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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Hate Buster

[Trap Card]
Activate only when a face-up Fiend-Type monster you control is selected as an attack target. Destroy the attacking monster and the attack target monster, and inflict damage to your opponent equal to the original ATK of the attacking monster.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.00
Advanced: 1.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.19.08


Dark Paladin

Hate Buster = A Fiend's Blast Held By a Tribute

So, Dark monsters are obviously more played right now, but does that mean you use this? I really apologize for being short this week, but I warned you on Monday. As CotP says best "the worse the card, the shorter the review."


Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 1.25/5
Art: 5/5

Hate Buster

It seems to be a semi-replacement for Sakuretsu Armor in hardcore fiend decks...but the good Dark decks don't run all that many fiends.  I'd rather have a Saku where you don't have to have any monsters on the field, rather than some damage + a Saku, but needing a Fiend.

There are too many ways to destroy, remove, or spin a monster for this to be consistent.  Sorry for the short review, but as you can tell, most of my reviews of bad cards are short.  Longer one tomorrow, I promise.

General Zorpa Hate Buster
Hmm, this card is ok at best. Well even sub ok. It is a very restrictive form of Chaos Burst, which has not even seen close to enough play. It does deal more damage than the more open use Burst, but that will likely not be a very helpful thing, especially since fiends are generally battle based, and in most situations even the humble Sakuretsu Armor is better. You can try experimenting with this in an all fiend deck, like Evil Heroes, but no fiends are stand alone right now. You need other more successful archetypes in the deck to make them decent.
Once fiends are able to stand alone, I think that this card could see some play, but not until then.
Carrotizer Hate Buster
Normal Trap Card
Activate only when a face-up Fiend-Type monster you control is selected as
an attack target. Destroy the attacking monster and the attack target
monster, and inflict damage to your opponent equal to the original ATK of
the attacking monster.

SO close to being actually useful.

This card, I would assume, is specifically for Yubel. Hate Buster does exactly what you want to do to both your opponent and Yubel, and even destroys the attacking monster. However, no sane opponent would attack Yubel.

Even if there is another Field-Type monster (Snipe Hunter/Sangan), Hate Buster destroys the attack target – unfortunately, Yubel is not likely selected here.

This is not a horrible card – it is too limited, however. Two cards (Hate Buster + the attack target) for some burn and a monster? That is almost too similar to Magic Cylinder/Dimension Wall. That Field-Type just kills it, and targets are too specific for Yubel. SO close.

Traditional: 1/5
Advanced: 2/5 SO CLOSE!
Pwii Today, I would like to thank some people: A) Everyone who reads my stuff B) Pojo, for making this possible. So keep in mind my b-day's coming up........KIDDING! lol...

Hate buster is an awesome card. Basically, if you have feinds, run 3 of this. not much more to say.

5million/5 any fiend deck.

maybe fiends can make a comeback...


Wednesday March 19th:  Hate Buster


Today's card is Hate Buster, a Fiend Support Card.  Hate Buster can only be activated when your opponent attacks your f/u Fiend monster.  In return you get to explode your opponents monster and deal damage back at them at the cost of your Fiend monster as well as Hate Buster itself


Now I'll admit this card has a cool name, but in reality they could've done better.  This card is a stronger, yet situational Chaos Burst.  The only good target HB has is Sangan and that's at 1.  You could also use Fires of Doomsday, but lets reduce the bad factors here.  Not to mention that Removal in the form of card effects is prevalent in this format




Trad: 1/5

Advanced: 2/5


Until Next Time



Fallen Monk Zanba
Wednesday, March 19th
First off, I would like to say it is an honor to be a part of the Card of the Day review team.  I will do my best to become a valued member of said team and to provide you, the readers, with a quality outlook on the cards at which we shall be looking.  Try to bear with me!
Now, with my introduction in place, we shall take a look at our Card of the Day.  Today we will take a look at Hate Buster, an interesting defensive yet offensive Trap.  Let us begin by looking at what this card has to offer.
Hate Buster
[Trap Card]
Effect:  Activate only when a face-up Fiend-Type monster you control is selected as an attack target.  Destroy the attacking monster and the attack target monster, and inflict damage to your opponent equal to the original ATK of the attacking monster.
Hate Buster's Effect
Not much to explain here.  The effect itself is fairly straightforward.  Sadly though, the effect is not chainable, making it somewhat slow for the hustle-and-bustle of today's meta.
Strategies using Hate Buster
Obviously, this card is best run in a deck dedicated to using Fiend-Type monsters.  Knowing this, this card shines in a Fiend-Type build that also focuses on a burn strategy or uses Fiends that benefit from the destruction effect.  Fiends who take full advantage of Hate Buster that quickly come to mind are Sangan and Emissary of the Afterlife.  Perhaps it could be used in an Exodia deck with an ulterior burn motive?
Yubel or either of its successors will not work well with Hate Buster, since their effects will miss the timing (but who would want to attack a Yubel..?).
Hate Buster could potentially be squeezed into other Fiend-oriented strategies.  Hate Buster works with many decent Fiends, such as Snipe Hunter, Phantom of Chaos, Dark Ruler Ha Des, The End of Anubis, Darkworld monsters, and Evil Heroes.  It can also work with Doom Shaman, recycling different Fiends for the Magic Cylinder-esque effect.  If you have a way to protect your set Traps, try running it with the aforementioned Magic Cylinder and Dimension Wall.
Keep in mind, however, if the attacking monster is flipped face-down or removed from the field, or if the defending monster is not destroyed by Hate Buster before its resolution, it will not inflict damage to your opponent.  Likewise, if Hate Buster destroys an opponent's token, it will not inflict damage, either.
Strategies against Hate Buster
Has hate busted you recently?  Not to worry!  A plethora of ways exist to keep the hate at bay.
Like most all non-chainable Traps, Hate Buster is quite susceptible to basic Spell/Trap destruction and negation.  Nobleman of Extermination will eliminate the copy targeted and every other copy in the opponent's deck.  Jinzo has seen quite the increase in play recently, so it is also a reliable counter.  Needless to say, Royal Decree will do the same.
Cards such as Book of Moon (to flip your monster face-down) and Enemy Controller (to tribute your monster for the opponents) will put a halt to it.
Prime Material Dragon completely shuts down Hate Buster with both its negation effect and its ability to make burn damage instead increase lifepoints.  Yesterday's card, Rainbow Life, could also result in a large lifepoint payout when timed correctly.
All in all, not much needs to be done to avoid it.
Is this card useless?  Not necessarily.  It is, however, hindered by its lack of speed (especially being non chainable), and speed is practically everything in this format.  Even within its category, better options generally do exists over Hate Buster.  Despite this, I believe a decent deck could be constructed using its potential.
Traditional: 1.2 / 5  Sadly, it does not stand much of a chance here.  The speed and destruction capabilities in this format are too overwhelming for busting hate.
Advanced: 2.3 / 5  Again, a little slow in this format.  It would work probably work best in a fun Exodia hybrid deck, preferably with proper negation tools.
Art:  3.2/5  It really speaks to me.
Dark Ruler Ha Des:  "How are you gentleman?"
King of the Abyss:  "Somebody set up us the bomb!"


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