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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Hero Blast

Hero Blast
[Trap Card]
Select 1 "Elemental Hero" Normal Monster from your Graveyard and add it to your hand. Then, destroy 1 face-up monster your opponent controls with ATK equal to or less than the selected monster's ATK.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.00
Advanced: 1.75 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.30.08


Dark Paladin



Well, we had a week off, but we return and open a new week, on this last day of June, with a Trap Card known as Hero Blast.  Wow, I honestly can say, I don't know how many Normal E-Hero monsters there are, as only E-Hero Neos comes to mind.


Anyway, add the selected card from your Graveyard to your Hand to destroy one monster on the Field with attack equal to or less than the attack of the monster you selected.  Again, referring to Neos, that's 2500, which is good, as it can destroy your 2400 attack terrors.


It's not that bad of a card, honestly, even for such a subpar theme. 

However, I haven't even seen a Big City or Neos Deck this Format, even at my Card Shop.  Really, the only problem is that the monster doesn't get revived.




Traditional:  1.25/5

Advanced:    2.25/5

Art:  3.5/5

Tony Mera LODT-EN064
Hero Blast
[Trap Card]
Select 1 "Elemental Hero" Normal Monster from your Graveyard and add it to your hand. Then, destroy 1 face-up monster your opponent controls with ATK equal to or less than the selected monster's ATK.

This is very good Elemental Hero support. This card is from the newest set and it gives Elemental Hero's a chance to finally gain some advantage. This card can become a +1 and give you a card to summon or fuse next turn. This is just an amazing add to an Elemental Hero player. The problem with Elemental Hero's is that they do not have more cards like this to give them more advantage I don't like about this is that the monster has to be equal to or less than the selected monsters attack. So example, if you get back a Elemental Hero Sparkman, you can not kill of a Dark Armed Dragon or some of the Gladiator Beasts like Darius and Laquari which will most likely be out. This also does not kill some of the main monster's Dark Armed Dragon decks run like Elemental Hero Stratos, Strike Ninja, Dark Grepher, and other big dark monsters such as Jinzo, Vanity Fiend, and Dark Magician Of Chaos.

The positives about this card is it still gives you a Elemental Hero Monster from the graveyard and still can become a potential plus one if it hits lower targets such as Cyber Valley, Destiny Hero- Fear Monger, Phantom Of Chaos, Snipe hunter and etc for Dark Armed Dragon decks and Murmillo, Bestiari, and Hoplomus for Gladiator Beasts. That does sound like a lot of targets, but you're gone to have some perfect timing to get that plus one off. I would just be glad they are still giving Elemental Hero's more support since they are starting a whole new Yu-Gi-Oh series in the anime. The Elemental Hero decks can do well when they get more cards like this, but this does make Elemental Hero much better than it was. If this was a quick play it would be a better card.

Elemental Hero decks lose advantage quick because they end up using two or more cards to bring out a fusion that sometimes does nothing to help get back hand advantage. I may keep talking about hand advantage, but field advantage can be as effective, but problem is you trade in two or more cards to bring out one monster to the field that can be destroyed before you even get an attack off and leave you defenseless making you lose all your cards to protect yourself from having enough cards to make more plays to keep you from losing. This card can give you back a monster and destroy a monster to help you come back from a huge loss, like a fusion monster not hitting the field and doing whats its suppose to do and leaving you defenseless with less cards in your hand to defend yourself.

Then there is other flaws. It has to be a normal monster. Now if it said a monster and not a normal monster you would be able to get back Elemental Hero Prisma, Elemental Hero Stratos, and many other big Elemental Hero's that have effects and would have a large enough attack to kill off bigger monsters and would have a great effect to reuse to gain you a great deal of advantage. This really hurts the card making it only normal monsters. If it would of been any monster, than Elemental Hero players would of been very happy with this card and ran it in three's and still might have to considering this is one of the best support they have received yet.

Another flaw is it has to be a face-up monster for it to destroy the monster. Which is why it says only monsters equal to or less than the attack of this card. If it was any monster in any position with what ever attack points. This would be an even greater card for Elemental Hero players. I think Elemental Hero players deserve more support and I feel they were almost cheated here. This card would be so great and make their decks so much better if it didn't have so much flaws and have certain requirements.

Whats good about this card thought, is that it is chainable to an MST, Heavy, and other Spell or trap removal. If the effect goes off it can become a +2 and bring back a monster to your hand. Not many players main MST this format though, and not many players will activate Heavy for a one for one trade off unless they are going for game. That also hurts, but if it ever goes off like that, it can make you have an advantage that may win you the game.

Advanced play-

Right now I would not bother playing an Elemental Hero deck that focuses on fusing. The deck just gives off too many negatives to recover and it doesn't have that many great fusion effects that can take advantage of the metagame. If their was a fusion that gave some type of advantage for fusing so many cards, then Elemental Hero decks would be so much better. They just cannot perform very well due to swarm as much as possible and keep a hand without losing a whole hand and getting out something which ends up being removed by a one for one removal.

For all the Elemental Hero fans I suggest just to keep fixing your deck and adapting to the metagame and dealing with the top decks of the formats and try to use less fusion type monsters that aren't as of great and the problem is the great fusions of Elemental Hero Monsters are being fused by Elemental Hero Monsters with effects which makes Hero Burst not as good as it could be. This card would have so much potential if a few things changed about this card and some Elemental Hero decks do not run that many normal hero monsters to run this card, but this is a great card for Elemental Hero players who use the original Elemental Hero monsters Jaden used in the anime. Right now Gladiator Beasts and Dark Armed Dragon decks are on top and these two decks destroy this deck and with everyone maining and side decking D.d. crows it becomes harder to pull this card off and trying to make it a plus one in the first place.


This card is too slow in this format and Elemental Hero decks would have more support using the broken staples the traditional format lets you use.


 I do not like the art very much. I would give it a 2/5 for it's art. It's sort of cool how Elemental Hero Sparkman is in the picture which is most likely one of the best targets. I'm not into art as much, but this could of been much more better and more detailed. It looks pretty sloppy to me.


I wouldn't play Elemental Hero Theme in a competitive environment. I would only play them at locals and other fun tournaments where you don't have to spend money hoping to do well with a deck that has not been given the support it still needs to become a tier one deck. Play this deck if you enjoy playing it. If you like fusing and bring out big monsters and showing those Elemental Hero Monsters to your friends, than by all means please play this theme. I respect people for being original and sticking to their senses and trying to keep this a fun game. This is after all a game to have fun playing. If you are having fun using this deck, than run it as much as you want and enjoy playing until you decide Elemental Hero's is not the deck for you.

Of course there is tons of better theme's, but it's all up to you guys to know what's better to play and which is more fun to play. If you like playing this deck even if it loses sometimes, than do not be discouraged and play as much as you want. As long as you are having fun, than winning isn't the most important thing. Yes, It is nice to have some regional t8's or even good showings at bigger events, but if your not having fun while doing it, than ask your self whats the point? So, never let anyone tell you not to use something, because it doesn't win more than the average deck. Elemental Hero's isn't the worst theme, but also isn't the best theme obviously, but just keep in mind to just keep having fun.

Traditional- 1/5- Not very good here.

Advanced- 2/5- Decent in Elemental Hero's.

If you have any questions or suggestions to help me improve my reviews please E-mail me at Merajustwins@yahoo.com or PM me on the boards.

Hero Blast
Normal Trap Card
Select 1 "Elemental Hero" Normal Monster from your Graveyard and add it to your hand. Then, destroy 1 face-up monster your opponent controls with ATK equal to or less than the selected monster's ATK.

This is one of those cards for the dedicated Yu-Gi-Oh! GX type players who are emulating Jaden Yuki or for those who are working with all those can be pesky fusions that Elemental Heroes bring to the table. This card alone is a really nice 2 for 1 kind of card, you get back that monster (Elemental Hero Neos is probably the best card you can get to destroy a monster, unless you're dealing with Dark Armed Dragon, Judgment Dragon, etc.) and you can destroy a monster on the field. Though with Miracle Fusion you do want to have the luxury of having them in your graveyard, this can also help you with on field problems as well. If you can manage to take out a small recruiter or a small monster and bring back Elemental Hero Sparkman, you can go ahead and swing in for a good chunk of damage. It really matters when you can use this card, you really need to have a normal Elemental Hero in your graveyard, and not just Elemental Hero Clayman either if you want to be destroying a monster for the most part (hopefully you can get rid of a spirit reaper with this most of the time). Depending on the monster you have in the graveyard, depends on how good this card can work in a dedicated E-Hero deck.

Traditional: 1/5 Too much other stuff to deal with here, maybe for a fun deck but still nothing too glamorous about it.
Advanced: 1.5/5 The extra .5 comes from those dedicated decks that this card works in and can help swing games with. Those players out there who play E-Heros, well here is just another card that helps support your theme.

- Tomas Mijares


After a nice summer break filled with paper clips, adventure, and true love; I, pwii, am back to bedazzle you with my awesomefullness!

Hero blast is one of the good e-hero cards. In a big city deck, it's not that good cuz the only target would be neos alius. In a fusion-king-of-the-swamp-with-only-wildheart-and-sparkman deck it wouldn't be that good either because it only uses sparkman.

So it's a good card, but circumstances leave it with no good place in a competitive format.


1/5 all.

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