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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Book of Moon

Flip 1 face-up monster on the field into face-down Defense Position.

Type - Spell
Card Number - DB2-EN232

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.00
Advanced: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.05.08


Dark Paladin

Book of Moon has also been sent from being Restricted down the list to only being Semi-Restricted...and I have to wonder why. We lost Magician of Faith again this format, so does that mean Flip effects are dead and it doesn't matter how many times you play Book of Moon?

We have plenty of other Flip effect monsters that can be abused, and other ways to get Magic cards back from the Graveyard...like Magical Stone Excavation or Dark Magician of Chaos. Anyway, aside from using Book of Moon to reuse a Flip effect, you could also use it offensively or defensively against or for an attack.

Offensively you can use it to flip an opponent's monster into defense mode so you can now destroy their monster. On the same note, you can use it defensively so when being attacked you either won't take any damage, or you might have enough defense that your opponent can't destroy your monster.

Honestly...use one, and side the other, that's my thought.


Traditional: 4/5 More Flips here.

Advanced: 4.5/5 Very solid, for reasons staed above.

Advanced Side-Deck: 5/5

Book of Moon

Book is up to 2 per deck now.  What does this change?

Magician of Faith, the best thing to flip down and back up, is no longer with us.  Morphing Jar, however, is still around.  Reflipping that could be devastating.

As for generic defenses in Quick-Play form, I think more decks will prefer Enemy Controller, with the ability to tribute a monster to steal another one to attack for game, as well as being a one-turn block.  You've also got "once per turn" effects like Zombie Master that can be used (assuming he was already on the field), flip down, flip back up, and use it again -- nice if you have some Card of Safe Returns on the field.

In short, this helps flip-heavy decks, but I don't see that many of those getting played right now.
General Zorpa Book of Moon
Yes! One of my favorite cards is back at almost full strength. Book of Moon is a potent Defensive, Offensive and combo oriented card. I guess they figured they could take it off since Magician of Faith was banned. I would have preferred Tsukuyomi to be honest, but Book of Moon is almost as good. Definitely a godsend with FLIP effect monsters, LIke Mask of Darkness (DARK) and Gravekeeper's Spy (DARK). In fact most of the best FLIP effect monsters are DARK, making this an excellent choice for slower DARK decks.
Just remember what you flipped down. My friend activated Book of Moon on my Dark Armed Dragon just the other night, and forgot to take it out after he had swarmed the field and killed all my face up monsters. I ended up decimating the field next turn. This is where the new note-taking rules come in, so if you learn anything you can write it down. That includes facedown cards, so use it!
David "BobDole" Hoffman Book of Moon

Easily one of my favorite cards in the game.

Book of Moon is an old card that still to this day, many consider a staple in a basic deck. Back in the day when you could use three, it ran in doubles or triples all the time. Now it's back in double force, which is one the best things from the Ban List.

- The effect of flipping a monster facedown is just great. Allowing you stop an attack, flip your own DEF heavy monster facedown to block, or allowing yourself to reuse a flip effect. Easily one of the most versatile cards you can find. This and Marshmallon are just mean.

A good combo back in the day was this and Nobleman of Crossout, which allowed you to flip anything down (BLS/CED) and remove it without a problem. Tsukuyomi was good for the same reason, they she was reusable, which is why she's still banned.

Not a whole lot to say about an awesome card.

Traditional: 4/5 Prevents BLS from raping for a turn. Thumbs up.
Advanced: 3.5/5 I would love it if someone Dark Bribed this.

Bob Dole
Master Tricks
Book of Moon
    To me, this card is a pretty decent sidedeck card, is newly semi-limited, and will also be another featured card in the "Cards/Decks on the Rise/Fall" list on my next article. There isn't much too explain about Book of Moon so I'll try to make it short and sweet. It's a quick-play spell that can flip a face-up monster back face-down so you can negate a powerful monster's ATK or effect (Depending on what the effect is) and you can destroy it with Nobleman of Crossout, Shield Crush, or simply a decent monster with higher ATK than that monster's DEF. It can also flip Flip Effect monster back face-down, but that usually isn't necessary. That's all for today and if you duelists need anything such as help, please feel free to contact me at pathoon@aol.com. Thanks for reading!
Traditional: 1.25/5 (We have Rageiki, Dark Hole, etc. to get rid of monsters easily)
Advanced: 3/5
Art: 2.75 (A book with a picture of a crescent moon? A little lame to me.)
Ex` Wednesday March 5th: Book of Moon

Does anyone remember the Goat Format? Book of Moon is and always will be regarded as a high utility card designed to do more than one thing in any given situation. It can block attacks, it can evade targeting tricks, it can reuse your or your opponent's flip effects or you can reset a monster's ignition effect and use it again (Hallo Thar BLS). This format should hopefully see some of those tricks rise thanks to its new 2 per deck restriction.

Personally, Book answered alot of things that made past formats broken. They shouldn't have restricted this card in the first place. Thanks to that, Book's popularity dwindled far beyond its years. Players would instead use tricks like Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and Dimensional Prison to remove their threats and they run few flips altogether

That was then, this is Now. This format, try out your 2 Books and see how much it can help you stop an unwanted Machine Duplication

Traditional: 3/5 (With Faith at 1, its uses has Dwindled. I'd still enjoy reusing BLS effect)

Advanced: 3/5 (A Magic Miracle in the pile of changes to March 1st. Abuse It)

Until Next Time

Okgottawritesuperfastbeforepojoupdatesthesite! Ok, continuing on banlistweek, is a card that should've never been on the list in the first place.
Book of Moon should NOT be splashed. Maybe some people use it as monster destruction, but not a lot. I do believe this card was semi-limited to counter Jinzo. It's because of this Nobleman of Crossout was banned. it's similar to Cyber Dragon and Pot of Avarice: it takes skill to play.
4/5 trad. it can counter chaos.
3/5 adv.


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