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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Raiza the Storm Monarch


Card Number - FOTB-EN026

Card Ratings
Traditional: 3.33
Advanced: 4.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.31.08


Dark Paladin

#2...we're almost there, but first we have to go over...

Raiza the Storm Monarch

A long time ago, we played a game without Ban Lists, without Chaos, and even without Monarchs...do you remember that? There isn't really anything to say about Raiza that any half-intelligent player out there doesn't all ready know.

Easily 90% of you, and probably more, are not only playing this card, or playing a Monarch build, but some sort of sick and twisted Monarch hybrid. The next Ban List rotation is only a few weeks away, so we will have to see what, if anything happens to the Divine Monarchy we currently have in Yugioh.

Until then however,


Traditional: 1.5/5 Wind? There is only ONE monster played in Traditional who is Wind, and it's a Bird.

Advanced: 5/5 (Pre-Ban, we will have to see what happens next time.)

Art: 4.5/5

General Zorpa Raiza the Storm Monarch
Ultimate First Edition copies of this card are still going for 50 dollars in hobby shops. You spin away ANY of your opponent's cards, slow down their deck AND you get it all attached to a 2400 ATK body that rivals any in competetive Yu-Gi-OH!. He is pretty much in every deck that will have him ad can support his tributing requirement. Raiza is usually the go to card when things go awry. I can't tell you how many games have been one with a topdecked Raiza. He is good early game, mid game and godly late game. He is clearly the best Monarch yet released and the second best card in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Raiza the Storm Monarch

WIND / Level 6

Winged Beast / Effect

2400 ATK / 1000 DEF

When this card is Tribute Summoned, return 1 card on the field back to the top of the owner's deck.


    Is it supposed to be Raiser?  Raiza?  Jinzo?  Storm Monarch or Butterfly Monarch (Japanese)?  NO MATTER!!


    This card defined the metagame - built-in Phoenix Wing Wind Blast.  I'd like to quote someone from the forum (cannot remember the name) - Royal Decree with a body is better, and Energy-Absorbing Monolith with a body is better (Prime Material Dragon).  Therefore, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast with a body is better.  Guess what?  All of these bodies have 2400 ATK.  


    Raiza the Storm Monarch, simply put, is a beast.  Not Beast-Type, but a beast.  To be thematic, Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi also spins (but to the bottom of the deck), and Icarus Attack simply nukes 2 cards on the field.  Best part?  Both are chainable.


    Aside from those, Raiza is the most solid Monarch out there, with ability to target BOTH monster and backfield, as well as controlling what your opponent will draw next.  Compared to Thestalos, who may pick Treeborn Frog, Disk Commander, or Malicious, Raiza will never backfire, except when Torrential Tribute is chained…then Thestalos is better.


    Well, we all know that one should either run 3 Raizas or you don’t.  My suggestion?  Unless your deck uses Gadgets (is Gadget Monarch really that good?), or Zombies, Raiza is there for you to grab. 


Traditional:  3/5    It’s not necessarily fast, but it slows your opponent down.

Advanced:   4.5/5    Raiza for AWESOME?

The First Hokage Raiza The Storm Monarch

There really does not need to be an introduction for this bad boy... Tribute summon him via Frog or whatever you have, and then you send 1 card on the field to the top of the players deck.

This card is the best Monarch right now, and probably the best Tribute, it gives you an easy +1 and possibly +2 since your opponent draws into the card you just spun to the top of their deck. And on top of that you swing with 2400 attack. This guy can be put into pretty much any deck you want to make.
Whether it is: Perfect Circle, Twilight Circle, Monarchs, Volcanic Monarchs, Macro Monarchs, you get the idea, Raiza can go anywhere via his versatility and his pretty amazing effect. This bad boy was played hard in San Mateo's SJC back in December. Out of a possible 48 Raiza's in the Top 16, there were 40 overall being played be it side boarded or main decked. Either way, Raiza is just that good.

In Tradtional, Chaos dominates and monarchs aren't necessarily the best, but Raiza is definitely one of the best Monarchs.

Advanced: 4.9/5
Traditional: 2.75/5
Art: 4/5
Master Tricks
Raiza the Storm Monarch
    I love this card since it is great for removing, stalling, valuable in price, and works well with Macro Cosmos decks and Perfect Circles as well as the classic Monarch build. When tribute summoned, you return a card on the field to the top of its owner's deck. It is annoying to the opponent (Because I was affected by it so many times at Regionals and Hobby Leagues) and gets rid of any card on the field for a turn.
Traditional: 2/5 (Monarchs aren't really impressive here)
Advanced: 4.5/5 (Best Monarch ever yet until the Dark Monarch is released this Spring)
Ed Thursday - Raiza the Storm Monarch

            Today, we have a card that greatly changed the metagame and somewhat slowed it down. With the ability to return cards back to the top of their owner's deck, Raiza falls under the same category as Phoenix Wind Blast and Legendary Jujitsu Master. Raiza is one of the best monarchs released so far because it is able to lockdown the opponent's draws for one turn. Have you ever been trapped with a monster on the opponent's side of the field towering over your empty field, hoping that the opponent will fall into your mirror force, only to have them summon Raiza and spin it back to your deck and attack for game? Well, that's just why this card is so great.

            Another great thing about this card is that it can target ANYTHING on the field, opponent's or your side of the field, regardless of whether or not the card is face down or not. No monarchs released so far can do this, i mean, Mobius only targets s/t, Zaborg only targets monsters, Granmarg only targets face downs, and Thestalos only targets in-hand cards. Just another great feature.

            Well, that pretty much sums it up, I mean you all should know all the great combos that all the Monarchs themselves work greatly with (Brain Control, Soul Exchange, Treeborn Frog, etc.). So I'll just go straight to the ratings.

Traditional: 3/5 - WIND? Brings it down a bit.
Advanced: 4.8/5 - Not perfect, since you have to spin a card on your side if the opponent's field is clear.

In a Monarch Deck: 5/5 - Absolutely
Art: 4/5
ok, we're almost done with the top ten! so #2 is.......raiza
I cannot count the number of times I mixed this up with raida (light and darkness dragon's japanese name.). this helps tremendously by spining a card to the top of the deck. now I've played spin decks, and it aggravates the crap out of you!! because this is actually a +1 in advantage as you make the opponent lose their next draw. really nice and can actually be used in an OTK because you slow the opponent down quite a bit.
4.5/5 trad.
4.5/5 adv.

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