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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dark Spirit Art – Greed

[Trap Card]
Tribute 1 DARK monster. Draw 2 cards. Your opponent can negate this effect by revealing 1 Spell Card in their hand.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.25
Advanced: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.20.08


Dark Paladin

Dark Spirit Art--Greed is a fun Trap Card for your Dark Decks. You can tribute one Dark monster you control to Draw two cards from your Deck.
That would be a two for two technically, however, which could turn into a better advantage later, depending on your Draw.

The huge, and well only downfall in this card is that your opponent can fairly easily negate the effect here. All they have to do is reveal a Magic card in their Hand to you.

Then, if you have the card negated, you lose the Trap Card, the monster, and you don't get to Draw. That's a -2, or a -4 if you count the cards you should have been able to Draw.


Traditional: 2/5 Helps speed Chaos along, but not necessary.

Advanced: 3/5 Despite being able to be fairly easily negated, it
could help.

Art: 4/5

Dark Spirit Art - Greed

Okay...it's a 2-for-2 if it goes off, and a -2 if your opponent has a Spell card.  Ouch.

Granted, I can't be too bitter about this -- Dark decks already HAVE Allure of Darkness, arguably the most broken draw spell in the game next to Pot of Greed.   The thing is, most opponents will have a Spell in their hand, so unless your opponent has no hand, it's doubtful you're going to actually get this effect to resolve.

Unless you're playing a deck that can actively empty the opponent's hand, steer clear of this.

General Zorpa Dark Spirit Art-Greed
This card was one of those that I was really looking forward to in PTDN. However I missed the whole point that your opponent can completely negate it by just REVEALING a Spell card. They don't even lose the spell that they discarded. Allure of Darkness and even the powerhouse that is The Beginning of The End are far superior to this. Unless your opponent is topdecking or you know they don't have any Spell cards in their deck, then use this. But as 95% of decks use Spell cards and people don't generally put a card that is a minus 2 in their deck pretty much anytime you use it, I would have to say that this card is simply awful. Normally I give cards the benefit of the doubt, but this is just too bad to do anything about.
If they changed it so that your opponent has to DISCARD the Spell card, then it might be something worth looking at. Or even they have to send a monster from their hand back to the deck, but no. It is just REVEAL one of the most commonly used card types and completely negate a card that costs me a monster on the field and the card itself and then does NOTHING for me.
Fallen Monk Zanba
Thursday, March 20th
Firstly, I would like to apologize about yesterday's review.  Looking back, I made a few grammatical errors.  Furthermore, it seems the effect of Yubel or Yubel - Terror Incarnate will not miss the timing... but, I suppose it really does not matter too much, since one would be hard-pressed to make their opponent attack Yubel.
Today we shall take a look at Dark Spirit Art - Greed, an unusual addition to the "Spiritual Art" family of Traps.  As pre-usual, let us begin by looking at what the card has to offer.
Dark Spirit Art - Greed
[Trap Card]
Effect:  Tribute 1 DARK monster.  Draw 2 cards.  Your opponent can negate this effect by revealing 1 Spell Card in their hand.
Dark Spirit Art - Greed's Effect
Almost completely different from the other Spiritual Arts.  The effect itself is pretty self-explanatory.  If it works, draw two cards.  If your opponent conveniently has a Spell card in hand, it does not.  It is chainable, however.  Chainability is always an improvement in a Trap card concept.
Strategies using Dark Spirit Art - Greed
Two ways exist to use this card to its fullest potential:  Nullify the Spell cards in the opponent's hand or tribute a Monster who benefits from being sent to the Graveyard/being in the Graveyard.
Diminishing Spell cards in the opponent's hand can be accomplished in a few ways.  The easiest way is to flat-out reduce the opponent's hand with discarding effects.  Monsters such as Thestalos, Spirit Reaper, and Dark Red Enchanter will have little difficulty using their effects.  Mind Crush can also help, especially after a Giant Trunade on a field with Continuous or Field Spells or after Dark Magician of Chaos's effect was used.  The best way to be rid of the opponent's Spells is by use of Eradicator Epidemic Virus (declaring "Spells," of course), the likes of which in this format is not difficult to use.  Hiro's Shadow Scout could also be used, but it provides no direct insurance as to whether the opponent already has Spells.
Needless to say, using the effect of Dark Spirit Art - Greed on a Monster benefitting from its own tribute/destruction is the easier way to use it effectively.  Sangan is the obvious choice.  Exodia could make use of this card by tributing Emissary of the Afterlife, possibly creating a large advantage.  After Disk Commander was brought back to life to draw two cards, it can be tributed for another potential two (what a lonely life...).  Lich Lord, King of the Underworld also combos nicely.  The tried-and-true method of tributing the opponent's Monster (by use of effects allowing one to do so, of course) is always an option.  In the end, Dark Spirit Art - Greed could be simply used to bait out Spell or Trap destruction or to tribute a Monster already doomed to the grave (or, at times, the Different Dimension).
Strategies against Dark Spirit Art - Greed
The opponent's Greed can be prevented in few different ways.  After all, Greed can lead to bad karma.
The simplest answer would be to have a Spell in hand.  In that case, Dark Spirit Art - Greed will generally succeed in nothing more than reducing the user's field advantage.  If the opponent is indeed running it, it may be best to instead brace yourself for Eradicator Epidemic Virus.
Being chainable, Spell and Trap destruction does not hinder Dark Spirit Art - Greed's performance.  It is, however, still hindered by basic Trap negation, such as Jinzo, Solemn Judgment, or Dark Bribe (although the latter would almost be a silly thing to do).
In terms of a few oddball counters, Mask of Restrict will prevent the opponent from tributing Monsters.  Protector of the Sanctuary will also prevent the opponent from drawing.
Dark Spirit Art - Greed was a good concept, but the addition of self-negation will require a bit of setup to avoid.  Generally, better draw options exist, but this card still has its applications.  A few neat strategies may be developed around it, perhaps?
Traditional: 1.2 / 5  We have so many options in draw power, putting cards in the Graveyard, and triggering Monster effects.  Sadly, this card would only usually slow the strategy in which it was applied.
Advanced:  2.4 / 5  Better drawing options also exist in this format.  As before mentioned, it may find some decent use in Exodia builds (more Exodia support!).  If only it was not able to negate its own effect...
Art:  3.3 / 5  This time, we have nice blue wisps surrounding a seal of some sort, and if you look closely, Pot of Greed is leering menacingly the backround.  It almost looks like some sort of advanced ritual art, or maybe an altar for tribute.  ...Oh wait, we already have those.

Thurday March 20th:  Dark Spiritual Art - Greed


This card is a complete double negative.  On one hand, Konami could've made this card busted beyond repairability or they could've made it like what it is right now


Dark Spiritual Art - Greed is the newest addition to the Spiritual Art series.  Just wish they'd at least follow up with a Dark Charmer or something.  Greed allows you to sac a Dark Monster to draw 2 Cards.  That alone is broken in the respects of Allure of Darkness and Destiny Draw.  But there's a nice catch that makes this card beyond mediocrity.  Forgot your opponent discarding a card or tributing a monster to negate it, you can even forgot of something bad happening on your end.  The opponent just has to show a Spell card to negate Greed.  Apparently, this is Konami's way of making it "balanced"  This card is downright terrible unless you're really lucky




Trad: 1/5 (Spells are prevalent)

Advanced: 1/5 (Spells are prevalent)


Until Next Time



Well, today's the third Thursday of the month, and you know what that means: Me and my homeschool group get the day off and go swimming at the YMCA! So on behalf of my group, NAH NAH NAH NAH NAAAAH!!!! lol, sorry. Anyways, the CotD would be awesome if it wasn't for the fact that your opponent can negate it for free. There are a lot more better cards that do the job better.
1/5 all.

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