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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Celestia, Lightsworn Angel

Card Number - LODT-EN024

Level 5
2300 atk 200 def
When you Tribute Summon this card by Tributing a "Lightsworn" monster, you can sedn the top 4 cards of your Deck to the Graveyard to destroy up to 2 cards your opponent controls.

Card Ratings
Traditional: 1.87
Advanced: 3.33 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.07.08


Dark Paladin



Well, after a couple of "meh-tacular" weeks, I picked some cards this week to kind of give us a +/= week, as we are starting to finish up Light of Destruction.


Anyway, we open the week with Celestia, Lightsworn Angel.  Our Celestia, our beautiful Angel is a Level 5 monster, appropriately enough of the Light attribute and a Fairy who has 2300 attack (sigh) and 200 defense (yikes.)


2300 attack isn't bad for a Tribute monster, it just isn't high enough, ie, it isn't 2400.  200 defense is also incredibly low and vulnerable to almost everything in the world of Yugioh, yet most of the Lightsworn monsters have low defense, so we can't hold that against it.


When you Tribute summon this card by tributing a Lightsworn monster, you can send the top four cards of your Deck to the Graveyard to destroy two cards on the Field.  Milling four cards is a lot, and a high cost, even for a Lightsworn, but it could be enough with the added destruction effect.


However, you only get the effect when you tribute summon a Lightsworn and you have to discard two cards from your Deck during each of your End Phases.  That's a standard cost, and it shouldn't trouble you.  The biggest problems here are 2300 attack, and a non-continuous effect.




Traditional:  1/5


Advanced:    2/5  Honestly, she isn't that great, and I think the

Lightsworn Deck could probably function fine without her.


Art;  4/5  Beautiful

General Zorpa Celestia Lightsworn Angel
This is the final piece to the puzzle of the competitive Lightsworn deck. She kills any two opponent's cards when she is summoned by sending the top 4 cards of your deck to the graveyard. oh, and she has to be summoned by tributing a Lightsworn monster.
She does have 2300 ATK, which makes her easy to kill with Monarchs and pretty much any other beater out there. The defense is negligible, as any card commonly played can kill it if it is in defense position. It is a LIGHT Fairy, so you can remove it from play with Freed the Brave Wanderer. As for what deck to put her in, you don't play her in any other deck, as her effect becomes useless and her less than impressive stats will make sure she isn't on the field for long. But IN a Lightsworn deck she is the second best card.
People that cannot afford Judgment Dragon just play a deck with 3 of her in it. She is almost as destructive as the Dragon, but costs a lot less. There was once a duel in which my poor Gladiator Beasts were hit by Celestia 4 times, thanks to Monster Reincarnation. It was not fun. So a staple in Lightsworn deck, but garbage elsewhere.

Jeff Lang
Celestia, Lightsworn Angel
Level 5
2300 atk 200 def

When you Tribute Summon this card by Tributing a "Lightsworn" monster, you can sedn the top 4 cards of your Deck to the Graveyard to destroy up to 2 cards your opponent controls.

    Hello all of Pojo! For those of you  who don't know me, my name is Jeff Lang. Hope you guys enjoy my reviews. I will put a new spin on Card Of The Day reviews by sometimes posting a deck based off the COTD, I tend to build weird but effective decks with whatever is put in front of me so you will definitely not be disappointed.

     Todayʼs Card is Celestia, Lightsworn Angel. If your running Light Sworns, this card is obviously a must. This card is a nice field clearer, and with my experience, an excellent card to draw out your opponents Bottomless Trap Hole or Solemn Judgment then drop one of your Judgment Dragons safely and go for big damage and possibly win right there! With Shonen Jump Philadelphia occurring over the weekend, Lightsworns had a nice showing, so you will see this card at events more and more.

Traditional: 3/5
Advanced: 4/5

For anyone who has any comments or questions on any of my reviews, please donʼt hesitate to email me at jefflang88@yahoo.com

Celestia, Lightsworn Angel


Hey everyone, this is my first time CoTDing, and I'm pretty excited to begin the week with Celestia. I'm going to be rating cards systematically, focusing on Playability, Plus and Power/Potential. The lightsworn monarch will be a perfect way to show how this system works.


Playability (/10); While Celestia will only ever see play in a Lightsworn deck, you will commonly see it summoned (with ease) in game one. A special summoned Wulf, or a set Ryko with Threatening Roar provide some very easy tribute-summon scenarios. Celestia might loose her thunder however in game two due to the prevalence of Light-Imprisoning Mirrors - a card that will not only make your Celestia (practically) useless, but at the same time will cripple the vast-majority of any properly-made Lightsworn build. Another timely aspect of the game which hurts this card's playability is the mass-use of Bottomless Trap Hole and Solemn Judgment. While hitting a Bottomless and one other (non-floating) card is still a plus (assuming you're tributing a floating Wulf, Lyla, or Ryko), you'll find yourself crossing your fingers that Celestia was able to mill that 4th Lighsworn, because other wise you're left with a open field, which, unless followed by a set Threatening Roar, can be game-loosing.


Overall, Celestia suffers most of the same restrictions of any tribute monster, and that, in addition to specific tribute summon requirements (while not that difficult to fulfil), and the prevalence of cards like Bottomless and Solemn really hurt the general playability of this card. Oh, and did I mention Pulling the Rug?


Playability - 6/10


Plus (/20); This aspect of my system is where Celestia will really redeem herself. Celestia is commonly compared to the monarch suite in that, upon a successful tribute summon, you are guaranteed to take at least one card from your opponent. Optimally, this will only cost you the Monarch itself because you have tributed a card that is "floating" (has given you something, already taken something from your opponent, or will replace itself upon being tributed). In a well-constructed Lightsworn build setting up such a scenario is rather simple. A "free" Wulf, a flipped Ryko, or even a tapped Lyla will all provide amazing "floating" tributes for Celestia, which will either destroy cards (instant-plus) or force your opponent to make the 1 for 1 trade with Solemn. Be wary however, because, like most tribute monsters, if you are forced to tribute a non-floater (which only very rarely happens in Lightsworn), and you target a bottomless and a floater you may set yourself back as opposed to actually gaining any advantage.


Well played, Celestia has some amazing plus potential, and for that;


Plus - 16/20


Power/Potential (/20) - While I consider most of the Lightsworn monsters very "beefy", Celestia, for me, falls a bit short. Destroying two cards is huge, so too is the ability to summon, or lead to the summoning of, additional monsters (Wulf and Judgment Dragon). But that 2300 atk and 200 def just doesn't seem to cut it. One major obstacle that a Celestia will face is Prime Material Dragon - with 2400 atk, and the ability to stop Celestia's destruction, the shortcomings of anything with less that 2400 atk become very evident.


I'm not trying to convince anyone that Celestia isn't very powerful - destroying 2+ cards for the price of 1, and the potential to follow up with what could be a game-ending swing (in this era of Solemn abuse), is huge - but, there are many main and side-decked answers that hinder the angel's abilities.


Power - 13/20


Overall - 6+16+13= 35/50 = Advanced: 3.5/5 (A "staple" in any competitive Lightsworn variant)


With regards to traditional, despite the awesomeness that Painful Choice, Mirage of Nightmare and Graceful Charity add to a Lightsworn build, the game would simply become a race to see who can get to their power-monster first... and BLS or CED > Judgment Dragon... and both are MUCH easier to summon. Therefore, there is little reason to use Traditional Lightsworn, and as such even less reason to use Celestia. = Traditional: 2/5

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