for it's effect as a negative. You would rather use better equips cards like Magic Power and United We Stand who can gain a monster a big attack. Beat down decks aren't very fast this format, because they are out sped  by DaD and other fast decks. It's just a better idea to use an equip over him. Even Axe Of Despair is better than using this card. It's attack is also very low and doesn't make up for it's poor effect.

Advanced- 1/5

Traditional- 1/5

If you have any questions. E-mail me at Merajustwins@yahoo.com or feel free to PM in the forums for any help or advice.

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