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Angel 07

Card Number - LODT-EN092

Level 7
ATK/2500 DEF/1500

When this card is Tribute Summoned, it gains the following effect:
•The effects of Effect Monsters cannot be activated.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.50
Advanced: 2.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.28.08


Dark Paladin



Angel 07 is our card today, a card that tries SO hard to be good, and, well, anyway...Angel 07 is appropriately Level 7, and a Fairy of the Light attribute with 2500 atk and 1500 def.  There's our first problem...a Level 7 monster with 2500 atk and 1500 def...both low.


(Note:  I do like and play the card Dark Magician.  I'm not being biased or hypocritical, the same is true for him.)


Anyway, the effect is simply.  Effect monsters cannot activate their effects.  That's great, monster effect shutdown in a single card. 

However, while 2500 atk is low, it IS enough to take out the 2400 attack terrors, but falls to DAD, DMoC, JD, and so on.


Besides, this is too much trouble simply for her to be removed or destroyed by a Magic or Trap card.  Really, it's not a bad card...necessarily.  It's just not environmentally friendly, thanks to Gadgets, Monarchs, Perfect Circle, DAD/DMoC removal, return, OTK/FTK, Diamond Dude Turbo, etc...




Traditional:  1.5/5  Even slower here.

Advanced:    2.5/5  For reasons listed above.

Art:  3.5/5


Angel 07

One step at a time.

2500 attack: Defeats the typical one tribute monsters you're going to see in combat (Monarchs, Jinzo)

1500 defense: Won't be wiped out by a searcher in defense mode, so Book of Moon isn't instant death for it.

Two Tributes: If the effect could be enabled without tributing for it, this wouldn't be too bad. As its a mandatory tribute summon, however, this is enough to sink the card in all but the most dedicated builds.

Effect: A variation on Skill Drain, this card prevents even Exiled Force from doing his Konami-given duty of "sacrificing for the greater good". Does nothing to continuous effects, however.

Light/Fairy: Adds nothing particularly outstanding to either stat.

Now then, here we have a monster with a powerful continuous effect. It locks out Monarchs, Exiled Force, searchers, and an assortment of other typically obnoxious effect monsters. Other continuous effect monsters (such as Jinzo and Spell Canceller) ignore it entirely, making for potentially interesting decks designed around complete locks.

Could be fun.

Regardless, the mandatory tribute summon hurts it deeply. As it is, we only see the use of two other two tribute monsters right now; Dark Magician of Chaos (who is typically special summoned anyway) and Light and Darkness Dragon. Both cards can change a game merely by touching the field. DMoC is a floater, so anything he kills once he's on the field is a bonus. LADD can take several spells and traps with it before it leaves the field, generating back easily the amount of resources it cost.

Angel 07, however, does neither of these things. While it can protect itself from destruction through monster effects (Exiled Force, Ryko), its two greatest threats come from Dark Armed Dragon and Judgment Dragon... both of whom can merely run it over.

Still, this is a format where much of our destruction comes from monsters. With that taken into consideration, Angel 07 does have potential to wreck some havoc against DAD decks (if you can hold off with Dragon himself) as well as Lightsworn decks (again, if you can fight the Dragon). More importantly, though, it annihilates Gladiator Beast decks. That alone gives it some potential use in today's meta. All things considered, she either needs a deck built around her, or she's a wild card side deck option.

Traditional: 2/5 (a few more cards to negate, but a much faster format with more ways of dealing with it)
Advanced: 3/5 (takes some effort to field, but can deal a lot of damage to the current meta)

General Zorpa Angel 07
Well, this card is what Plasma wishes he could be. While Plasma and Skill Drain only affect the field, Angel 07 prevents monster effects from even being activated. He does cost two tributes to bring out, and his effect only works when that happens, but Gellenduo and Kaiser Seahorse make that easy. A deck packing this guy and Skill Drain would pretty much bring to it's knees any deck that is commonly played.
Did I mention that he can run over anything that is played other than the Big 4 (Light and Darkness Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, Dark Magician of Chaos and Judgment Dragon)? Well he does, and makes life very difficult for your opponent. With protection he can win games.
Devin Djuricin


Agent 07

Let’s begin with its horrible summoning cost in which it requires 2 tributes in order to gain its effect. Secondly its attack and defense are very poor for this cost.

For its effect it is possibly more complex then it appears, for example it appears to be worded that it only stops effects from being able to activate. This in turn will not affect continuous effects such as Spirit Reaper and Jinzo. Therefore this card is only help for defeating Monarchs, Gadgets and Gladiator Beasts.

The cost for this monster is to great for a lackluster effect.

This card is similar to Shadow Imprisoning Mirror, with its effect but impossible to utilize.

Traditional: 1/5

Advanced: 1/5


angel 07 isn't that good compared with plasma. plasma has a lot more attack, and if you have two monsters on your side of the feild, you can just summon another one then tribute them all. not to mention scapegoat. if it gained the effect when special summoned, or if it only needed one tribute, then definitely. but not with this text.

1/5 all.


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