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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


The controller of a monster that attacks this card in face-down defense position takes 1000 damage after damage calculation. This card cannot be destroyed by battle (damage calculation is applied normally.)

Card Number - PP01-EN003

#3 of 2007

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.30
Advanced: 4.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.30.08


Dark Paladin


I should note that probably anything I've ever said or can be said about Marshamllow has been said, as I've reviewed him multiple times, and written articles about him.


Level 3

Effect: This card is not destroyed as a result of battle (damage calculation is applied normally). When this card is attacked while in face down defense posistion, the controller of the card who attacked this card takes 1000 points of direct damage.

Anime note: Yugi used this card against Bakura and against Atem in the Memory Arc of the TV show.

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely adore Marshmallon. This card is absolutely wonderful, and for those of you who play Spirit Reaper...this is your new card. Get one, and switch it immediately. For those of you who don't play Spirit Reaper, play this card. For those of you who play this game, use a Marshmallon.

Marshmallon does have poor stats, only having 300 attack and 500 defense, but it isn't suppose to attack you anyway, and it wouldn't matter if it had 0 defense thanks to the effect, except for trample.
Airknight is still big, and that would be 1400 damage, but that's one card of forty.

If Marshmallon is attacked while face down, the controller of the attacking monster takes 1000 points of damage. Furthermore, our adorable friend cannot be destroyed by battle, but damage is applied normally.

Marshmallow is a great card for this format, hell, a great card for any format. He is indestructable through battle, does a little burn, and can be set up for tribute or whatever else you may need.


Traditional: 4.5/5 Light is good, despite not being a Warrior. A little burn isn't bad either.

Advanced: 5/5 for all the reasons listed above.

Art: 5/5
General Zorpa


This little guy is truly the unsung hero of Yu-Gi-Oh!. He  was eagerly anticipated for his stateside debut, and then nothing. He was quietly put into pretty much every deck and left there without any fanfare. He is far more defensive than Spirit Reaper, lacking both it's targeting destruction effect and discard effect. However, Marshy is the most ANNOYING wall to get through, as he has to be destroyed or you'll see him next turn and eat another 1000 damage when you attack into it. He is great for any deck, whether as a wall, burner or tribute fodder he performs his job well.

David "BobDole" Hoffman Marshmallon

Numero tres

Marshmallon is certainly one of the best cards we've gotten in quite some time, and certainly deserves the number three spot. This a monster that proves again that ATK power has almost no bearing on a good deck.

- The first effect is actually just a burn thing they kinda threw in there. Spirit Reaper has a better effect of knocking a card out of hand, but Marshmallon doesn't die instantly when targetted. 1000 damage is nice, and I've actually had games end because of this. Very fun to combo this with Book of Moon.

- This is obviously the better of the two effects. It's just great if you need to stall for a bit, need a tribute, or just want to really annoy a beatdown deck.

Overall Marshmallon is quite the card. Easily splashable, and it's actually replaced Spirit Reaper in many decks as the staple monster card. I personally run both simply because there's always a need to stall, and both have effects that can be devastating. Always run what suits ya best.

Traditional: 5/5 It's a light, and it stalls great. Fantastic in Traditional.

Advanced: 5/5 I can see no reason not to run this.

Bob Dole
Carrotizer Marshmallon
LIGHT / Level 3
Fairy / Effect
300 ATK / 500 DEF
The controller of a monster that attacks this face-down card takes 1000 damage after damage calculation. This card cannot be destroyed by battle. (Damage calculation is applied normally.)

One of the most annoying and fun cards ever.

This card ended quite a lot of games – while 1000 LP is just a poke in early stages, after multiple Solemn Judgments and Monarchs flying over the table, that 1000 LP looks scary, especially when you still have Premature Burial / Brain Control in your hand.

From Spirit Reaper (who could be used aggressively to strip 1 card every turn), this card is different because 99% of the time, Marshmallon will be set. Because of this, one can never be sure if the face-down is Marshmallon or not. The only card that will ensure the identity is Ceasefire anyway. Oops, forgot Swords of Revealing Light.

Anyhow, burn decks get a free indestructible wall with nice effect, and more or less, every deck benefits from this card. However, one deck that this card probably hurts the most is Demise – after taking 1000 LP, that 2000 LP can put some pressure on you. You can both blow up to destroy Marshmallon and possibly few other cards, or choose not to and risk having a Raiza or Zaborg blow away Demise. Decisions, decisions…

Other than Creature Swap and Nobleman of Crossout, I can’t think of any cards (excluding Monarchs) that will get rid of Marshmallon right away. Shield Crush, and…

Grr. Just run this card if you have one. Yeah, it’s that good.

Traditional: 5/5 LIGHT!!!
Advanced: 4.9/5 DDT shouldn’t use this card, ha. Incredible card.
The First Hokage Marshmallon

Welcome to our number 3 card and one of the most annoying monsters to run into when it's in face defense position. It can't be destroyed by battle, and when flipped face up when you attack it, you take 1,000 damage.

This card came from the Premium pack that came out in October and this card along with Spirit Reaper provide some very nice stall to the game when you need it/ This card doesn't provide Spirit Reaper's drawbacks like when being targeted by a spell card, destroy the Reaper. Marshmallon can only be destroyed by a card effect such as fissure or lightning vortex. Either way, Marshmallon is definitely a solid tech card in a lot of decks that feature stall or need some stall to protect them.

In Traditional, I can see this card make an impact since it's so great stall when you need it, but it's not as good as it is in Advanced.

My Ratings:

Advanced: 4.5/5
Traditional: 2.75/5
Art: 3/5
Master Tricks
    I personally LOVE this cute little broken killer stall card. It's indestructible in battle, inflicts 1000 damage to your opponent when they attack it when it's face-down, and the best part, it doesn't have Spirit Reaper's annoying side-effect of being destroyed immediately if targeted by a spell, trap, or monster effect. Fun card to play with, but sadly, my instincts tell me it might be banned in the next banned list.
Traditional: 3/5 (Good stalling card, but can be destroyed by chaos monsters as well as Raegeki)
Advanced: 4.75/5
ok, first let me say I'm sorry for missing two of the CotDs, my evil computer decided not to work. now #3 is..........marshmallon!
when I heard this was coming out, I was pretty sure that it would be banned. then I learned that sheild crush was also coming out at 3, so now i think it should be kept where it is unless crush is restricted to 1.
basically, this is the card for burn decks. have an undestroyable monster deal 1000 damage and keep you safe for at least one turn? amazing. that being said, it might have some potential in a monarch deck.
4/5 adv.
5/5 burn
art. 4.5/5 if you saw the animie, you'd know this thing has teeth.

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