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Dark Illusion

[Counter Trap Card]
Negate the activation of a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster's effect that targets a face-up DARK monster, and destroy that card.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 2.50
Advanced: 3.17

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.21.08


Dark Paladin

Dark Illusion is a decent enough Counter Trap Card. It negates the activation of a Magic or Trap Card, or a Monster Effect that targets a face-up Dark monster and destroys it. So, it's certainly versatile.

The only problem is this: most of us don't use many cards that actually target things. So, it may be a card that really helps you, or it may not help you at all :)


2.5 + X/5 Where X equals the number of cards your opponent uses that target.

Art: 4/5

Dark Illusion

Now this thing's got some potential.

Okay, you get a free negation of ANYTHING as long as it's hitting a Dark.  Granted, there are several cards that are played that don't target (Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, Lightning Vortex)...but this could be good against an opposing Dark Armed Dragon, because usually the opponent will use priority to remove a Dark monster and target one of your monsters on the field, figuring if you have Bottomless or something, at least they got rid of 2 of your cards for one of theirs.

If nothing else, you've got free negation against a plethora of cards for a dedicated deck.

This may not end up in the tier 1 decks, or it may just take a while, but this is what the game needs more of -- decent support cards for various themes.

General Zorpa Dark Illusion

Unlike Yesterday's card, this one has some potential, or had. It is the best 1 for 1 negation in the game. No joke. It negates anything, trap, spell or monster that targets a DARK monster and negates and destroys it. Sound cool? I bet it does. However, we have almost cut targeting cards out of our game. Brain Control, Dark Armed Dragon and Soul Exchange are pretty much the only targeting cards that anyone uses besides traps. Last format it was very formidable against Raiza thanks to Raiza Targeting. However it is now far too Situational to use very effectively, with Darklord Zerato and Lightning Vortex Leading the way in terms of removal.
Since most cards in the game won't target a DARK monster, it is very hard to use it effectively. I believe as soon as Kuraz comes out, we might see some resurgence of this card, to prevent the massive destruction that he can wreak while in a DDT variant. A good card, just in the wrong time.
Carrotizer Dark Illusion
Counter Trap Card
Negate the activation of a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster's effect
that targets a face-up DARK monster, and destroy that card.

Not a bad card. Too slow, however.

If Counter Fairy had some DARK fairies…then this card would be pretty darn good. Unfortunately, DARK monsters that this card is supposed to protect never really need protection.

If one is using Dark Armed Return, then obviously one needs to fuel the Graveyard where it is easier to remove the DARK monsters. While protecting Dark Armed Dragon is never a bad thing, having Dark Illusion face-down in response to something that targets (Brain Control is about the only card that I can really imagine) is…rare. Dark Armed Dragon targets also, I suppose. But then again, before the face-up DARK monster is targeted, one or two face-down monsters on the field would be killed.

This card could see some use, since the requirement is not necessarily harsh. Dark Illusion also stops limited-Raiza and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, as well as Zaborg the Thunder Monarch, so it could be a +1. Could be.

Traditional: 1/5 If a card is not on the ban list, then it probably is not worth using in Traditional…
Advanced: 3/5 Potential! Protect…Yubel?
Something I forgot to mention yesterday was that it was monday thursday. today's good friday. unfortunately, saturday never got named. so if anyone has a good name e-mail me and I'll put ALL suggestions on the site monday. getting on the the actual card, dark illusion, it's actually not bad.
Apart from monarchs, there is hardly any targeting in the current format. APART from monarchs. In other words, if you run a dark deck, this would be perfect side deck material. Depending on where you are, you could even main deck it. Really nice.
4.5/5 trad.
4/5 adv.

Friday March 21st:  Dark Illusion


Today we're talking about Dark Illusion, quite possibly the best themed counter trap in the game.  Command of the Snake Deity has nothing on this lol.  Anyways Dark Illusion negates Spell, Trap and Monsters effects and destroys said card that targets a Dark Monster on your side of the field.


I'm surprised this card hardly sees play on the competitive circuit seeing as how removal is prevalent in this format and how Dark Armed Dragon is the rage.  When it comes to Counter Traps, its weak to Solemn and Dark Bribe and having a Dark Monster on the field as a pre-requisite is a turn off from playing this card.  However this card is not bad by any means.  VanDalgyon is Dark btw ;]




Trad: 3.5/5 (Solid negator against several troubles)

Advanced:  3/5


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